Velvet #3

Velvet #3

Writer: Ed Brubaker Artist: Steve Epting Publisher: Image Comics Release Date: January 15, 2014 Cover Price: $2.99 Critic Reviews: 20 User Reviews: 4
8.8Critic Rating
8.6User Rating

You all know the story: a beautiful woman seduced by a secret agent into revealing secrets and helping him on his mission...but what happens to them once the agent is gone? Find out in issue three, as Velvet tracks Agent X-14's most recent asset down very dark paths.

  • 10
    Fortress of Solitude - Byron Hendricks Jan 22, 2014

    With the story being so entertaining you will fly through the pages in this issue as one frame leads to another intriguing frame. This is a fast paced issue which you might need to read twice in order to grasp it in its full glory " even though there is one frame I am sure many readers will be pausing upon for closer inspection. Velvet is an impressive series that really shows the versatility that Image has on offer. Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting give us one of their finest works to date. This issue is one that cannot be missed, especially if you are following this series already! Read Full Review

  • 10
    All-Comic - Ian Stephen Jan 14, 2014

    It's hard to believe that Velvet is only on its third issue because this series has felt so rich from a reader's viewpoint. There is so much in every issue that keeps the flow of story moving which just hooks your attention and even though you are left wanting to read more Velvet still gives you enough to tide you over till the next issue. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comicosity - Aaron Long Jan 15, 2014

    Velvet #3 is an excellent comic and fantastic chapter in one of the best series on shelves today. This comic is a must read for any fans of the spy genre, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the recently released Black Widow #1 from Marvel. Velvet is a rich story with complex characters and twists that will keep you wildly entertained. These creators are at the top of their game (which is saying something) and this series is not to be missed. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comics Refueled - superiorchris Jan 17, 2014

    Brubaker writes at his finest with Velvet #3. He projects characters personality all so well while giving you the spy thrilling adventure. Epting and Breitweiser are the right combination. The art is sleek and dark setting a mysterious mood that complements the story on a superior level. I can recommend this book forever! really go buy this! This series is Intelligent, Sexy and All kinds of bad fun. A Must have! Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Bastards - Erik McAlister Jan 15, 2014

    The most convenient thing about this series is that it's still in its early phases. There is more than enough time to jump on board, and you wouldn't have to catch up too much. Sometimes people get so burned out catching up to the current place of the book that they don't have any desire to stick with it. I've actually done that. But these issues are such a quick read, especially if you're a fan of Brubaker's work already, it won't feel like it's taking any time at all. I recommend picking this up. You don't really have an excuse not to. Especially now" I have spoken. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Word Of The Nerd - Ani Gonzalez Jan 17, 2014

    Velvet # 3, published by Image Comics, is must read. The cover alone is worth it . Rating 10/10 Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Weekly Comic Book Review - Dean Stell Jan 18, 2014

    A very strong issue. Probably my favorite so far because it focuses so heavily on story and character. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    AiPT! - Jordan Richards Jan 18, 2014

    Velvet #3 continues to be an exciting spy thriller and one of the best new comics Image is currently putting out. A great main character, a solid story and characterization, a solid cliffhanger, and nice looking artwork makes this an experience to read. Definitely recommended. Read Full Review

  • 9.0 - Jason Motes Jan 19, 2014

    The first issue of this book was nearly flawless. The subsequent issues haven't been quite as impressive, mainly because I really loved the period aspects in the first issue. That hasn't been revisited since. These issues may as well be taking place in the present, but even so, this is a bang up, must read series. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    We The Nerdy - Patrick McAleer Jan 20, 2014

    Overall this third issue is another superb entry in to this wonderfully refreshing take on the Cold War spy tale. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Crave Online - Iann Robinson Jan 15, 2014

    Velvet makes a strong case for Ed Brubaker to be the best writer in comics today. He and Epting are an unstoppable team. Read Full Review

  • 8.6
    IGN - Melissa Grey Jan 15, 2014

    Once again, Epting and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser put a cracking good show when it comes to the book's visuals. The world of Velvet is as sleek and sexy as any in the genre, but their work adds a dash of gloomy sophistication to the proceedings that dovetails nicely with the narrative at hand. Read Full Review

