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Feraled rated DC vs. Vampires #7 Jul 8, 2022

DC vs. Vampires #7

By: James Tynion IV, Otto Schmidt
Released: Jul 6, 2022

The nightmarish second arc begins! The Earth is now cloaked in darkness as the victorious vampire empire has taken full control. Pockets of humanity can still be found, and they struggle to live but hope fades with every darker day. The leaders of the last surviving resistance force-Green Arrow, Batgirl, and Supergirl-hatch a desperate plan to save...

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Feraled reviewed X-Men: Red #4 Jun 30, 2022

Probably the best X-Series right now.

X-Men: Red #4

By: Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli
Released: Jun 29, 2022

Recent revelations threaten to profoundly alter the Destiny of X - and Arakko isn't immune from the fallout! With the clock ticking down to interstellar war, STORM faces a Galactic Illuminati... MAGNETO attends a meeting of his own that might decide both their fates...and ROBERTO DA COSTA ponders a recent return from t...

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Feraled reviewed DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 Jun 30, 2022

Pretty good, though the ending was rushed.

DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1

By: Matthew Rosenberg, Mike Bowden
Released: Jun 29, 2022

In the shadow of the new Vampire World Order, Harley Quinn rules the human underworld in this age of darkness. She has survived by only looking out for herself...but she might have just found the key to saving the world.

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Feraled rated Task Force Z #9 Jun 30, 2022

Task Force Z #9

By: Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows
Released: Jun 29, 2022

Are we the baddies? After the shocking (but not really) betrayal by Mr. Bloom, the new Task Force Z are public enemy number one. All of Gotham is hunting for them. They are out of money, out of friends, and out of Lazarus Resin. But now they will have to face their most dangerous foe yet-and it's one of their own!

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Feraled rated Robin #15 Jun 30, 2022

Robin #15

By: Joshua Williamson, Roger Cruz
Released: Jun 29, 2022

Damian Wayne is back from the Shadow War and licking his wounds the best way a Wayne knows how...brooding (duh). But in light of the shocking death in the al Ghul family, Robin resolves to dig deeper into the world of the Demon...and a return to Lazarus Island-with Flatline at his side-leaves him with yet another shocking revelation!  

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Feraled reviewed Action Comics #1044 Jun 30, 2022

Enjoyable lore, though a bit heavy on the exposition.

Action Comics #1044

By: Philip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici
Released: Jun 29, 2022

The Warworld Revolution is here! With the Genesis Stone feeding Kal-El a portion of his long-dormant powers, the quest to overthrow Mongul's tyrannical rule is well under way...but can Superman convince the war-torn combat-ants of this hellish nightmare planet that kindness can best cruelty? All this, plus Midnighter stabs some fools who had it com...

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Feraled rated Batman / Catwoman #12 Jun 30, 2022

Batman / Catwoman #12

By: Tom King, Clay Mann
Released: Jun 29, 2022

Wedding bells are finally ringing for Batman and Catwoman! As our story concludes, the lovers prepare to take the next steps in their lives together by trading everlasting vows. The Bat/Cat wedding is here, and knowing Bruce and Selina, it'll be anything but conventional. You won't want to miss this final chapter of Tom King's Batman epic!

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