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Black Widow (2020) #4

Dec 2, 2020

The past few writers have been trying to create a WS/Hawkeye buddy cop vibe which just isn’t working for me. Way too forced. The characters deserve better here than casting them as the idiot savants. The art depiction of Winter Soldier is hilariously cartoonish. Otherwise a great series with great art, panel layout and coloring. Deserves a 10 if not for my previous observations.

Captain America (2018) #25

Nov 21, 2020

While the art has been inconsistent at best, Acuna's issue 24 being the best, Coates' focus on Sharon and the Daughters is absolutely correct, and much needed. This issue continues her soliloquy and bears down on the Daughters, and on Peggy. At first I was put off by Peggy's reboot but in the context of the Daughters I'm settling into a nice vibe here ... especially with the Carter sisters. I believe this will stand the test of time, and cannot thank Coates enough for acknowledging previous iterations by Remender and Spencer. Tidying up their threads needed to be done. Looking forward to a meeting again with James and Nat here. The Black Widow's treatment by Spencer, and the following clone saga in TOS was ... well an abomination. No doubt Nat and James remain an integral partnership, and an important theme to Captain America. Looking forward to the next issue, feeling somewhat let down that this extended issue would have been better served with more of the current plot. Falcone and Cho's piece was lovely only somewhat misplaced in an arc that written by Coates by definition remains methodical.

The United States of Captain America #2

Aug 11, 2021

Some of the toxic garbage spewed by those who loudly whine about the “woke agenda” here reminds me of St Paul’s rejoinder “let us not suffer fools gladly”. Issue gets a 10 just for eliciting the basement responses.

The United States of Captain America #3

Aug 26, 2021

Enjoyable series. I’m reminded of Thomas and Buscema’s Red Wolf / Avengers tale which was groundbreaking for the early 70’s.

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