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Softboy reviewed Power Girl #7 Mar 26, 2024

Not ranking this issue, because I haven’t read it. I’m genuinely curious on who is interested in this plot and new version of Power Girl?

Power Girl #7

By: Leah Williams, Marguerite Sauvage
Released: Mar 27, 2024

THE SUPERGIRLS ARE TRAPPED! While tracking down the missing citizens of Metropolis, Paige and Kara have found themselves powerless in the mythical realm of Ferembia. They'll now have to rely on their wits to find an escape and the brains behind the whole operation before they're stuck in their own personal dark age!

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Smithd33 - Mar 29, 2024

the first arc has its moments. Now it’s just crap.

Red Hood - Apr 10, 2024

Yeah first arc was not bad but it went downhill after 4.

Red Hood reviewed Suicide Squad: Dream Team #2 Apr 10, 2024

This is the best book DC is currently releasing. Characters are written on point. Art is amazing. Hope a new series spins out from Absolute Power.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #2

By: Nicole Maines, Eddy Barrows
Released: Apr 10, 2024

Dreamer has made her break from the rest of the Squad, and Amanda Waller is pissed. Who will side with the dream-walking precog, and who will kiss the ring of the DC Universe's premier control freak? The answers will surprise you (except I think we all pretty much know Bizarro will do something opposite, though, right?) as the Dream Team shatters!

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Red Hood reviewed Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1 Mar 12, 2024

This is a solid start to a new Suicide Squad series. A limited series that is. The dynamics between the characters are written very well in my opinion. Harley Quinn was written better here than in her current series and Birds of Prey (BoP is also a decently good series). It's nice to also see characters that have been sidelined make a return like Black Alice and Clock King.

I believe th more

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #1

By: Nicole Maines, Eddy Barrows
Released: Mar 13, 2024

When Amanda Waller makes her move to seize ultimate power in the DCU, nothing will stand in her way--not even the future. Spinning out of the events of Titans: Beast World comes the story of Dreamer--the precog dream-walker who has run afoul of the most power-hungry villain in DCU history. With a super-powered hero who can see the future on her sid...

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Red Hood reviewed Titans: Beast World #6 Jan 30, 2024

This is one of DC's better events. But, anyone can see the ending from a mile away...

Titans: Beast World #6

By: Tom Taylor, Ivan Reis
Released: Jan 31, 2024

Dr. Hate revealed! As Raven makes her final stand against the chaotic evil sorcerer, the Titans race against time to cure the world of the epidemic caused by Beast Boy. How far will the team go? How much will the friends sacrifice? Watch as the DCU is forced to evolve or die in this shocking conclusion!

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Can't wait for the conclusion.

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #23

By: Mark Waid, Dan Mora
Released: Jan 17, 2024

The walls are closing in on the World’s Finest duo as Boy Thunder falls fully under the thrall of Gog in the universe of Kingdom Come! Superman and Batman race against the clock not only to keep Boy Thunder from becoming Magog-but to save the Multiverse itself!

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Red Hood reviewed Catwoman #61 Jan 17, 2024

This is easily one of the best arcs by Tini. There were some cheesy moments, as stated by another user, but the story and plot is finally cohesive. Well done.

Catwoman #61

By: Tini Howard, Stefano Raffaele
Released: Jan 17, 2024

Selina Kyle goes on her most daring and deadly heist yet-leaping headfirst into the heart of a melted-down nuclear reactor to steal highly valuable corium. But can she escape with only losing just one life…or are all her nine extra lives about to burn away?!

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Red Hood rated Birds of Prey #1 Oct 4, 2023

Birds of Prey #1

By: Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero
Released: Sep 6, 2023

BREAKING HEARTS AND FACES--THE BIRDS OF PREY ARE BACK! Every mission matters. Every life saved is a miracle. But this time, it's personal. Dinah Lance is one of the DCU's most elite fighters, and combined with her sonic scream, she's a fearsome foe in any scenario...but sometimes even the Black Canary needs help. Faced with a personal mission broug...

