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Howard reviewed DC Pride: 2024 #1 May 30, 2024


DC Pride: 2024 #1

By: Nicole Maines, Jordan Gibson
Released: May 29, 2024

Written by Al Ewing, Ngozi Ukazu, Nicole Maines, Phil Jimenez and Others Art by Ngozi Ukazu, Claire Roe, O'Neill Jones, and Others DC's Eisner and Ringo award-winning Pride anthology returns in the form of a universe-spanning travelogue like you've never seen! In its pages, Dreamer makes a first-time pilgrimage to her ancestral planet, Naltor! Pois...

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Dc Fan of Sorts of sorts - Jun 2, 2024


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deep breath Only two issues left, only two issues left…

Alright let’s get to the positives, this intro is actually kinda good. There is a decent narrative flow, Tim using his analytical mind that’s communicated in a visually interesting way. The art looks good throughout, and the final scene is really haunting and has great use of imagery.

That out of the way, this book more

Tim Drake: Robin #9

By: Meghan Fitzmartin, Nikola Cizmesija
Released: May 24, 2023

Batwoman's got blood on her hands as a familiar enemy rears their head and creates a rift between her and Robin. Do we really know what we're capable of?

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