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Critical Role: Vox Machina: Origins II #1

Jul 10, 2019

In Summary Vox Machina returns for a tale which shall bring the group together to save one of their own. If you are new to Critical Role Campaign 1 then you should start with the first mini-series. Existing fans waiting for the debut of the other two main members of Vox Machina can jump in right here. Thisvolume is delightful and I'm confident that Houser has the chops to do this part of Vox Machina's story justice. Of course, the problem with floppies is that the story barely gets going before we have to wait for the next issue. And I do want to get to the next issue, because I really want to see this adventure play out.

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Farlaine the Goblin: The Final Land #7

Sep 6, 2018

Farlaine the Goblin finally reaches the end of his journey. Sometimes you find a home and sometimes home finds you. A touching conclusion to the story of a goblin, his tree, and their robot friend. The whole series has been a light, delightful read and it's a great all-ages story that younger readers should especially enjoy. It's clever enough that older readers can stay engaged with its snappy dialog and clean, lively artwork.

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Last Stop on the Red Line #1

May 15, 2019

What the Last Stop of the Red Line wants to be is a question I'm left asking. A pastiche of imagery which draws from the horrors that have called Boston home, from the stories of Lovecraft to the Boston Strangler, to the racial violence to the Marathon bombing. Yet it has no voice of its own and doesn't even draw on its inspiration particularly well. The comic format doesn't give the story room to breath, there is no tension in the horror. The artwork is serviceable and some panels truly impressive, but it feels at odds with the story at large. This is just the first issue of a four-part series, and there's still time for the story to find itself, but for now, the readers are left with questions and a vague, lingering sense to not ride a subway car alone.

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