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Kreniigh added Wynd (2020) to their pull list Dec 1, 2022

Wynd (2020)

For fans of Once & Future, Isola and Middlewest, the award-winning team of James Tynion IV (Batman, Something is Killing the Children) and Michael Dialynas (The Woods, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) reunite for the new must-read series that shocked the comic industry!
Magical heritage is pu...

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Kreniigh added Reckless to their pull list Nov 30, 2022
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Kreniigh added Once Upon a Time at the End of the World to their pull list Nov 25, 2022

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World

In this epic post-apocalyptic tale, Maceo and Mezzy have never met anyone like each other, and they'll need all the help they can get to survive a planet ravaged by environmental catastrophe.

This epic trilogy-each issue overflowing with 30 story pages-spans a lifetime as philosophical differences tear at the threads holding Maceo and Mez...

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Kreniigh added Hell To Pay (2022) to their pull list Nov 25, 2022

Hell To Pay (2022)

The Shrouded College will give you magic... but you'll incur a debt. Until it's paid, you belong to them. Married couple Maia and Sebastian Stone took that deal. They have worked for the College ever since, using their new abilities to track down 666 cursed coins: qurrakh... aka, the Devil's Dollar. Only a few remain. The Stones are almost free... ...

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The Ghost of Wreckers Cove OGN

By: Angelica Del Campo, Liniers
Released: Nov 9, 2022

Two young girls and their father move next to an abandoned lighthouse, where the girls meet a strange new friend and work together to try to solve the mysteries of Wreckers Cove.

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Kreniigh rated Birdking #1 Nov 20, 2022

Birdking #1

By: Daniel Freedman, Crom
Released: Sep 14, 2022

From the creators of Raiders Daniel Freedman and Crom, comes an original dark fantasy graphic novel of epic adventure and magic.

Bianca, teenage apprentice to an infamous arcane blacksmith, is forced to flee her homeland and seek out Atlas, a fabled land of light ruled by "the clean god." She is joined by a mysterious guardian spirit know...

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Kreniigh dropped Eternals (2021) from their pull list Nov 15, 2022

Eternals (2021)

What's the point of an eternal battle?
For millions of years, one hundred Eternals have roamed the Earth, secret protectors of humanity. Without them, we'd be smears between the teeth of the demon-like Deviants. Their war has waged for all time, echoing in our myths and nightmares.
But today, Eternals fac...

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Kreniigh dropped The Damned from their pull list Nov 15, 2022

The Damned

"Ill-Gotten": Part 1-In a Prohibition-era world where demonic princes pull the strings that make crime families dance, Eddie is a mortal with two things working for him. First of all, he can't die. Well, he can and does, quite often, but he doesn't stay down for long. Second, Eddie runs the Gehenna Room, a nightclub with a strict "no demons allowed...

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Kreniigh dropped Southern Bastards from their pull list Nov 15, 2022

Southern Bastards

Welcome to Craw County, Alabama, home of Boss BBQ, the state champion Runnin' Rebs football team...and more bastards than you've ever seen. When you're an angry old man like Earl Tubb, the only way to survive a place like to carry a really big stick. From the acclaimed team of JASON AARON and JASON LATOUR, the same bastards who brought y...

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Kreniigh dropped Miracleman from their pull list Nov 15, 2022


• KIMOTA! With one magic word, a long-forgotten legend lives again!
•  Freelance reporter Michael Moran always knew he was meant for something more -- now, a strange series of events leads him to reclaim his destiny!
•  Relive the ground-breaking eighties adventures that captured lightning in a bottle -- or experience them for th...

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Kreniigh rated X-Men: Red #8 Nov 14, 2022

X-Men: Red #8

By: Al Ewing, Madibek Musabekov
Released: Nov 2, 2022

CABLE springs his trap for ABIGAIL BRAND - but are her plans too big for even the Askani'son to handle alone? To foil a scheme stretching from  the Sol System to the Shi'ar Empire and beyond, the Soldier of Tomorrow's going to need all the help he can get... from his very own X-MEN RED!


