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Joined: Nov 11, 2015 About Me: I started reading comics back in 1986 when I was pretty young. My friends and I read titles from DC and Marvel and when the independent companies started I read Valiant, Image, Malibu and Continuity. Now I have limited myself to collecting Marvel and will read other companies digitally her more

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RustonLF added Extermination (2018) to their pull list Oct 5, 2018

Extermination (2018)

Cyclops. Iceman. Angel. Beast. Marvel Girl. The original team of teen mutants brought together by Professor Charles Xavier many years ago have been shunted through time to find a world they barely recognize but were determined to help. Now, finding themselves targeted for death, the future of mutantkind lies squarely in the hands of its past. Write...

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RustonLF dropped Avengers (2016) from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

Avengers (2016)

The time has come! Their ranks shattered by Civil War, their spirits weighted down by a toll both personal and spiritual, Earth's Mightiest Heroes must find the resolve to stand united one final time against their greatest foe! Captain America! Thor! The Vision! The Wasp! Spider-Man! Hercules! When the dust settles, not a one of these valiant heroe...

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RustonLF dropped All-New Guardians of the Galaxy from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy

Double ships every month!
The Guardians of the Galaxy have taken off into space once more, on their biggest and weirdest misadventures yet! Kicking things off with the biggest heist they've ever tried, we join Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and company as they blast their way through the galaxy, the pea...

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RustonLF dropped Doctor Strange: Damnation from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

Doctor Strange: Damnation

The city of sin gets its biggest sinner yet. When Doctor Strange raises Las Vegas up from its destruction during SECRET EMPIRE, he inadvertently opens a big door for the embodiment of evil, MEPHISTO! The devilish villain takes the city for himself and sets his sights on the rest of the world. It's going to take heroes from all over the Marvel Unive...

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RustonLF dropped All-New Wolverine from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

All-New Wolverine

X-23 was created to be a weapon and for a time, that's all she was. But with the help of her mentor, LOGAN-the original WOLVERINE-she escaped that dark past. Tragically, Logan has fallen, but Laura will continue in his footsteps as a hero. Recent events have her doing everything in he...

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RustonLF dropped Despicable Deadpool from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

Despicable Deadpool

Deadpool's going back to his vile beginnings as a mercenary and wanted killer.  No more being a hero.  No more X-Men.  No more Avengers.  And if he wants to break bad again, what's more despicable than killing your best friend? Cable better get ready because his old friend Wade...

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RustonLF dropped Bloodshot: Salvation from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

Bloodshot: Salvation

A BLOCKBUSTER NEW ONGOING SERIES! From New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Moon Knight) and extraordinary artists Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) & Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN), a bloody and vengeful new era for Bloodshot begins this September as Ray Garrison escapes his violent past to build the one thing he never t...

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RustonLF dropped Exiles (2018) from their pull list Sep 21, 2018

Exiles (2018)

Fan-favorite X-Man Blink once joined a team destined to save not just the world, but the entire Multiverse. And now, her teleporting talents are needed once again! When a mysterious threat begins eating away at the fabric of the Multiverse, the Unseen - the man once kn...

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RustonLF reviewed Avengers #8 Sep 21, 2018

This issue acts as a connecting story before the next arc begins. The Avengers have just saved the world from a Celestial threat and are now deciding on who will stay to be in the roster. A new chairman of the team is named. A new headquarters (an ancient Celestial equipped with Wakandian technology) is established for the group. There is no true conflict or emergency in the issue, but the issue i more

Avengers #8

By: Jason Aaron, David Marquez
Released: Sep 19, 2018

In the aftermath of their world-shaking battle against the Dark Celestials, the new Avengers team is officially formed, complete with a startling new headquarters at the top of the world. Behold the wonders of Avengers Mountain. But someone who doesn't seem impressed is Namor, the ferocious lord of Atlantis, whose rage may...

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RustonLF reviewed West Coast Avengers #2 Sep 21, 2018

West Coast Avengers manages to capture what I was hoping for with the Great Lakes Avengers series. I wanted a team that is capable but struggles due to the relationships between the characters. Thompson manages to provide a heart to heart moment between Kate and Clint, A love-hate relationship between Quentin and Gwen, and an infiltration all in one issue. That doesn't even take into account Ameri more

West Coast Avengers #2

By: Kelly Thompson, Stefano Caselli
Released: Sep 19, 2018

• You thought giant land sharks were bad? How about former West Coast Avenger Tigra transformed into an extremely grouchy, extremely ENORMOUS Woman?!
•  But Tigra isn't the half of it. Who's the insanely handsome man behind the curtain pulling her strings?
•  Hawkeye, Hawkeye, America Chavez, Fuse, Gwenpool and Kid Omega are her...

