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I seriously LOVE it!!! Remender is one of the best comic book writers ever!

Wolverine Origins #28 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #29 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #35 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #48 Oct 12, 2017

*sigh* I wish Daken was written half as good nowadays... yet another one great character destroyed.

Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #4 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #30 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #50 Oct 12, 2017
Wolverine Origins #36 Oct 12, 2017

Imagine there was a comic in which Laura was featured in. She’s different than we know her to be; say, she’s cruel, bitchy, and doesn’t care about others at all. Nothing has ever happened to explain this change. She goes down in the second page by some random crew, as if she’s incompetent. One of her legs (where her signature claw is) is chopped and she can’t grow it back. Awful, right? Well, that’s what they’ve been doing to Daken so far, and unless they restore him completely or leave him out of this, I’m not gonna rate more than that. I know it’s unfair to the comic, since it’s not nearly as bad, but well, since the comic is being unfair to me as a fan of a particular character, that’s all I can do.

Sorry to say it, but it's terrible. Nothing interesting, faaaar too many inconsistencies (the facility where they made Laura was destroyed long ago), and if you ever loved Daken, get ready to get really angry, because they've turned him into a weak ass character just to show off Laura's "better" skills. Those writers have absolutely no idea of his character, his skills, his past or even his appearence, and they keep butchering him whenever they're using him. Absolutely hated it.

To start with, what Taylor's doing with Daken is unacceptable. Completely destroying a well-established, complex and interesting character, and turn him into some soft idiot that is OUT OF LITERALLY NOWHERE a hero, instead of the complex villain we knew and wanted. The cover is, once again, a shameless lie. Somehow the Orphans caught 4 of the most deadly killers without losing any members. I want to read THAT comic, since it sounds way more interesting that this one. Deathstrike doesn't have a Healing Factor, she's a cyborg, but just like with Daken, Taylor has absolutely no idea of this character either. Somehow Laura is able to convince the psychos to do what she wants, which makes about zero sense. She's such a screwed up character that she doesn't even find evil the people who practice torture, dismemberment, kidnapping, murder. Oh, and Gabby fangirling over Laura is clearly the target audience for this comic: teen girls.

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