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pkingdom reviewed Champions #8 Aug 12, 2019

Sam finally gets his powers back! He didn't do anything to deserve them or earn them back, he just attacked a Nova corp ship, then led a space psycho into attacking an Earth military facility and stole it back in the confusion. Its hard to think of a worse way this could have gone down. The B-squad Champions still barely work as a team and look pretty incompetent. Viv doesn't even get to shine more

Champions #8

By: Jim Zub, Steven Cummings
Released: Aug 7, 2019

• Fear, doubt, and deception...The Champions' ideals are about to be tested, and not everyone will make the grade.
•  Plus, the return of the Freelancers and the fate of Sam Alexander!
Rated T+

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pkingdom reviewed Champions #7 Aug 12, 2019

A Shaggy Dog story of an issue. First few pages are yet another character having an emotional breakdown, with Ms. Marvel in tears and leaving the team. Viv randomly starts talking to an alter-ego personality, which is a plot point that last was mentioned more than a year ago. I had forgotten that was even a thing. The remainder of the issue is Sam with the crazy villain girl trying to steal hi more

Champions #7

By: Jim Zub, Steven Cummings
Released: Jul 10, 2019

The WAR OF THE REALMS is over, but its effect on the Champions has shaken the team to its very core. Meanwhile, Sam Alexander's mission in space takes an unexpected turn. Will he find redemption, or is this the last ride for the human rocket?
Rated T+

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pkingdom reviewed Champions #6 Jul 30, 2019

Another decent book killed by a mandatory crossover. This issue was largely pointless, and when it wasn't pointless it was frustrating. Like much of War of the Realms it was a shallow superhero slugfest. A big fight scene with all the depth of a kid smashing action figures together. Everyone gets maybe one or two lines, with no opportunity for character work. Power Man get a cool moment, but more

Champions #6

By: Jim Zub, Juanan Ramirez
Released: Jun 12, 2019

A global team vs a global threat! The Champions must hold the line or Earth will fall to creatures and chaos! Even if they succeed, these young heroes are about to lose one of their own...
Rated T+

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pkingdom reviewed Avengers #17 Apr 11, 2019

A sudden end to a completely pointless arc. The Avengers suddenly beat the vampires, despite not doing anything different than what they were doing. The vampires beat and possibly kill several members of the Winter Guard. Glad we spent so much time with them being pointless dicks. Oh, but it was all a plot by Dracula! He destroyed his home, most of his followers and everyone he cared about fo more

Avengers #17

By: Jason Aaron, David Marquez
Released: Mar 20, 2019

The final fate of Dracula! The Avengers vs. Ghost Rider?! Blade vs. the Shadow Colonel! And the world of the Marvel U vampires will be changed forever. Who will be the new Lord of the Damned?
Rated T+

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pkingdom reviewed Champions #4 Apr 7, 2019

As the end to the first arc of the 3rd(!) relaunch of this series, it looks like there should be another relaunch. At best, its boring, and at worst, its character assassination.

The team expanded! But most members barely get a line. Very little character interaction, and a very rushed presentation. What should be a major moment for Nova is almost nonsensical, and makes Sam look lik more

Champions #4

By: Jim Zub, Steven Cummings
Released: Apr 3, 2019

• Miles Morales...what have you done?
•  The Champions reach a crossroads as dark forces lay their claim.
Rated T+

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pkingdom reviewed Avengers #16 Mar 17, 2019

This series has been a mess since Issue 1, but this issue really takes the cake. The Avengers are almost bit characters in their own series. We keep bouncing all over between entire teams we know nothing about while everyone talks in vague dramatic patterns. There's no character work or development; its the comic equivalent to smashing action figures together.

Blade has been a comple more

Avengers #16

By: Jason Aaron, David Marquez
Released: Mar 6, 2019

Welcome to the Avengers, Blade - hope you survive the experience! Though there are plenty of vampires out there that definitely won't, as the civil war tearing apart the worldwide undead community rages on.
Rated T+

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Ryan - Apr 26, 2019

Finally someone else noticed!


The art is kind of a mess, and the issue really struggles by trying to tie together all of the plotlines from both of Iceman's series. It feels like an X-men comic with a focus on Iceman, and not a comic about Iceman, if that makes sense. Using Daken like that as a villain also felt really off. It felt like character derailment to have him mercilessly kill his sister, plus it kind of played int more

Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End #1

By: Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman
Released: Mar 13, 2019

Iceman and the X-Men get a special visitor from the future! An older Bobby Drake has come to the present to tell him to give up being a super hero. But what could have happened that would change Bobby Drake from the X-Men's resident jokester to a morose mutant?
Rated T+

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