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Aquaman (2011) #41

Jun 25, 2015

The post-Convergence roll out has a brought in some great takes on existing characters. I think it's a way to balance a real sense of variation with books and characters that didn't quite take with the New 52 war, horror, and spy/espionage books. Which brings up Aquaman 41. Trevor McCarthy has a style all his own and the play between the past and present really shows the starkness of the present to the brightness of the past. Aquaman has had a history of artists that really stand out from the pack including Nick Cardy, Jim Aparo, Jim Calafiore, and Patrick Gleason. Trevor McCarthy may be a step in that direction. The story is a good start. The mystery is there, but there were some answers provided. So as long as the pace is good, this should unfold nicely. There have been other stories where Aquaman has been at odds with Atlantis, but I think this take is a good variation on the riff.

Aquaman (2011) #42

Jul 23, 2015

The story is moving along at a good clip. I like how Arthur's time on surface is being integrated to help keep things a little more grounded. I think that's one of the things that has been missing in the past when the stories focus on Atlantis.

Aquaman (2011) #43

Aug 26, 2015

I am a big Aquaman fan, so it pains me to rate this issue so low. The high point was the reveal at the end, which was a fun, soap opera-ish twist. But the rest of the issue was spotty at best. We had adversaries introduced to battle Aquaman and the characters are completely throwaway. We don't see them in action and so they are absolutely superfluous to the story. Easily this storyline could have had an additional issue to focus on the battle and introduce these characters. Look at what was done with the recent Flash Annual. I am not big on the Atlantis-based storylines unless it breaks new ground. This storyline isn't doing that. I am seeing glimpses of past bad writing for this character. I think Cullen Bunn is writing several books and I think this book is showing as not getting the attention it deserves. I am hoping next issue turns it around and the stories are fleshed out better than this current arc.

Aquaman (2011) #44

Sep 30, 2015

I have very mixed thoughts on the direction of Aquaman. Overall, I "get" that there is a thrust to have a Game of Thrones/royal intrigue perhaps to set the stage for the movie. Unfortunately, it just isn't working well for the title. There is no emotional investment in the story because there is no real introduction of the protagonists, so this story feels like part of a story. This storyline line needs to be wrapped up and new storyline and a new creative team needs to be ushered in. So why a 7? I am having fun with the soap opera style story that was told this issue. But overall, this is not the best portrayal of Aquaman.

Aquaman (2011) #45

Oct 29, 2015

Another month and another less than stellar issue. I want to like this direction, but the delivery is just not meeting expectations. While I like Aquaman being placed in unusual situations, this storyline is just lacking in complexity. We get a whole issue dedicated to Aquaman on an alien world and absolutely no advancement of other portions of this storyline. Where is the imposter Mera? Imprsoned Mera? The mercenaries from fake Mera including Aqualad? Sad to say, but Cullen Bunn and the editors are not doing this book or character justice. I gave it 7 b/c there's enough in here that's interesting and fun. DC-Please get this book back on track!!

Aquaman (2011) #46

Nov 27, 2015

The best of issue of Cullen Bunn's run which was helped by consistent, clear, and great artwork.NOt one of my favorite storylines, but this issue helped to pull it all together and elevate the thheeat beyond Aquaman.

Aquaman (2011) #49

Feb 25, 2016

Flawless. After several months of a less than stellar storyline, Dan Abnett brings Aquaman back at his best. While it's good to see the Atlantis storyline moving forward, it would be interesting to know about Arthur's human side-are there more Curry's out there? Keep up the great work!

Aquaman (2011) #50

Mar 30, 2016

This makes for a great jump-in issue that showcases all of the major players. Brett Booth's art really fits this book with some stunning fight scenes. (Maybe we could get a crossover with Backlash!). Dan Abnett is building a solid foundation on what Geoff Johns and Jeff Parker set up and have expanded on it. I liked the humor and never felt like it demeaned Aquaman. If I had one minor complaint it was the "oh Arthur" from Mera when Aquaman said he would be the bait. It felt a little out of character. Glad to see Dan Abnett is continuing with this book for rebirth and beyond

Aquaman (2011) #51

Apr 20, 2016

Two issues into Dan Abnett's run and it's been a fun ride. I like the upgrade for Scavenger and including/expanding on the Aquaman family.

Aquaman (2011) #52

May 18, 2016

Great Art. Fun Story to wrap things up before Rebirth. Dan Abnett is like the "comfort food" of comics with his work on Titans Hunt and Aquaman. Solid, fun, straight forward stories. If this is where DC is going with Rebirth, I will be very happy.

