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Kreniigh reviewed Hawkeye: Freefall #3 Feb 15, 2020

Did... did Clint just flat-out murder that guy? Mark Gruenwald is turning over in his grave.

Hawkeye: Freefall #3

By: Matthew Rosenberg, Otto Schmidt
Released: Feb 12, 2020

• As things around him are getting more dangerous, Clint Barton is being pushed to make some tough, and probably really bad, decisions.
•  Meanwhile the mysterious new Ronin is waging war against The Hood and Hawkeye is caught in the middle of it.
•  The Web of lies our Friendly Neighborhood archer f...

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Kreniigh commented on this:

Harley the best mankind has to offer Lmao

Whatever drugs Ivy is taking she should definitely stop 😂

Well this issue has some interesting ideas like Ivy struggling with her original goal& with her friendship with Harley ( no love story mentioned here), but the power level of Poison Ivy is just ridiculous here. Ever since Kings HIC, rather DC in Crisis she shows powers she more

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy #6

By: Jody Houser, Adriana Melo
Released: Feb 12, 2020

It's the end of the road for our Gotham City sirens...and the revelation of Poison Ivy's shocking secret will rock you to your core! Will Harley Quinn be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to become the hero she so desperately wants to be? Or will old habits die hard and end Harley and Ivy's friendship forever?

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Kreniigh - Feb 14, 2020

But she must be a hero! I saw her standing in a hero crowd over in some Superman comic just now!

Kreniigh rated The End: Deadpool #1 Feb 12, 2020

The End: Deadpool #1

By: Joe Kelly, Mike Hawthorne
Released: Jan 29, 2020

Wade Wilson may seem like he is unkillable, but there is more than one way to put an end to him... but don't take my word for it! Quintessential Deadpool scribe Joe Kelly and record-setting Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne team-up to prove it to you! Deadpool is done for!

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Kreniigh rated Copra #4 Feb 12, 2020

Copra #4

By: Michel Fiffe
Released: Jan 1, 2020

As the COPRA leader negotiates her life with a disgruntled agent, the team itself maps out their most important mission to date: save the planet from total annihilation. Plus: a major secret origin revealed. This hand-colored calm before the storm has been building since the very first issue!

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Kreniigh rated Copra #5 Feb 12, 2020

Copra #5

By: Michel Fiffe
Released: Feb 5, 2020

"TENDER LIVING"-This prelude to "THE OCHIZON SAGA" pits our crew against a destructive quartet of villain-husks who help usher in a cruel dynasty of cosmic proportions. How do you even fight that with a fist, a gun, or malfunctioning armor? End times aren't nigh, they're here; COPRA is swimming in them.

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Kreniigh added Ant-Man (2020) to their pull list Feb 12, 2020

Ant-Man (2020)

Scott Lang is back and doing better than ever! Er, at least according to him, but his daughter, Stinger, and the anthill he's living in say otherwise. Desperate to raise his daughter's opinion of him, Scott takes a job from local beekeepers only to uncover a global conspiracy that could topple the world order! No time to call the Avengers, this sou...

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Kreniigh reviewed Avengers #30 Feb 11, 2020

Why is Captain America wearing a headband? He doesn't have long hair.

Avengers #30

By: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness
Released: Jan 29, 2020

In a Shi'ar space prison the size of a galaxy, the cosmic war for the Starbrand super weapon comes to its cataclysmic conclusion. Who is the shocking new wielder of the Starbrand? And will they survive long enough to control the epic planet-melting power at their disposal? Not if Gladiator of th...

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Kreniigh dropped Justice League (2018) from their pull list Feb 5, 2020

Justice League (2018)

"THE TOTALITY" part one! A brand-new era begins here! Comics legends Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung launch the Justice League into a cosmos-shaking mystery that will draw out their most terrible ways our heroes couldn't possibly imagine! In this debut issue, Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will sh...

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Kreniigh added Crone to their pull list Feb 3, 2020


The Sword Saviour and Champion of Men once known as BLOODY BLISS is now nothing more than a reclusive old CRONE. Does she have the strength to answer the call for one last adventure? Only Dennis Culver (Burnouts, E is for Extinction) and Justin Greenwood (Stumptown, The Last Siege) know for sure in this story that is equal parts Unforgiven and Xena...

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M1sf1r3 reviewed Superman #19 Jan 22, 2020

Starting off my reviews with Bendis. Last issue was consistent Bendis and he has to really prove himself with this issue for The Truth to work.

The Good:
I do like how the fallout is being dealt with here.

Ivan Reis' art is great like always.

The Bad:
Got some good ole continuity issues here big time.