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RustonLF added West Coast Avengers (2018) to their pull list Sep 21, 2018

West Coast Avengers (2018)

HAWKEYE (KATE BISHOP). HAWKEYE (CLINT BARTON). A guy named FUSE. Never have they ever been called "the big three" of...anything. And now here they are, reunited for, okay, well, it's only the second time ever. Thank god they also brought AMERICA CHAVEZ, GWENPOOL and KID OMEGA. Wait. What? That's right, it's ...

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RustonLF reviewed Mr. and Mrs. X #3 Sep 21, 2018

I have been enjoying this title so much. Kelly Thompson has a love for the characters that make the relationships feel natural. In this issue Rogue, Gambit and Deadpool learn the truth about the package that they have been fighting over with universal bounty hunters. There is less action in this chapter compared to the previous issues, but the humor and exposition make up for it.
The art has more

Mr. and Mrs. X #3

By: Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua
Released: Sep 19, 2018

ROGUE and GAMBIT'S romantic getaway is but a faint memory as they're forced to team up with DEADPOOL to protect a dangerous and extremely valuable "package" when half the galaxy comes to claim it. What secrets does the package hold that the Imperial Guard and Deathbird (with an entire Shi'ar rebellion in tow!) wi...

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RustonLF added Infinity Wars (2018) to their pull list Jul 26, 2018

Infinity Wars (2018)

As the Infinity Stones come to Earth, so too comes the war for control over them. But none who wield the stones know the truth about the power they contain...or what it would take to bring them to their END. The nature of the universe itself hangs in the balance as we learn the answer to the question on everyone's lips since "Infinity Wars Prime": ...

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RustonLF added Mr. and Mrs. X to their pull list Jul 26, 2018

Mr. and Mrs. X

LOVE & MARRIAGE PART 1! Straight from the pages of X-MEN the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Universe's hottest couple has finally tied the knot! In their extraordinary lives, they've faced nearly every challenge imaginable, but how will they fare against former flames making trouble? An entire galaxy in jeopardy? You want it? We ...

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RustonLF added Thor (2018) to their pull list Jul 16, 2018

Thor (2018)

Thor Odinson has regained his mantle - and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost of hundreds of ...

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RustonLF added Domino (2018) to their pull list Jul 16, 2018

Domino (2018)

Impossible curves. Impossible shots. Impossible targets. Marvel's #1 soldier of fortune is back in an explosive new ongoing series! The product of a failed super-soldier program, Neena Thurman always made her own luck as the sharpshooting mercenary known as Domino... but what happens when her own powers betray he...

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RustonLF added X-23 (2018) to their pull list Jul 16, 2018

X-23 (2018)

Cloned from a warrior, raised as a killer, Laura Kinney has gone through hell and come out the other side a hero. After a stint as the All-New Wolverine, she returns to her roots as X-23 to make sure no one ever has to go through the horrors she did. With her sister Gabby and their pet Jonathan in tow, X-23 forges her own destiny in this new series...

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RustonLF reviewed Invincible Iron Man #600 May 25, 2018

I found this to be a better goodbye from Bendis then his final issue of Spider-Man. It recaps a lot of the character through the A.I. based on Tony's personality. We see Tony react to Doom as a version of Iron Man as well as Riri. There are a few plot holes that are completed in a satisfying, but not spectacular way. The art has vast differences throughout that is not really separated by chapters more

Invincible Iron Man #600

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Stefano Caselli
Released: May 23, 2018

Tony Stark is back, but in what form? At least five huge surprises await new and old fans alike. Industry legend Brian Michael Bendis drops his final Marvel Comic to end an era, and he's going out big! This super-sized anniversary extravaganza features artis...

