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RobinsFan reviewed Tim Drake: Robin #5 Jan 26, 2023

How does this keep going from bad to worse with every issue? You think one thing gets better then Fitzmartin finds something new to drag it all back down. This issue was so bad.

Tim Drake: Robin #5

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo
Released: Jan 25, 2023

Tim's mysterious new admirer/nemesis is closing in and they could be anyone. With everyone he trusts potentially compromised or in danger, the World's Greatest Robin has no one and nowhere left to turn for help...except for himself. But can Tim Drake get out of his own way for long enough to catch up to a villain who seemingly knows everything abou...

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RobinsFan reviewed Tim Drake: Robin #3 Nov 24, 2022

Soooo this was better than the last issue but it's still really bad. I don't know where she gets some of this stuff she says about the other robins because it's not anything like them at all and Tim still doesn't act like Tim at all in here. Like is saying he's solving crimes all its takes to make him a detective now because he's also really bad at that. And like other people have said why did Tim more

Tim Drake: Robin #3

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo
Released: Nov 23, 2022

DID SOMEONE SAY GOLDFISH? After a mysterious murder takes place in broad library, Tim, Detective Williams, and Darcy are led to three suspects...except they aren't real? Meanwhile, Tim's been so busy on this case, he's forgotten the case of the boyfriend. Where's Bernard?

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RobinsFan - Nov 26, 2022 (edited)

I dunno. Like it would make him more interesting that's for sure but also they've hyped him up and this whole thing about being the best love of his life and then he turns out to be someone trying to kill him? maybe if MF had written this whole thing better from the start it would play off ok but to do that just seems like a bad take for Tim's first same sex relationship to turn out like that. but I can see her doing it and not caring or thinking about what that implication would be. feels bad.

SomeRandomSmartA55 - Nov 28, 2022

Eh, I’m a sucker for a hero/villain romance, and it could be done to create some inner turmoil for Tim, making him question everything all over again. Pretty much anything would be better than what we are getting right now


This definitely didn't deserve the Dark Crisis in its title. Like seriously. It had no impact or like any real involvement in that whole story. Why wasn't this just some random comic instead? Not that these characters deserve the treatment they got. I think I've walked away from this comic liking all of them less. These aren't villains. Aren't we supposed to feel good about our heroes? They felt p more

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #6

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
Released: Nov 16, 2022

Superboy, Robin, Impulse, Wonder Girl,Arrowette; and Red Tornado are all reunited, but is it too late for them to face down the unmitigated and unhinged power of Mickey Mxyzptlk? Young Justice will have to let their old wounds heal quickly if they’re going to escape from Mickey’s fake universe and rejoin the real DCU to help join the final batt...

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RobinsFan reviewed Tim Drake: Robin #2 Oct 27, 2022

I’m still not enjoying this. The montage thing was supposed to be a fun thing I guess but I found it really confusing because everything else is all over the place with the action and Tim’s thoughts. It made things seem more scattered instead of pulling it together. He also seems to contradict himself. Saying or thinking one thing then thinking something completely else a page or two later. An more

Tim Drake: Robin #2

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo
Released: Oct 26, 2022

To catch a criminal mastermind, Tim will have to...steal a diamond? Oh no, what's gotten into you, Tim? It's Tim Drake like you've never seen him! Plus: a murder most foul at the library, the Gotham Marina is in danger, and Bernard isn't answering Tim's calls!

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SomeRandomSmartA55 - Oct 27, 2022 (edited)

I can barely call this guy Tim Drake, he acts nothing like him at all! Tim is the kind of person who would be surrounding himself with his loved ones, NOT cutting them off! And this story isn’t even a story, it’s just a groups of random scenes piled together with barely any cohesion.


Not the worst in the series, but that doesn't mean this was great either. Saying one banana is slightly less rotten than the others in the bunch doesn't mean that banana isn't rotten itself, right? But this story is supposed to end in an issue and it still doesn't make a whole lotta sense right now. I'm not sure Fitzmartin knows what she is writing at this point. Or if she even knows the character more

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga
Released: Oct 19, 2022

HERE'S MICKEY! Mickey Mxyzptlk, son of Mr. Mxyzptlk, built the "perfect world" where he and the boys of Young Justice could rule without being criticized, without having to change, without ever having to grow up. Mickey has an ugly soul and too much power. The boys of Young Justice will have to overcome their shortcomings and defeat him to get back...

RobinsFan reviewed Tim Drake: Robin #1 Oct 20, 2022

I held off on reading this given everything that was noted about it but being a Tim Drake fan decided to go ahead and see for myself what this was about and it's as disappointing as most people seem to think it is. I actually don't mind the art so much even though I don't really think this character version looks anything like Tim but I know different styles mean different character interpretation more

Tim Drake: Robin #1

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Riley Rossmo
Released: Sep 28, 2022

Step aside, Damian-the world's favorite Robin has got this! That's right, after years away, Tim Drake is taking center stage in a brand-spanking-new Robin series of his very own!
A mystery over a year in the making takes shape, as a new villain who's been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and ...

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