Question. WHO LET HARLEY QUIN more

Superman #19

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Prado
Released: Jan 22, 2020

One day later! What happens the day after Superman reveals his secret identity to the world? And what repercussions will his decision have across the entire DC Universe? Plus, Superman: president of Earth?

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Kreniigh - Jan 31, 2020

I love how big moments in comics like funerals and weddings always seem to be attended by every character who happens to be currently starring in a title, which can look really weird years later. Some day, someone's going to wonder why Man-Bat and the Wonder Twins are in this scene. Harley, though, is going to Wolverine herself into ubiquity by then and won't seem out of place at all.

Kreniigh added Iron Man 2020 (2020) to their pull list Jan 27, 2020

Iron Man 2020 (2020)

• The future is now! Artificial Intelligences presents a clear and present danger to humanity and must be brought to heel!
•  The Robot Rebellion battles for the establishment of robot rights!
•  And Arno Stark IS Iron Man!
PLUS! Pete Woods' main cover art will feature a 5th Color Flourescent Ink treatment!
Rated T+

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Kreniigh liked this:

This was an amazing first issue. Tying together events from so many recent series. It's clear Al Ewing has a plan for Marvel Cosmic.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

By: Al Ewing, Juan Cabal
Released: Jan 22, 2020

Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it's only getting worse. The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead. And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned -- harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars...

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Wolf Warner reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Jan 22, 2020

Bout to take us places Cates didn’t. Good read.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

By: Al Ewing, Juan Cabal
Released: Jan 22, 2020

Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it's only getting worse. The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead. And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned -- harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars...

Kreniigh reviewed Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7 Jan 27, 2020

Ewing really pays attention to the larger universe, and loves bringing in obscure elements from it.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7

By: Jason Aaron, Pere Perez
Released: Jan 15, 2020

Valkyrie teams up with Marvel's Mightiest Medics to save the life of the ultimate patient - Death herself! With a universal force on the cosmic operating table, the end of everything is one slip of the scalpel away... but has one of Jane's surgical team forgotten their Hippocratic Oath?
Rated T+

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Kreniigh reviewed Legion of Super-Heroes #3 Jan 24, 2020

I couldn't hang a single personality trait on most of the members of this team. Hell, I couldn't even identify a lot of them or tell you what their powers were. Art's pretty, though.

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook
Released: Jan 15, 2020

You knew there was no way Jon Kent was going to leave his best friend behind! Welcome to the future, Damian Wayne! (This is such a terrible idea!) Also, meet the new Legionnaires as they head to a secret undercover mission on the first man-made planet: Planet Gotham. Every page of this new DC epic plants seeds and ideas that will blast out across t...

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Kreniigh added Legion of Super-Heroes (2019) to their pull list Jan 24, 2020

Legion of Super-Heroes (2019)

Brought to you by some of comics' greatest talents, this epic story spans the course of 1,000 years and, for the very first time, connects all of DC's future timelines! Starring the unlikeliest of DC heroes as she learns to cope with newfound immortality and roams through the disparate societies of Batman Beyond, Kamandi and Tommy Tomorrow, wrestli...

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Kreniigh dropped Strange Skies Over East Berlin from their pull list Jan 19, 2020

Strange Skies Over East Berlin

* Herring is a disillusioned American spy stationed on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall, struggling with his role in a Cold War that seems to have no end. But when he's sent on a mission behind enemy lines to infiltrate East German intelligence, he soon learns the Soviets have a...

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Kreniigh added The Dollhouse Family to their pull list Jan 17, 2020

The Dollhouse Family

On Alice's sixth birthday, her dying great-aunt sent her the birthday gift she didn't know she always wanted: a big, beautiful 19th-century dollhouse, complete with a family of antique dolls. In no time at all, the dollhouse isn't just Alice's favorite's her whole world. And soon, young Alice learns she can enter the house to visit a new g...

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Kreniigh dropped Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer from their pull list Jan 17, 2020

Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer

Set in the world of the Eisner Award-winning Black Hammer series-but a thousand years in the future-a collection of superheroes, inspired by the legendary heroes of Black Hammer Farm, must band together to save the planet from an authoritarian regime. A young Martian must find a way to reform The Quantum League to save the world while solving the r...

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The 20-issue Ceiling reviewed Thor #1 Jan 4, 2020

I didn't love it. Anyone notice how Donny kind of adds a gimmick to every character he works on? Venom is now more dragon, Frank Castle is goofy and in space, The Inhumans had Vox, Silver Surfer is black, Rocket had a mech suit, and now Thor is Super Saiyan 3 Goku. I am starting to see this personal trope in his work.