Aquaman (2016) #1

Jun 22, 2016

Immersive would be the word I would describe. I'm not a huge fan of the Atlantis-oriented stories, but, this is working. Part of it is the ties to the surface world. Art and coloring-fantastic. DC is making a great start with the Rebirth titles and having the core books as bi-weekly is an added bonus.

Aquaman (2016) #2

Jul 6, 2016

This issue had a lot going for it. Some great scenes showing just how bada$$ Aquaman can be and equally as compassionate. (I think part of this character for a long time if you look at some of the stories with Ocean Master way back in the 60s). I do like the story line, but would like to see it moving along/advance more. I also like the 2 page synopsis of the Aquaman/Black Manta backstory. I think this is a great way to build this story as an important one in the character's history like the 1 pagers that tells Batman or Superman's origins. I had to give it an 8.5 because I think there are some things that would help this book: 1) More of the backstory of Black Manta's father and Tom Curry. What's their history? Seems like you could really build a story that completes a history for Aquaman and Black Manta. 2) Subplots. I am glad to see the focus on Aquaman to help establish him for new characters, but there needs to be some subplots added in. 3) Powerful Villains. Black Manta is tough, but I think we need to some powerhouses pop into this book.

Aquaman (2016) #3

Jul 20, 2016

This issue really helped to move the storyline forward. Last issue was about action and this issue was about setting the stage.

Aquaman (2016) #4

Aug 3, 2016

This comic is different from the rest of the DCU. That's a good and a bad because I think readers will either hate it or love it. This character can cover a lot of different story types, so I hope that the next story line goes in a different direction. Art and story were good this issue, but the pace is a little slow. Hoping next issue has lots of action.

Aquaman (2016) #5

Aug 17, 2016

This storyline has really picked up steam and the subplots are starting to pick up as well. The art is a little off, but improving.

Aquaman (2016) #6

Sep 7, 2016

Perfect. Took the usual hero vs hero story and not only left it with a powerful conclusion, but really got to the heart of the character. (Why DC didn't showcase one page beyond what was in previews is beyond me-I think it would have brought readers in)

Aquaman (2016) #7

Sep 21, 2016

This issue fired on all cylinders. The splash page with the humpback whales was beautiful. Abnetett has made Atlantis relatable. Eaton's artwork works well for this book. Aquaman (and Green Arrow) are off the beaten path, but still manage to fit with the DC Universe as evidenced by the inclusion of his Justice League membership.

Aquaman (2016) #8

Oct 5, 2016

This was an all-around great book. It's a hidden gem of the Rebirth titles that is solidly set within the DC Universe, but managing to create its own. what worked? Atlantis- I've never been a big fan of Atlantis-based stories because the characters aren't relatable. But Abnett is really exploring and developing the word with a sense of humantic. What worked? The big reveal of the monster and Aquaman facing a foe that required the whole JLA to beat. What worked? The art! what didn't work so well? Some of the dialogue came off a little "cheesey". It's a small gripe.

Aquaman (2016) #9

Oct 19, 2016

On first look, this is a high octane battle that puts Aqauaman through his paces. But it has a lot more going on as it cements Aquaman and his world. Amnesty Bay and it's people have taken on a real personality similar to Gotham and Metropolis. Without any spoilers, the way that Arthur fought and dealt with Shaggy Man shows the real strength of this character and his relationship with his contemporaries in the Justice League. Only wish--DC needs to promote this book more!!!

Aquaman (2016) #10

Nov 2, 2016

We needs a Mera solo book!

Aquaman (2016) #11

Nov 16, 2016

Overall, a nice transition to the next big storyline. I wish the JLA component would have played out a little longer. With all of the politics going on right now, this book makes for a solid read in that department.

Aquaman (2016) #12

Dec 7, 2016

Honestly-just Wow! Really engaging and fun. Felt like I was watching a summer blockbuster movie.

Aquaman (2016) #13

Dec 21, 2016

Great storyline. There have been plenty of Atlantis vs the world storylines, but this storyline puts a great spin on it.

Aquaman (2016) #14

Jan 4, 2017

This is a great storyline. Not quite warming up to the Aquamarines.

Aquaman (2016) #15

Jan 18, 2017

Great ending to what's been an amazing storyline. Felt like I've been watching a summer blockbuster movie. Phillipe Briones art has grown by leaps and bounds.

Aquaman (2016) #16

Feb 1, 2017

Aquaman (2016) #18

Mar 1, 2017

This storyline started a little slow and was a little "quieter" compared to the much bigger Atlantis war. But it finished up as being a more engaging story with ties to the DC Universe and further exploring Aquaman's character.

