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Detective Comics (2016) #1062

Jul 30, 2022

I’m not a huge fan of Ram V, I just find his writing boring. Bought this issue though, as I was intrigued by the concept. At least in the past I’ve managed to finish reading an issue he had written, but not this time. I managed about half before realising I just don’t care. Flat and dull writing, but at least the art was nice.

Green Lantern (2021) #1

Apr 10, 2021

Poor writing and static art. The whole issue was just dull and boring. I stopped about 3/4 of the way through to see how many pages I had to read to finish the issue. So many great characters that could have been used and the focus was on ‘teen lantern’ and a meeting ripped from Star Wars’ Galactic Senate. How exciting.

Iron Fist (2022) #1

Feb 19, 2022

'A mysterious newcomer' who is outed in the first issues first few pages. For some reason I couldn't get hold of this issue without paying over the odds. Maybe thats what has swayed me but I was underwhelmed and expected so much. There was action, but not enough, and the impetus for the characters change probably means its short term. Of course Danny Rand will gain his power back eventually, but its practically telegraphed sooner rather than later. As a reader I'm wondering why I stay with this for the long haul.

Monkey Prince (2022) #1

Feb 6, 2022

This was just a fun book, nothing too heavy, No identity politics (how did that slip by DC?), crazy characters, appearances by Gothams more well known characters and an ending that will definitely have me coming back to see what happens next.

Nightwing (2016) #89

Feb 19, 2022

Why do I prefer the way Jon is written here to the way he's written in his own book? Same writer. Probably because his appearance here is more story driven than Mr. Taylor stopping every few panels to remind us this is not Clark. I hope this continues into Jons part 2

Venom (2021) #5

Feb 19, 2022

Compared to the last series, this is terrible. The writing is boring and there is something not quite right about how Bryan Hitch draws Venoms face and especially his mouth. The new villain has the personality of a raisin. I've given it 5 issues in the hope of some improvement somewhere, but that's enough.

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