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TheObserver reviewed Batman #129 Nov 3, 2022

I do not agree with this story. Failsafe is a robot capable of beating all the superheroes by himself!!! well in that case, why bother having a justice league if all Batman has to do is make a robot to be sure to win any victory. Why didn't he do it before (by programming it better)? It's going too far and it's not credible. I was bored which was not the case until now. There is a rhythm for sure more

Batman #129

By: Chip Zdarsky, Leonardo Romero
Released: Nov 2, 2022

Failsafe has countered every move Batman and the Justice League have attempted. Is the Dark Knight out of options on...Earth? The bestselling Failsafe arc continues! In the back-up, we travel back to the early years of the Dark Knight Detective, revisiting his most psychedelic/mind-breaking period and the dawn of his backup protection system...ZUR-...

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Quinn - Nov 3, 2022

YES! You get it. I hate these Batman’s ultimate enemy is, wait for it, BATMAM. It’s not original and it’s even an interesting insight. It is basically saying we’re all the villains in our own story, and that’s just depressing.

Kreniigh - Nov 4, 2022

I don't normally correct typos, but it's Batma'am.

Kreniigh added X-Men Legends (2022) to their pull list Nov 1, 2022

X-Men Legends (2022)

Before GIANT-SIZE X-MEN brought STORM, WOLVERINE, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER and THUNDERBIRD to the team, Roy Thomas redefined the merry mutants in two seminal runs on the book. Now Roy, at long last, returns to the saga of the X-MEN to take us through the period between his run and GSX, for the first...

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SONOFBATMANN reviewed Flashpoint: Beyond #6 Oct 18, 2022

Hahaha what the fuck is going on

Flashpoint: Beyond #6

By: Geoff Johns, Xermanico
Released: Oct 19, 2022

The fate of the Flashpoint Earth hangs in the balance as Thomas must make the ultimate choice! What will happen to this fractured reality and what does it mean for the DC Universe at large?

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Kreniigh reviewed Avengers #61 Oct 27, 2022

Random comments:

Is Brandy a seize-the-day type who ignores Carol's advice to play it safe, or a play-it-safe type who takes Jane's advice to seize the day?

A historical Ghost Rider who doesn't ride anything and behaves like ones of the Goon's kid sidekicks feels like a rejected idea from a What The--? comic.

The nine-panel page of Brandy punching Mephisto was exac more

Avengers #61

By: Jason Aaron, Ivan Fiorelli
Released: Oct 19, 2022

HISTORY'S MIGHTIEST UNTOLD SECRETS! If the Avengers hope to survive being lost in time, they'll need the help of some of history's greatest heroes, from the Thor of the Viking Age to the T. Rex Starbrand at the dawn of time, plus all the forgotten Avengers of bygone eras whose stories can finally be told.
Rated T+

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Kreniigh added Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham to their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham

• Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's Age of Miracles begins!
• Two years have passed since the decimation of London. Miracleman presides over mankind's Golden Age from atop Olympus. Pilgrims climb its miles-high peak to petition their new god. Each carries hopes that are pure. The motives they conceal, however...
• Miracleman exp...

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Kreniigh added Spider-Man (2022) to their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Spider-Man (2022)

"The End of the Spider-Verse" is here! Morlun is back and he is not alone. Allied with one of the most powerful beings known to the Spider-Verse, the scariest Spider-Villain of all time is making his biggest play and no Spider is safe. Especially not the Chosen Spider himself, Peter Parker. With Peter working for Norman Osborn and using a glider......

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Kreniigh added Captain America: Symbol of Truth (2022) to their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Captain America: Symbol of Truth (2022)

Sam Wilson picks up the shield once more - and enters a world of trouble! Following a lead from Misty Knight, Sam intercepts a mysterious group hijacking what appears to be an empty train. As he digs deeper, he discovers that the plot may be connected to a crucial piece of Captain America history...and, surprisingly, Wakanda. The world is ready for...

