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I have given up on Bendis' JL and I can't wait for him to leave the book (JL #74 is his last issue) but I was interested in the concept of the JL vs. Legion. Yeah, it's still bad. Nothing else to add here, all the heroes have the same Bendis voice and I won't read any more of this crap.

Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #1

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Godlewski
Released: Jan 12, 2022

One thousand years in the future, a Legion of Super-Heroes comes together to dedicate their lives to recapturing the great age of heroes of the 21st century. When the heroes discover that reality is falling to a great darkness in both times simultaneously, the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes must team up to stop it all. But what is th...

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Another_fans - Jan 12, 2022

I almost always disagree with your reviews but Bendis is really bad enough for me to agree on this one

TSMack - Jan 12, 2022

Pigs must be flying today! 🐷

Another_fans reviewed Wonder Girl #6 Dec 14, 2021

What happened to Wonder Girl ? It was the best thing brought up by Infinite Frontier and it is slowly becomming an "i dont care" ongoing. Maybe the second arc can get me back into it. Jones is still one of the best artist in the game but the monthly really is hard for her

Wonder Girl #6

By: Joelle Jones, Elena Casagrande
Released: Dec 15, 2021

After encountering Wonder Girl and Artemis, Yara believes now more than ever that she needs to find her lost sisters. Only they hold the answers to the trauma of her past and fear of the future. Is Yara a hero? Or is she a weapon of the gods wielded to destroy all Amazons? All will be revealed as Yara meets Potira!

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Dc Fan of Sorts - Dec 16, 2021

Nope… it’s actually De Luca doing all of it and does a pretty nice job keeping the look going overall

Dc Fan of Sorts - Dec 16, 2021

Del Duca is the name actually

Another_fans reviewed Batgirls #1 Dec 15, 2021

Pretty decent debut. Art is really cool and characterization is correct. Hope that it will remain that way

Batgirls #1

By: Becky Cloonan, Jorge Corona
Released: Dec 15, 2021

Um, hello-you didn’t actually think we’d keep you waiting this entire year without giving you the Batgirls series we’ve all been wanting for forever, right? No way, we love you too much-just like Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, who are only able to navigate the dark, gritty, and oftentimes scary city of Gotham by leaning on the b...

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Another_fans reviewed Batman: The Imposter #3 Dec 14, 2021

Really really good. Of course, like every time Sorentinno is out of this world. I dont think there is an artist that is better at carving a page ( sorry im not sure of the term ). Each page seems like something new and fresh and it amazes me. Writing is also pretty correct, à mini oblige, it has to end the story quickly but it is well done. This has been a well crafted series and i wouldnt be sur more

Batman: The Imposter #3

By: Mattson Tomlin, Andrea Sorrentino
Released: Dec 15, 2021

The battle against the imposter poisoning the Batman’s name heats up, while Detective Blair Wong makes a deadly decision! Is there any way back for Bruce Wayne’s war on crime after the damage the copycat has done? Or was that war already lost before it ever began?

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Merlyn reviewed Devil's Reign #1 Dec 8, 2021

Yeah, this was very boring and pretty bad. I haven't been the biggest fan of Zdarsky's run but at least he managed here and there to create an entertaining story even if the basis for it was a stupid one. This, right here, is just a lame copy of the Civil War. Say what you want about Millar, at least he was original. Zdarsky just plagiarizes him with a very low-effort comic. Also, some of the line more

Devil's Reign #1

By: Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto
Released: Dec 8, 2021

The story that's been building for years is here! Wilson Fisk went from Kingpin to Mayor of the biggest city in America and is going to bring his full criminal and political power to bear on the super heroes who call NYC home. The man who once destroyed Daredevil has set his sights on The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Jessi...

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Another_fans - Dec 13, 2021

If that make you feel better to think that, but you still didnt answer my question.

Merlyn - Dec 13, 2021

I still won't because it's disingenuous.

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