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Red Hood reviewed Birds of Prey #2 Oct 4, 2023

It feels like something is lacking in this issue. It's a slow pace, albeit, a filler issue. We know why Wonder Woman is not available to answer the call to the team, due to the ongoing events in her series. Not sure why people don't like the art style of this series, I think it's clearer and crisper than the last series. Another user said there was a lot of Harley - and I agree. For a team series, more

Birds of Prey #2

By: Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero
Released: Oct 4, 2023

BLACK CANARY'S ALL-NEW TEAM ON THEIR FIRST MISSION! Black Canary has built an all-new team with a very specific and very dangerous first mission: extraction! Their target: [REDACTED]! She's being held on [REDACTED] and guarded by a battalion of [REDACTED]. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, then we're explaining it wrong! It's a terrible mission! A...

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Red Hood reviewed Knight Terrors: Batman #1 Jul 13, 2023

This just brings Bruce back to relive his trauma which does not bring an interesting concept to the table of Knight Terrors.

Knight Terrors: Batman #1

By: Joshua Williamson, Guillem March
Released: Jul 5, 2023

Ever since becoming Batman, Bruce Wayne has been a creature of the night. He transformed himself into a symbol that gave the criminals of Gotham nightmares. But now, trapped in the Nightmare Realm, Bruce is stalked by the horror he’s created! Can he escape before his own nightmares pull him deeper into the darkness?

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Red Hood reviewed Knight Terrors #1 Jul 13, 2023

After First Blood, this was an alright continuation that set up the event decently. It did feel a bit fast-paced at times and repeated the same thing continuously - which was that Insomnia wanted the Nightmare Stone.

Knight Terrors #1

By: Joshua Williamson, Giuseppe Camuncoli
Released: Jul 12, 2023

Hello, ghouls and ghosts! This is Boston Brand, a.k.a. Deadman, and I’ll be your supernatural tour guide across the Knight Terrors stories! After that fancy special oversize issue you have to read first, the whole world is trapped inside their nightmares, and Batman and I are trying to figure out who Insomnia really is…and why he wants revenge ...

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Red Hood reviewed Justice Society of America #4 May 26, 2023

I'm a big fan of the JSA and love the series so far. Strong character development. Strong artwork. The only issue is that it's a quick read!

In all seriousness, I hope there will be no more delays with this series. I'm interested to see the Eclipso issue building up.

Justice Society of America #4

By: Geoff Johns, Mikel Janin
Released: May 24, 2023

Helena's journey through time continues! Each new time period gives her one more piece of the puzzle, but is Degaton too far ahead in his quest to eradicate the JSA to be stopped? Is this truly the end of the Justice Society?

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Red Hood reviewed Harley Quinn #28 Apr 2, 2023

Wow! I usually don't rate comics this low but this truly was an awful issue. The plot of the main story didn't make any sense and each page was something different. For example, Harley was arrested and then became a teacher and tried to take down Two-Face. I think DC is attempting to make as much bank as they can off of Harley Quinn seeing how she has been a fourth pillar amongst the Trinity since more

Harley Quinn #28

By: Tini Howard, Erica Henderson
Released: Mar 29, 2023

Ever have one of those days where ya just can’t catch a break? A day where you’re really trying not to get into trouble while your girlfriend is out of town, but then some jerk attacks you at brunch, you get arrested for some teensy-weensy property damage, and you’re sentenced to community service? Why, I tell you, it’s enough to make a gal...

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #4

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Nov 16, 2022

Nothing is what the heroes of Earth thought it was. The shocking truth is finally revealed and the fate of all of existence hangs in the balance. Lobo joins the fight, but will the main man help or hinder the greatest heroes in the universe as they gather to fight the galactic armada of the undead?