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This is marketed as a direct tie-in to the Infinity Countdown story, but is more of a story that has reference to the event. Officer Chris Powell has been operating as Darkhawk while on patrol and decides he wants to travel into space to bring down the Fraternity of Raptors who have powered suits like Powells. He looks to old friend Richard Rider who is operating as Nova and was a teammate in the more

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #1

By: Chris Sims, Lim
Released: May 23, 2018

On Earth, Chris Powell is a patrol officer with the NYPD, protecting and serving the people of New York...but out in space, he's Darkhawk, the galaxy's only line of defense against the return of the ancient army of the Fraternity of Raptors! Spinning out of the Infinity Countdown storyline, the 'hawk is back to fight for justice from the edge of Ma...

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RustonLF reviewed Incredible Hulk #717 May 24, 2018

A very satisfying conclusion comes at the end of a story arc that I did not expect myself liking. It leaves Cho in a very different place that will be cool to see in the pages of Champions.

Incredible Hulk #717

By: Greg Pak, Carlo Barberi
Released: May 23, 2018

The curse of the Hulk has turned into a horror, and now Amadeus enters his final showdown with the monster within. But what happens if the monster...turns out to be Amadeus himself? A hero faces his greatest demons with the lives of everyone he loves in the balance and massive repercussions for Amadeus and the Hulk!

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RustonLF reviewed Black Panther #1 May 24, 2018

The story started here leaves you feeling disoriented and lost. Something that is not helped by the art. I enjoy Daniel Acuna's art but there is a lack of distinction to it that can be harder to interpret when you are unfamiliar with the characters and setting of the story. While this seems like it would be a bad thing it is actually what Coates was going for in this story. It works to reflect on more

Black Panther #1

By: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Daniel Acuna
Released: May 23, 2018

A bold new direction for the Black Panther! For years, T'Challa has fought off invaders from his homeland, protecting Wakanda from everything from meddling governments to long-lost gods. Now, he will discover that Wakanda is much bigger than he ever dreamed...
Across the vast Multiverse...

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RustonLF reviewed Moon Knight #195 May 24, 2018

Moon Knight takes on a new tone with a new story arc. Going a little less bleak and gritty this time in favor silly yet still horrifying atmosphere. It is a change up that was very grasping for me. The colors and lines still capture still captures the surreal nature of the book. There is a bit more exaggeration to the characters. Where the story leaves off also creates an interesting battle going more

Moon Knight #195

By: Max Bemis, Paul Davidson
Released: May 23, 2018

•  MOON KNIGHT faces one of his most unusual foes yet, a multi-limbed amalgamation of bodies known as THE COLLECTIVE!
•  What monstrous science could have led to this unholy creature's creation? What, indeed, is being taught at universities these days?
•  We know schools have their cliques, but this is...

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This seems to be more of a set up for the path Thor will be taking over the next year with some exploration on the current state of Thor's world. It is split into two stories. One involving the Goddesses of Thunder finding a way to visit Jane Foster who is a hero of theirs. The second being about Malekith's efforts as an orchestrate of war. The first story gives the previously introduced Goddesses more

The Mighty Thor: At The Gates Of Valhalla #1

By: Jason Aaron, Ramon K. Perez
Released: May 16, 2018

"The Death of the Mighty Thor" has come and gone. But Jane Foster's power to inspire lives on - even in the far future! Don't miss the tribute to Jason Aaron's epic tale of Thor and the mighty hammer Mjolnir, drawn by rising star Jen Bartel!
And with or without a Thor, the War of Realms continues. As Malekith's power grows...

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RustonLF reviewed Avengers #2 May 17, 2018

I love the battle between Hulk and Ghost Rider so much that I would say this issue is worth checking out. It was a battle I would never anticipated liking as much as I did. I was not as much on board for the narration in this issue. It is left as a mystery throughout the issue as to who is narrating until the end. For me it was more confusing than shocking given what we know from Doctor Strange an more

Avengers #2

By: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness
Released: May 16, 2018

• Black Panther and Dr. Strange battle for their lives deep within the earth...
•  Captain Marvel battles death and destruction raining down from the skies...
•  ...while Thor, Iron Man and Captain America lead the valiant (yet hopeless) fight against the Final Host of Dark Celestials.
•  And Ghost Rider and the Savage Hu...