Sure, it's cool. Sure, it's epic. It is also a bit childish and tryha more

Thor #1

By: Donny Cates, Nic Klein
Released: Jan 1, 2020

The prince is now a king. All Asgard lies before Thor, the God of Thunder. And after many months of war, the Ten Realms are finally at peace. But the skies above the Realm Eternal are never clear for long. The Black Winter is coming. And the God of the Storm w...

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YourGreenMuse - Jan 7, 2020

Oh, okay, I see what you're saying. My bad. I guess that would be compelling, but that's not really a criticism, just an idea for what you'd rather be reading, yeah?

Superheroes for Hire - Jan 11, 2020

There's an obvious gimmick to get the speculators buying extras and readers hooked with something shiny. But Cates actually has purpose and satisfying story beats that follow, unlike many of his peers that endlessly kill, maim, and swap heroes to try and drum up internet headlines.

Kreniigh reviewed Excalibur #5 Jan 14, 2020

I like the art, but the whole concept for this series feels terribly shoehorned in, like the writer is reskinning a non-Marvel story about magick stuff with X-characters. Apocalypse is the worst in this regard, almost unrecognizable in his actions and motivations. The plot skips around in a way that's difficult to follow, and is full of poorly-conceived ideas like beardy druid cults living deep more

Excalibur #5

By: Tini Howard, Marcus To
Released: Jan 8, 2020

The Secret of Rogue's Coffin!
Locked in her mysterious coffin, Rogue dreams. Meanwhile, Apocalypse performs a ritual, and the throne of power changes hands. The reign of mutantkind reaches the Otherworld at last.
Rated T+

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Kreniigh dropped Maestros from their pull list Jan 6, 2020


The Maestro and his entire royal family have been murdered. Now, his banished son from Earth will inherit the Wizard King's throne along with a spell that turns its user into GOD. With enemies everywhere, will this Orlando-born millennial be able to keep his new magic kingdom?
From STEVE SKROCE, the storyboard artist of The Matr...

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Kreniigh dropped Lazarus from their pull list Jan 6, 2020


"FAMILY," Part One
In a dystopian near-future, government is a quaint concept, resources are coveted, and possession is 100% of the law. A handful of Families rule, jealously guarding what they have and exploiting the Waste who struggle to survive in their domains. Forever Carlyle defends her family's holdings through deception and force as thei...

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Kreniigh dropped The Fix from their pull list Jan 6, 2020

The Fix

A story of the crooked cops, scheming mobsters, and corrupt politicians that run things-and the sex toy that can bring them all down. Oh, and the hero is a drug-sniffing beagle named Pretzels. Bad people do bad things to each other in this frenetic, outrageous, sometimes off-putting new caper! If you liked classic crime comics like CRIMINAL and 100...

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Kreniigh dropped Black Hammer: Age of Doom from their pull list Jan 6, 2020

Black Hammer: Age of Doom

The Eisner Award-winning superhero saga returns! Picking up immediately where we left off-Lucy Weber has become the new Black Hammer and right as she's about to reveal to our heroes how they got stuck on the farm and can escape she vanishes. Now our new Black Hammer finds herself trapped in a gritty world filled with punk rock detectives, emo gods,...

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Malitia reviewed Incoming #1 Dec 26, 2019

It's not bad...

But these type of initiative starting one-shot advertisements should be FCBD giveaways or 1$ promotional issues at most... not 10$ overpriced/sized collectors bait.

Incoming #1

Released: Dec 25, 2019

A mysterious murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the search for a killer - but no one can imagine where the trail will lead, or how it will affect everything in 2020 and beyond! Who is the victim and who is the assailant?
The closing chapter to MARVEL's 80th year, which will connect the dots of e...

Kreniigh added Folklords to their pull list Jan 2, 2020


* From Narnia to Harry Potter, we've seen our hero leave the real world for a fantasy world-but in Ansel's world of monsters and magic he's haunted by visions of our world with tailored suits and modern technology!
* Ansel embarks on his Quest to find the mysterious Folklords, hoping they can explain his visions...but looking for the Folklords ...

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Kreniigh added Family Tree to their pull list Jan 2, 2020

Family Tree

SERIES PREMIERE! When an eight-year-old girl literally begins to transform into a tree, her single mom, troubled brother, and possibly insane grandfather embark on a bizarre and heart-wrenching odyssey across the back roads of America in a desperate search for a way to cure her horrifying transformation before it's too late.
But the farther th...

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Kreniigh dropped East of West from their pull list Jan 2, 2020

East of West

The things that divide us are stronger than the things that unite us. A Sci-Fi Western set in a dystopian America where all hope for the future rests in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...who just happen to be trying to kill the President of the United States. One of the most exciting new books of the year, this is EAST OF WEST, a brand new, o...

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Kreniigh added Marauders to their pull list Dec 29, 2019


Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!
Rated T+

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