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #3

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Oct 19, 2022

As a warrior princess is mourned on Themyscira, an old god comes to warn of the threat of the New Gods. Meanwhile across the stars, Adam Strange fights the unthinkable and the Main Man himself, Lobo, tears his way into DCeased. New battle lines are drawn as the anti-living spread across the un...

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #2

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Sep 21, 2022

The undead Darkseid begins his assault on the galaxy...attacking Korugar first! Could the fate of the planet depend on the Yellow Lantern Corps teaming up with a Green Lantern? Also, what horrors do Big Barda and Mister Miracle find on New Genesis?

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor
Released: Aug 10, 2022

What began as a battle for Earth has become a war for the galaxy as the epic final chapter in the massive DCeased franchise is here! The emergence of a reborn, undead Darkseid in DCeased: Dead Planet sets the stage for the most devastating conflict yet for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! As the Anti-Life Equation spreads into the cosmos, the su...

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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #5

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Dec 21, 2022

A greater chaotic force enters the battle, and in so doing threatens reality itself. As more heroes fall, and whole galaxies are lost, the most powerful forces across the cosmos must stop watching from the sidelines and finally act.

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After issue #1, not much has happened. So much story is shoved into one issue that it becomes mumbo jumbo. I truly believe that War of the Undead Gods should have been expanded to a maxi-series so that Taylor can write a full and complete story - one that isn't rushed. Or - he could have ended it with a different mini-series. It truly is becoming redundant and a bore.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #6

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Feb 22, 2023

The galactic war has reached Earth-2 and the battle to save the last bastion of hope! With an unstoppable army of infected New Gods, Yellow Lanterns, and more...does humanity have any hope of survival?

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Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn #1

By: Alex Segura, Clayton Henry
Released: Feb 1, 2023

NEW FRIENDS...NEW FOES...NEW LEGENDS! Written by Alex Segura, Greg Pak, Alex Paknadel, and Dennis Culver. Art by Clayton Henry, Chris Mitten, Minkyu Jung, and Jesus Merino. Ancient and dangerous power has been awakened following the eruption of the Lazarus Volcano, and this surge of fantastical power will affect the DC Universe forevermore! In Laza...

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Revenge of the Gods seems really interesting, hence why this book received a rating of 8.5

Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods #1

By: Francis Manapul
Released: Jan 25, 2023

Written by Francis Manapul, Dan Watters, Philip Kennedy Johnson, and Josie Campbell. Art by Francis Manapul, Max Dunbar, Jack Herbert, and Caitlin Yarsky. As the Lazarus rain beats down upon planet Earth, human beings are only a fraction of those affected by this transformative upheaval--enter: We Once Were Gods. This series of vignettes explores L...

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This entire event is leading up to the Dawn of DC events that will take place or the separate new series that will be debuting. Honestly, this does little to nothing for an event that promised more.

Lazarus Planet: Assault On Krypton #1

By: Nicole Maines, Skylar Patridge
Released: Jan 18, 2023

Written by Nicole Maines, C.S. Pacat, Frank Barbiere, and Leah Williams. Art by Skylar Patridge, Scott Godlewski, Sami Basri, and Marguerite Sauvage. With the world in chaos and Lazarus raining from the skies, the Earth's protectors from Krypton are hit hard. In this collection of epic vignettes from in and around Lazarus Planet, we'll see heroes t...

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Red Hood rated Lazarus Planet: Alpha #1 Feb 22, 2023

Lazarus Planet: Alpha #1

By: Mark Waid, Riccardo Federici
Released: Jan 11, 2023

CHANGE THE WORLD. Following the explosive (literally) events of Batman vs. Robin #4, the Lazarus Volcano has erupted, spewing dangerous and transformative chemicals into Earth's atmosphere! As these Lazarus clouds rain down upon the planet, people across the globe begin to develop strange new abilities, watch their already-extraordinary abilities c...

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This series has run for 12 consecutive issues and has been a blast to read. Hopefully Waid stays on this book!

