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A Town Called Terror #1

Apr 14, 2022

An intriguing introduction to the series if maybe a little lacking at points story wise. The premise is for a bizarre town with mysterious creatures and goings on, however the first issue only ever so slightly touches upon that notion. The art is really well done with amazing use of colours which sets the dark, gritty atmosphere very well between each panel. The first pages if the book is what contains the gripping elements, a little taster of what could potentially come, but it finishes with a much slower story half to lead into issue #2. This issue has done enough to draw me into the second installment, the art itself being a big draw to coming back.

Alice Ever After #1

Apr 17, 2022

Here we find ourselves with another reimagining of an older Alice still chasing the elusive highs of wonderland. The art itself is a bit of a rollercoaster, at moments (especially in wonderland) the art really pops and looks well fleshed out. For the most part though it's not pulling up trees and borders on being adequate at best. As for the story, it's pretty much the same formula we're used to, an aged Alice turning to drugs to fall back within the peculiar world she visited as a youngster. It's gritty enough in it's telling and progresses well however it's not particularly memorable. To summarize, it isn't a bad book but it isn't ground breaking in any aspect and won't be the first book people will want to talk about. The second issue is in my pull list but a serious re-evaluation will be on the horizon afterwards if something more captivating isn't on offer.

Blood Stained Teeth #1

Apr 30, 2022

Vampires have been a high form of entertainment over the last century, BST is another entry to try and leave a bite in a heavily saturated field. As always, the art is my first step to look at. I wasn't too keen upon the first few pages but as the issue went on, I found the contrast to really start hitting home, very bright colours competing against each other with shadows creating a dark mood around them. It is something that the more I saw, the more I appreciated. The pencils are very rough, but that makes it all pop that much more. As for the story... It is another vampire story. Sloane is a bit of singleton from the looks of the issue but he's way of making money has left a bad taste with the pure bloods. He has been given a task to go back and rectify his mistakes or face being terminated by his brethren. It's a world building issue, it's a dark story with beautifully popping art that creeps up. But it is still another vampire story and they're not few and far between. It is only issue one, it has an interesting premise and there is certainly room to grow.


May 2, 2021

A solid action comic, not sure it is much more than that but they are teasing us along with a back story. The art is a little messy at times but otherwise solid. I think a lot of the hype is just around Keanus' name being on the cover more than the actual comic itself.


May 2, 2021

After the action movie style first issue this one takes us back to the beginning of 'B'. The story is solid, adds more substance to the character. It doesn't really drive the main story forward though. The art is a little messy at points again, it has strong artwork otherwise, just sometimes feels too much is happening at once and the details get left behind. I'm on-board for this trip, just hoping there is something that makes it different from what has come before.

Slumber (2022) #1

Apr 22, 2022

A strong first issue with a lot of potential!! We're introduced to Stetson, who is basically an exterminator of nightmares, as she blasts through a client's carnival dream. But something else has potentially been tampering with people's dreams, a dream spirit seems to be out for revenger for the one they call "Dream Eater" resulting in the violence to start spilling into the real world. The art is mostly flawless throughout, simple and effective all because of the vibrant colours that pop off the page. The book is gritty with a playful undertone, with the art summing up each panel splendidly. The story is fresh, intriguing and well paced, leaving a few loose ends to entice the reader to continue into the next issue.

Slumber (2022) #2

Apr 22, 2022

A solid start continues with this second issue, may not hit home quite like the first but very much expands and fills in a few gaps, showing us the incentive that drives Stetson to exterminate nightmares. The art is on form yet again, there is something in the simplicity and the vibrant colours that give the book a beautiful look. The story is gritty and dark and the art shows this, but in other panels it gives that lucid dream effect and it stands out gorgeously on the pages. The story itself is pretty solid, maybe a few filler moments in between, but that's all about scene setting and setting the pace. This issue adds enough details for the reader to piece together why Stetson is the way she is, but it also drops more bits of information that leave more questions to be answered. Issue #3 will be placed in the pull list after this but something still isn't fully connecting me to this series, even though it's gorgeous to look at and the story is gripping, I'm still waiting for that moment to be like "Yea, that is a top book". I'll be taking it issue by issue for the moment being.

Stray Dogs (2021) #5

Jun 25, 2021

This book surprised me drastically. The art style is very Disney-esque, some wonderful drawings that make it seem like it would be a reasonable pick up for younger readers (It isn't!) However I think that charm is what makes the darker moments seem mortifying. Imagine watching 101 Dalmatians, but instead of the wholesome happy ending, the owners were killed and not all of the dogs make it out alive. This issue finishes off the story wonderfully, the suspense built over the few months finally has its conclusion, after thinking of the countless directions this could have gone, the writers hit home and leave a positive note in the readers mind.

The Silver Coin #2

May 14, 2021

I am more than thoroughly disappointed with this issue! The first issue was brilliant, intriguing and unusual. Had a slight horror tone to it, with a gripping enough story to make it work. Then there is this issue, Friday the 13th eat your heart out. Been here before, done it a million times over, boring. The stories aren't even connected outside of the Coin, so it's easy enough to just skip this and you won't be missing anything worthwhile. Unless of course, you want to read a ripped off Friday the 13th, teen drama hack and slasher.

We Have Demons #1

Mar 24, 2022

This has now been released physically! I am a fan of Snyder and Capullo, and this is another solid start for the pair. The art is always at least good at worse, to knockout at best. However, the beginning is very slow, there is a lot of information being thrown out and that makes it feel awkward and tedious to get through pages, usually over shadowing the artwork, I didn't like this technique in the Spawn comics I have read and I don't like it here. The story is good though, a Priests daughter, with a vague memory to a horrific incident as a child, coming back home after her father's death and finding out that there are demons knocking about with us this whole time. I will collect the series but I am hoping for less walls of text as I go on.

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