Fantastic Four #5

Fantastic Four #5

Writer: James Robinson Artist: Various Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: May 28, 2014 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 11 User Reviews: 4
8.1Critic Rating
6.8User Rating

•  The Baxter Building is quarantined and shut down!
•  The Fantastic Four held accountable for the destruction in Manhattan!
•  A major turning point for the team and a dire blow to the family!
•  The trial of the century featuring an all-star roster of guest artists!

  • 9.2
    Geeked Out Nation - Ian Yoxon May 31, 2014

    All in all,Fantastic Four #5 was a really good issue. The issue doesn't seem confusing when it comes to the story and seeing so many artists on the book is worth the extra money to buy it. I would like to see where the team goes from there and what else Robinson can throw at us in the next issue. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Crave Online - Blair Marnell May 30, 2014

    I don't know what it would take to make Fantastic Four a top selling title again, but I'm really enjoying Robinson and Kirk's run so far. This comic is everything that the Fantastic Four should be. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Shadowhawk's Shade - Abhinav Jain Jun 1, 2014

    Now that we know how the team is beginning to break-up, James Robinson's various bread-crumbs are beginning to become obvious and I am ever more excited for what is going to happen next. Amazingly enough, Fantastic Four has double-shipped this month, and I find that really interesting. Perhaps something major is happening next month? I'm not really current with news, so we shall see in about 2-3 weeks! Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Multiversity Comics - Brian Salvatore May 30, 2014

    As masterfully as Robinson's script is, and as well as Leonard Kirk manages to shuck indelible expressions from people sitting in a court room, the real stars of the issue are the guest artists who provide flashbacks and diversions, who run from the great to the fucking incredible: Mike Allred, Jim Starlin, Chris Samnee, Phil Jiminez, Dean Haspiel, and more, all take their shots, and all perfectly evoke the time period that they are covering. It is hard to not simply focus on personal favorites, but Haspiel and Allred, in particular do such exceptional work that they overshadow Kirk, which is something very difficult to do, because Kirk is absolutely killing it on this book. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    We The Nerdy - Joel Raivid May 29, 2014

    I really dont have any problems with this issue at all and it was one I thoroughly enjoyed and can see myself picking it up over and over again. This issue really showcases the history of the Fantastic Four and even if you havent picked up any of the current run so far, you should really be picking up this book. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Newsarama - David Pepose May 28, 2014

    While the trial of the Fantastic Four might not be for everyone, I will say I'm liking the execution that Robinson has brought to this issue. And as someone who's given him his fair share of criticism, I'm not saying that lightly. This giant-sized issue is exactly the kind of thing a giant-sized issue should be - it's part glorious recap with a diverse crew of artistic talent, as well as a monumental issue that spins the FF into an entirely new direction. While the jury's still out on whether Robinson can turn his run into something for the ages, even the most skeptical of readers can admit that he acquits himself well with Fantastic Four #5. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Book Resources - Doug Zawisza May 29, 2014

    "Fantastic Four" #5 is every bit the "feast for the eye" that James Robinson declared it to be at this year's C2E2. It's not the most action-packed adventure the Fantastic Four have ever faced, but it is a magnificent summarization of the stunning history that Reed and Susan Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm all share. Robinson has been reminding readers of the Fantastic Four's place in the Marvel Universe and this issue continues to make those connections, despite isolating the team and persecuting them. Part five of "The Fall of the Fantastic Four" hits readers in the gut, but the other shoe has yet to fall as verdicts have not been shared. Whatever happens next, I'm sure Robinson's going to make it memorable. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Population Go - Sam Hawkins Aug 12, 2014

    This is a really enjoyable issue of Fantastic Four. From #1 James Robinson promised that the team would face some troubling times, and this issue has really ramped up the drama and tension as the Fantastic Four's world begins to really crumble around them. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Vine - Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring May 28, 2014

    This run on FANTASTIC FOUR has been a ton of fun so far. There's really something special about this book because it really embraces the Fantastic Four's history at Marvel, no matter how weird or out there. And while this book spends a lot of time in the court room, it's still fantastic writing that makes you want more. Will regular Fantastic Four fans enjoy this? No clue, but as a person who's never really liked the team, I'm really enjoying this book. Overall, I highly recommend this issue. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Chuck's Comic Of The Day - Chuck Jun 2, 2014

    As longtime fans know, this is a series that has limitless potential - in the right hands. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Weekly Comic Book Review - Danny Wall May 29, 2014

    The Bottom Line:The issue takes advantage of its guest stars to mix up an otherwise all-talking issue, but the effects are hit and miss. A deliberate, defeating tone continues to pervade the story arc, but it requires a lot of buy-in from the reader since some information continues to be missing/withheld. Also present are themes of power and responsibility, but I'm still wondering if it's a genuine exploration of a Marvel trademark or if it's re-treading ground better left in the past. Read Full Review

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