  • 8.6
    Geeked Out Nation - Adam Hollander Jan 15, 2014

    Overall Velvet is one of the best new series that Image is currently publishing. Brubaker is a fantastic writer which is shown vividly here in this thrilling title. The story of a spy conspiracy may not be completely original, but Brubaker pulls it off so well that it feels both unique and classic. His character writing is superb as well and his knack for dialogue is both fun and endearing. My only gripe with this issue is that some scenes feel disconnected and a bit too fast paced making this issue feel a bit underwritten and short. Epting's art paired with Breitweiser's colors is a key factor in why I pick up this title and continues to amaze me. This series is utterly superb and deserves to be continued for many more issues. Velvet is essential to any comic reader's pull list. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Comic Book Revolution - Kevin Jan 20, 2014

    Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting continue to do a fantastic job bringing all of the best aspects from classic spy movies into one comic book. Velvet #3 shows us that the first two issues werent just a fluke. Instead what those first two issues did was establish the world Velvet lives in and now with the third issue we are ready to see Velvet in full spy action. And even though we get to see how badass of a spy Velvet is we also see that she is still human and is prone to make mistakes. With how the issue ended I look forward to seeing what the fallout will be and what is next in the bigger mystery that Velvet has involved herself in. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Book Resources - Jennifer Cheng Jan 20, 2014

    Brubaker and Epting advance plot, world-building and characterization smoothly and efficiently in "Velvet" #3, solidifying the title as one of the strongest new ongoing series to come out of 2013. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Multiversity Comics - David Henderson Jan 17, 2014

    Overall, this is the third solid issue in a row from the “Velvet” crew. While it's still early days and there's not much to talk about with the slowly building mystery as very little has actually been revealed, the fact that it's still engaging and enjoyable is a testament to the talents on display. Brubaker's subversions of the genre have allowed for an incredibly interesting and complex lead character with a past only briefly touched on that could keep generating stories for years to come. Coupling that with the strength of the character interactions and dialogue and it makes her a joy to read. Then, adding the gorgeous art of both Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser on top of that makes this a series you really don't want to be missing. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Razorfine - Alan Rapp Jan 21, 2014

    Although she's been out of the game for years Velvet continues to easily slide back into the life she was born for as the agency that trained her hunts her down and she searches for the identity of the person who murdered two old friends and framed Violet for the crimes. Worth a look. Read Full Review

  • 7.7
    Entertainment Fuse - Jim Bush Jan 18, 2014

    The third issue of Velvet throws a powerful and effective (and dark) twist after starting with what appears to be a regular continuation to the spy story. We already knew that Velvet can throw intricate plots at us. It can throw great action sequences. Now we see that it can also take things into a darker territory, where the consequences of spying are shown in human ways. Read Full Review

  • 7.2
    Nerds On The Rocks - Earl Jan 15, 2014

    My overall problem with the issue though is it felt like filler. A filler issue on its own isn't a bad thing, and this is a pretty solid story from start to finish. I just found it weird that we're 3 chapters in and it already fills like stretching it out a bit. Perhaps, things will look and read differently when issue 4 drops, but for now this just feels like a short stop on a solid series. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Nerds Unchained - Lenny Wojt Jan 16, 2014

    Overall, Velvet #3 doesnt do anything that wasnt already done in the first two installments of the series and barely moves the story forward; an alarming sign for a series that is only three issues old. Read Full Review

  • 10
    olliequeen Jan 29, 2014

    The story is as good as anything else you'll read. The art is simply amazing. The art is also realistic. There is one scene where the main character is nude. While she is sexy, she is drawn like a woman of her age would look.

  • 8.5
    GreyMouser Jan 21, 2014

    . . . $3, 21pgs. B+ cover. All ADs @ back. . . . Great quality issues keep on coming, but that no surprise from Brubaker & Epting! While spy fiction and the 1970's are not usually my taste, this series is so excellent ill be eagerly following it monthly. Considering the groundbreaking contract the creators have signed with Image comics, it deserves a lot of support. Even without it, its a series best not to miss! Highly recommended.

  • 7.5
    SwampyCA Jan 17, 2014

    It’s good not great. The art is amazing and the story is a competent presentation of familiar themes. I’ll stop buying the monthlies and get the trades after the first arc.

  • 8.5
    havok1977 Jan 29, 2014

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