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Kreniigh dropped Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2018)

Balancing his normal life, school, parents, etc...and super-heroing has never been easy, but when the Rhino and a cadre of mysterious criminals start plaguing Brooklyn, things take a dark turn. And Miles doesn't even know the half of it yet. Eisner Award-winner Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT) and Young Gun Javier Garr n (ANT-MAN & THE WASP) bring you th...

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Kreniigh dropped Marauders from their pull list Oct 24, 2022


Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!
Rated T+

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Kreniigh dropped Secret X-Men (2022) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Secret X-Men (2022)

When the Shi'ar Empire faces an unexpected threat, they must call upon the X-Men. Team co-captains Sunspot and Cannonball must lead Marrow, Tempo, Forge, Banshee, Strong Guy, Armor, and Boom-Boom on a secret mission to save Empress Xandra.
Wait, those aren't the X-Men. Aren't those the mutants who lost the election?<...

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Kreniigh dropped X-Cellent (2022) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

X-Cellent (2022)

They were loved by their adoring fans. They were reviled by the harsh press. They lived, they loved, they fought and they died...a lot - all for the sake of fame. They were the X-Statix, a team of mutant celebrities fighting for a brighter world and an even brighter spotlight! But they're old news now, because there's a new m...

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Kreniigh dropped Task Force Z (2021) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Task Force Z (2021)

In life, they’ve terrorized the people of Gotham. Now, they are Gotham’s last hope. Task Force X saw villains working their way to freedom. Task Force Z will see dead villains working for a new chance at life! On A-DAY, the attack on Arkham Asylum left hundreds of Gotham’s most cunning and deranged criminals dead…now, a mysterious benefact...

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Kreniigh dropped Spider-Woman (2020) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Spider-Woman (2020)

Jessica Drew hasn't been feeling like herself lately (she's not a Skrull, we promise). When the angry, irritable, and unwell Spider-Woman takes a simple security gig to help get back on her feet, she finds herself besieged by unknown forces out to destroy everything around her. What's wrong with Jes...

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Kreniigh dropped Sabretooth (2022) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Sabretooth (2022)

Sabretooth went into the Pit, sentenced to an eternity of torment. Sure, that sounds like hell, but maybe that's where he feels most at home. What's he been doing down there? What secret deal has changed his fate forever? And what if he's not alone? Award-winning novelist Victor LaValle teams up with amazing artist Leonard Kirk ...

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Kreniigh dropped One-Star Squadron (2021) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

One-Star Squadron (2021)

Who you gonna call? One-Star Squadron! Meet DC’s superhero team where heroism meets capitalism. This ragtag group of heroes led by Red Tornado is here to provide service with a smile. All you must do is send a request via their on-demand hero app and they’ll answer any call. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party or an alien invasion, no ...

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Kreniigh dropped Knights of X (2022) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

Knights of X (2022)

The gates to Otherworld are closed - and Captain Britain is trapped on the wrong side! Usurpers Merlyn and his right-hand man, King Arthur, are now in control of Lunatic Citadel. Furies the size of Sentinels raze villages to the ground in their hunt for the "witchbreed." Cut ...

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Kreniigh dropped New Fantastic Four (2022) from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

New Fantastic Four (2022)

When these unlikely heroes first banded together to become the NEW FANTASTIC FOUR, they made Marvel history. Now this fan-favorite team returns in an all-new adventure written by Peter David! Set shortly after the events of the group's first appearance, brace yourself for a wild ride and gue...

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Kreniigh dropped The Closet from their pull list Oct 24, 2022

The Closet

A tale of existential familial horror by JAMES TYNION IV (THE DEPARTMENT OF TRUTH, RAZORBLADES) and GAVIN FULLERTON (BOG BODIES, Bags). Thom is moving cross-country with his family and dragging the past along with them. His son, Jamie, is seeing monsters in the bedroom closet and will not let them go.

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Kreniigh added Miracleman to their pull list Oct 19, 2022


• KIMOTA! With one magic word, a long-forgotten legend lives again!
•  Freelance reporter Michael Moran always knew he was meant for something more -- now, a strange series of events leads him to reclaim his destiny!
•  Relive the ground-breaking eighties adventures that captured lightning in a bottle -- or experience them for th...

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