Aquaman (2016) #20

Apr 5, 2017

A fun story and a fun take on Aquaman. Dan Abnett is doing a great job putting the characters in different storylines rather than sticking to the tried and true.

Aquaman (2016) #21

Apr 19, 2017

I'd describe this storyline as a lot of fun.

Aquaman (2016) #22

May 3, 2017

Aquaman (2016) #23

May 18, 2017

Aquaman (2016) #24

Jun 7, 2017

Great set-up---can't wait for issue 25!

Aquaman (2016) #25

Jun 21, 2017

brilliant and beautiful.

Aquaman (2016) #26

Jul 19, 2017

amazing art and story

Aquaman (2016) #27

Aug 17, 2017

The only bad side: This title going from biweekly to monthly. This is a standout book at DC.

Aquaman (2016) #30

Nov 17, 2017

Aquaman (2016) #31

Dec 20, 2017

Aquaman (2016) #33

Feb 21, 2018

The art is nothing short of amazing. I am not a big fan of space operas or fantasy, but D. Abnett has really fleshed out the cast of characters, created an engaging story that mirrors current world events, and has made Aquaman, Mera, and Atlantis shine. Now, if only this book could go back to being biweekly.

Aquaman (2016) #37

Jun 21, 2018

Aquaman (2016) #39

Aug 15, 2018

fun cross over and good to see Aquaman and Mera appearing in other DC books besides JLA. Hopefully, this will help to show that Aquaman and Mera can be just as versatile as land-based characters.

Aquaman (2016) #40

Sep 20, 2018

Aquaman (2016) #43

Dec 19, 2018

I am pleasantly surprised by this issue. To be honest, I had visions of the Lady of the Lake storyline with Aquaman and Tempest turning into fish or the new Aquaman where Arthur has no memory and is some sort of creature. The idea of an amnesic Aquaman had me concerned. Part 1 of this story has me very hopeful. I think it had a very cinematic feel and I think it does sort of build off of the Jason Mamoa as Aquaman and the adventure aspect of the movie. I also like that it is a five part story which gives it an ending. Looking forward to part 2.

Aquaman (2016) #45

Feb 20, 2019

Positive: The art was off-the-charts and really told the story. Overall, it's an engaging storyline. Negative (directed more at DC Management & not DeConnick, Rocha, & Heneriques: For a character that has a hugely successful movie, the decision to run with a storyline that totally separates the character from the main DC Universe and whose death is NOT even acknowledged in Justice League or any other DC book (as compared to the Heroes in Crisis death of Wally West and Arsenal) makes no sense. On the heels of the hugely successful Wonder Woman movie, there was a digital series and a Batman and Wonder Woman team-up book. It seems like DC just doesn't know or want to capitalize on the success. Which brings me to my point that as much as I am enjoying this story and putting Aquaman into a new situation, it seems like it would have been better as a mini series or a weekly/biweekly series so that the character could quickly re-engage with the JLA.

Aquaman (2016) #46

Mar 20, 2019

Sounding like a back-handed compliment, but I was worried about this arc (but still have concerns that it pulled Aquaman out of the mainstream DC universe), but it's been a really good take on Aquaman that adds to his world. This issue had plenty of action and moved the story forward with some beautiful art. Aquaman has had a good history of distinctive artists like Cardy, Aparo, Newton, Gleason, etc., and Rocha is added to that list!

Aquaman (2016) #50

Jul 17, 2019

A great mix of mystery, fun, and humor. I think DeConnick has blended so much of what makes Aquaman a great character and advanced the story. Big highlights was making the lighthouse a true focal point just like the Daily Planet, Fortress of Solitude, Wayne Manor, Flash Museum, etc. Add to that, a member of the Justice League pops in. (I think that Aquaman and this Justice League member would make a great World's Finest duo should DC like to shake that up). I'd say this issue along with issues 48 and 49 have gone a long way to getting down to Aquaman's essence as a character and I think give new and old readers alike a core understanding of who he is and where's he's going.

Aquaman (2016) #52

Sep 18, 2019

Gets dinged a half point for the mis-leading cover. Outside of that, a great issue that helps move the story forward and has a nod to the Jeff Parker issues with over the top action. Enjoying that this book is tapping into a Gothic storyline which fits for the New England setting. Black Manta's story is moving forward, but I can't figure out if DC had something else in mind for the timing of the YoV storyline given the covers.