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RustonLF reviewed All-New Wolverine #35 May 17, 2018

If you have not read the first two installments in this arc you should. Starting here would not give it justice. This ends the tale with some fun cameos. There is great action and character from some of the more prominent women in the Marvel universe. The art does a good job of displaying action and character expression. It also involves Doctor Doom as the last villain standing which brought a smi more

All-New Wolverine #35

By: Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas
Released: May 16, 2018

• The world has been saved. Its people, never happier. The Wolverine should be retired, enjoying her time ruling Madripoor and living life with her sister.
•  But instead Laura is in the last bastion of cruelty: Latveria. She has one more mission: One person to save, one person to kill.
•  It all comes down to this.
Rated T...

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RustonLF reviewed Bloodshot: Salvation #9 May 17, 2018

There is a break in the story so we can learn the partial origin of the Bloodhound through a dream that the Bloodhound is having. It is a story that takes us all the way back to World War I which I thought was pretty cool. The art has a realism that made the violent story all the more gruesome and impact-full. There were times I had trouble determining what the artist was trying to get across. The more

Bloodshot: Salvation #9

By: Jeff Lemire, Renato Guedes
Released: May 16, 2018

The origin of Bloodhound!
In the wire-strewn trenches of World War I, witness the true story of a good boy gone bad, as Eisner and Harvey Award nominee Ray Fawkes (Batman: Eternal) joins New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer) and astonishing artist Renato Guedes (X-O MANOWAR) for a special one-shot tale chronicling the ne...

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RustonLF reviewed Despicable Deadpool #300 May 10, 2018

This becomes Duggan's goodbye to a character he has been writing a while similar to Brian michael Bendis' recent issue of Miles Morales Spider-Man. The difference being Spider-Man comes to an end with no announced plans except his inclusion in Champions. Deadpool will be coming back with Skotti Young with another number one (maybe a secondary legacy numbering like Avengers). Oddly Duggan leaves th more

Despicable Deadpool #300

By: Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne
Released: May 9, 2018

Every bad decision, every betrayal, every fart joke - they've all come back to haunt Deadpool. He's gone from criminal to outcast to celebrity and back to criminal, and as Captain America leads the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe to take him down, Wade is forced to be his most despicable self ONE LAST TIME...
For over five years and more...

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RustonLF reviewed X-Men: Blue #27 May 10, 2018

The new team in action looks really good even in their matching outfits. Those outfits seem like something that would be more X-Factor then X-Men, but it is not unheard of among the X-Men so no big deal. Even having two Wolverine's is worked out by making one of them carry a sword. Daken becomes more of a nineties era X-Force fill in minus the pouches. They come in to fight for Magneto while the o more

X-Men: Blue #27

By: Cullen Bunn, Marcus To
Released: May 9, 2018

• With the Original Five X-Men lost in space, a new team of mutants has emerged to face the White Queen, Havok, Miss Sinister and Bastion!
•  But while the new X-Men are away, the Marauders will play, striking viciously at Magneto.
•  Magneto is forced to make a terrible decision, leading him ever clo...

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RustonLF reviewed Exiles #3 May 10, 2018

There was a weirdness and a playfulness in Excalibur as they visited the multiverse that I see reflected in this book. It is something that I really like. The hippie Namor that they visit was great. Peggy Carter as Captain America fighting in World War II that I assume is because England took control of the U.S. during the Revolutionary War. It is never stated but that is the theory I am running w more

Exiles #3

By: Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez
Released: May 9, 2018

That's her mission, anyway! The fan-favorite Captain America - Peggy Carter of the Marvel Puzzle Quest game - faces off against an apocalyptically armed Red Skull! And the Exiles are just in time to join the fight - 'cuz they've been kicked off their mission! There's a new team of Watchers in town, and they'r...

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RustonLF reviewed Incredible Hulk #716 May 10, 2018

Most of this World War Hulk sequel seems to be in name only. It focused mainly on a struggle between Amadeus and Hulk as they battled for control. The secret of Hulk being in control is out and we finally get some conflict between a number of cameos and the Hulk persona. It gives a little more of the Hulk versus heroes feel you would expect. One of which being another epic fight between the Unwort more

Incredible Hulk #716

By: Greg Pak, Marco Lorenzana
Released: May 9, 2018

Amadeus Cho has always thought of himself as the fun Hulk - the totally awesome Hulk. But now the Dark Hulk within him is calling the shots with brutal consequences for anyone who's ever wronged Amadeus or stood in his way. Get ready for Amadeus unleashed and cataclysmic smashing in the heart of New York as our hero...

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