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Event Leviathan #1

Jun 12, 2019

Event Leviathan #1 fails to build on the momentum of the Leviathan Rising one-shot. Instead, it simply spins its wheels; Bendis doesn't offer many new nuggets of information in the story. The event may be a slow-burn mystery but, with such a dull first issue, Bendis may have already smothered the flame of the fans' intrigue.

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Fantastic Four (2018) #10

May 30, 2019

A balance between a traditional Fantastic Four story and a typical event tie-in; this issue focuses on Franklin Richards, who's now a stereotypical teenager.

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Justice League (2018) #25

Jun 5, 2019

With Justice League #25, writer James Tynion IV delivers a riveting prologue to "Year of the Villain," DC's upcoming company-wide event. By the end of the issue, the reader will be left begging for the official introduction to the expansive crossover.

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Silver Surfer: Black #1

Jun 11, 2019

With Silver Surfer Black #1, Marvel delivers an exceptional introduction to a new miniseries and it also functions fairly well as a standalone issue. The art is consistently a sight to behold and the narration deserves to be reread multiple times for its heartfelt expressiveness.

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