Aquaman (2016) #53

Oct 16, 2019

Ton of subplots and characters packed into this issue. Pacing is great. My only gripe is the slow roll out of the Year of the Villain which I think for most of the books out has seem to be the case. That part feels like it's purposely being stretched out. That said, it looks like next issue is going to be a doozy. Wish DC would make this book bi-weekly again.

Aquaman (2016) #59

May 26, 2020

Beautiful artwork and an engaging storyline.

Aquaman (2016) #60

Jun 23, 2020

This book is a standout telling a store with a quirky and eclectic cast of cha actors that is so different than most DC books. The art was impressive especially Mother Shark.

Aquaman And The Others Vol. 2: Alignment Earth

Jun 24, 2015

Sadly, this series was a little uneven. I think this would have been a better book with a mix of more established DC characters. The book just didn't gel and I don't think Dan Jurgens was the right choice for writer.

Aquaman: Rebirth #1

Jun 8, 2016

A story that builds on prior elements and moves things forward. Artwork was excellent.

Convergence: Aquaman #1

Apr 15, 2015

The Convergence titles have been a bit hit and miss thus far. But I think DC has strived to respect the time period that these stories are based on and for that, I'd say the event works...whether you liked where these stories are plucked out of. The main book Convergence, isn't holding my interest like the side books mostly because I feel like Batman and the Batman family are everywhere as it stands. Aquaman is no exception. I like that the story filled in details to catch less familiar or forgetful older readers up to speed. The art was exceptionally good and the characters' felt "real" and not overblown. I guess that's one thing from the 90's where there was some artistic license. Looking forward to Part 2.

Convergence: Aquaman #2

May 14, 2015

The issue had plenty of action and was true to the 90's Aquaman. The comment by Dane Dorrance about how dangerous Aquaman truly is, was great.

Convergence: Justice League Of America #1

Apr 22, 2015

Phenomenal Art and a Great Rendition of the characters!

DC Universe: Rebirth #1

May 25, 2016

a great read and a great new beginning for DC. I can't wait for the biweekly books to arrive. Geoff Johns did a fantastic job of weaving a complete story while providing a truckload of teasers for upcoming storylines.

DC/Hanna-Barbera: Aquaman/Jabberjaw Special #1

May 30, 2018

So much fun! I just need a bowl of Froot Loops, giant spoon, and my PJs to make it a complete return to my Saturday morning rituals. Jabberjaw was one of my faves.

Doomed #2

Jul 17, 2015

Sadly, I think this book is going to get lost in the shuffle of new books and books that DC seems to be promoting heavily. I was not to interested in this book as I am not a big fan of Doomsday, but this book is a fun read.

Future Quest #1

May 18, 2016

just need a big bowl of cereal and to start reading this book on Saturday morning :)

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1

Jun 1, 2016

Great start!!!

Justice League (2011) #51

Jun 15, 2016

Felt like I was reading a Gerry Conway/Len Wein/Steve Engelhart JLA story from the 70's!

Justice League (2016) #38

Feb 7, 2018

This take on the JL may not be for everyone, but I think it's an interesting departure. Some of the characterization is little off for some of the League, but I think the whole bit about the "minor leaguers" was blunt and speaks to readers like me who feels so much focus is put on Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman that the other characters never really get to shine.

Justice League United #11

Jul 8, 2015

Exactly what I want from a JL book. This one is like the old SuperFriends and Justice League shows on hyperdrive. And it has Mera to boot!!!

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5

Jan 18, 2017

While there is a lot of action, overall, this series has really amounted to a Batman book and the set up for the new JLA book. The rest of the JLA is just there for splash pages and subplots like the Emerald Eye/Green Lanterns and Aquaman/Killer Croc were thrown into the mix and never explored.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1  
New Suicide Squad Annual #1  
Prez #3

Aug 27, 2015

Love this series and glad to hear it's going all the way to 12. Maybe a switch to Vertigo??

Secret Six (2014) #12

Mar 23, 2016

I wont give it away-but best ending ever (well in quite awhile)! Another one of DCs books that offers solid stories with interesting characters. For some reason books like this don't seem to get the interest that they should.

Teen Titans (2016) #9

Jun 28, 2017

I was expecting Aqualad's story to follow the pre-New 52 storyline about his mother. Instead, there was a great twist to the story. Looking forward to Part 2.

The Unexpected (2018) #1

Jun 6, 2018

I'm going there...this book was totally unexpected. I feel like this is one of those DC books that is so good and ahead of its time, that it won't catch on and that someone will put out a book along the same lines a year later that will be a hit. Hopefully I will be wrong and this book catches on.

Titans Hunt #8  
Titans: Rebirth #1

Jun 15, 2016

Great Art, Great Writing! A blast to read!

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