Supergirl #42
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Supergirl #42

Writer: Jody Houser Artist: Rachael Stott Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: June 24, 2020 Critic Reviews: 3 User Reviews: 7
3.5Critic Rating
5.6User Rating

Deemed a threat by the U.S. military, Supergirl is now a wanted villain! General Corvid has come for our hero-and she won’t give up until Kara’s gone for good. Meanwhile, the superstorm rages stronger than ever, while hundreds remain helpless against it. Can Supergirl prove that she’s the hero the people once believed her to be? Or will she let everyone down-including herself? Find out in the pulse-pounding series conclusion!

  • 5.0
    You Don't Read Comics - Russ Bickerstaff Jul 8, 2020

    There was a rumor that Supergirl was easy to kill-off in' 85/'86's Crisis on Infinite Earth due to the character's disappointing performance in a big-budget Hollywood movie in '84. Decades later, this series may be that much easier to cancel in light of the long-running TV series flagging ratings. It's too bad. There is a great deal that can be explored on the comics page. It's challenging to look out over this series's history and those that have come before it and not feel like there's a great deal of potential that simply hasn't been realized in decades of Supergirl comics.  Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Weird Science - Dan Mayhoff Jun 30, 2020

    This story wants to make a statement about something but each set piece flies by so quickly that none of them have the time to develop. That's not surprising considering it is a final issue of this series, but it is still a problem nonetheless. The “villain” is completely inconsequential to the story itself and is replaced more often than she appears. At least we saw significant improvement in comparison to the previous issue but I wouldn't consider this to have been a great end. This book was a mess and I hope that when it is eventually revived, that the book is given a creative team and enough separation from crossovers to really do the character justice. Read Full Review

  • 1.6
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Jul 6, 2020

    Will there a new Supergirl book on the shelves at some point? I don't know. But I can only hope that DC picks a creative team that likes the character, likes the character's foundation, and strives to make her a likeable young hero again. Because these last 2 years have been a slap to the face to Supergirl fans. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    ZorEl Jul 1, 2020

    The best issue of this run, we finally have at least half an issue that has a proper Supergirl in it.

    I'm happy that this terrible run ended a bit better than it started (and continued and continued).

    I saw someone mention in the comments that the writer had no control over their run. It seems on par with the DC horror story coming from Mairghread Scott recently.

    DC can't treat their women employees or female titles with respect it seems. No wonder that almost only male writers and male titles remain.

    Judging by Houser avoiding all Supergirl questions in her AMA she has probably been given a gag order regarding Supergirl from DC. It would be interesting to hear her side of this story one day. >
    Until then we can only accept that this was a trainwreck and that DC has properly made away with every single female Super while the male ones prosper. more

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  • 5.5
    KittyNone Jul 2, 2020

    Supergirl limps across the finish line at last and does so with as much grace as one might hope — which at this point isn't much really. Writer, artist, and protagonist all deserved better than the editorially-mandated flavorless mush that they were given to work with. Maybe this book's failure will teach DC to treat its female creators and characters with more respect in the future... but I'm not holding my breath.

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  • 3.5
    Spacey Medicine Jul 2, 2020

    A rushed and bad ending to a comic that I might have missed once, long ago.

  • 9.0
    sebastianorellana95 Jun 30, 2020

    Great ending! I hope Supergirl return in a new series, maybe with the Legion of Superheroes, or maybe with Krypto and her friend Z'ndr (that's a good and funny arc).

  • 6.0
    Nihilist Jul 1, 2020

    I see what Jody tried to accomplish in this issue, bringing back Kara's old fears and foes, but it feels more chaotic and disorganized that it probably should have been for its own good. It's a decent story, albeit not one I'd call well executed, which was a long running problem with Supergirl's series to begin with. Writer after writer, they didn't know what to do with her, how to deveop her further, where to send her.
    Let's hope Supergirl will find a place in a good story where she can shine. Her team-up with Batwoman could be exactly that. As for her solo series, maybe it's for the best to take a break and return with a bang in the future, when someone knows what to do with the character.

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  • 3.0
    Psycamorean Jul 1, 2020

    This was just terrible. From the writing, to the art. I don't blame the writer because she was given absolutely nothing to work with, but goddamn am I glad this is over.

  • 5.0
    Swift Planet Dec 17, 2020

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