Batman / Superman: World's Finest #12

By: Mark Waid, Emanuela Lupacchino
Released: Feb 22, 2023

The secret behind the Supergirl-Robin feud, revealed! On a day not too long ago, a meeting between the Boy Wonder and the Girl of Steel began sweetly, became awkward, and ended so catastrophically, horrifically, jaw-droppingly, car-crashingly disastrously that, among the Superman and Batman families, it is now enshrined as the world’s finest exam...

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Red Hood reviewed Superman #1 Feb 22, 2023

This was a really great return for the character. Rebirth had an auspicious start but became redundant. This storyline seems exciting as DC sets up Brainiac as the "big bad" of 2023.

Superman #1

By: Joshua Williamson, Jamal Campbell
Released: Feb 22, 2023

IT’S THE DAWN OF DC! Superman has returned to Metropolis and his greatest enemy Lex Luthor is finally behind bars. The future of the Superman family has never been brighter! As Clark Kent settles back into his life, iconic and new enemies erupt from the shadows to strike down the Man of Steel! But waiting in the wings to back up Big Blue is…Sup...

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Red Hood reviewed I Am Batman #15 Nov 9, 2022

Hoped on this book for Dark Crisis expecting myself to stay on for the next few issues and have hopped right off. Sinestro was a good addition and the plot was alright. The artwork didn't make the plot stronger.

I Am Batman #15

By: John Ridley, Karl Mostert
Released: Nov 9, 2022

A Dark Crisis tie-in issue! When Jon Kent first asked Jace Fox to join the new Justice League, the answer was a firm no. But as Deathstroke and the Legion of Doom hunt the heroes of the DCU Jace learns the hard way that there are some fights from which Batman cannot run, and the only thing he has to fear itself!

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This rating is solely on the artwork. It feels so rushed but the writers attempt to put some minor characters often left out into the spotlight. What was promised to be delivered the last issue was only delivered this issue which was really odd. To the reader, it makes sense to expand the series out into a 12-issue maxi-series if they can't deliver everything that's promised.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6

By: Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere
Released: Nov 9, 2022

War erupts as more heroes are taken at the hands of Pariah! The fate of the Multiverse depends on the young heroes of the DCU as they clash with Deathstroke and the Dark Army! Can the resurrected Justice League race home to Earth-Zero in time to join the fight...even if it could mean that not everyone gets to return?! And what dark powerhouse rises...

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Red Hood reviewed Poison Ivy #1 Jun 13, 2022

A great start to the series. It’s about time DC used Ivy as a villain rather leaving her on the sidelines these past few years. Interesting to see where this takes us.

Poison Ivy #1

By: G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara
Released: Jun 8, 2022

Pamela Isley has been a lot of things in her life. A living god, a super-villain, an activist, a scientist, and dead. In a new body that she didn't ask for and with a renewed sense of purpose, Ivy leaves Gotham and sets out to complete her greatest work-a gift to the world that will heal the damage dealt to ending humanity.
Spinning ou...

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Red Hood rated Task Force Z #4 Jun 7, 2022

Task Force Z #4

By: Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows
Released: Jan 26, 2022

There’s no way that Red Hood’s team of zombie villains would ever turn on him. I mean, that’s just math. There’s no chance at all that trying to control a team that literally has zombie Bane on it will work out badly. So just stop it, don’t even think that way…and even if that were the case, there’s no way Mr. Freeze would return to k...

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Red Hood added Task Force Z (2021) to their pull list Jun 7, 2022

Task Force Z (2021)

In life, they’ve terrorized the people of Gotham. Now, they are Gotham’s last hope. Task Force X saw villains working their way to freedom. Task Force Z will see dead villains working for a new chance at life! On A-DAY, the attack on Arkham Asylum left hundreds of Gotham’s most cunning and deranged criminals dead…now, a mysterious benefact...

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