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Deadpool vs. The Punisher #1

Apr 14, 2017

It ends with a winner announced per round (issue), and like a good arcade fighter it's a best-of-five showdown. Pick it up to see who gets the award for shooting stuff real good like.

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Deadpool vs. The Punisher #2

Apr 28, 2017

Turns out the 'winner per issue' dynamic is strange given that Deadpool has a high-level healing factor.

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Deadpool vs. The Punisher #3

May 23, 2017

For a one-shot, Deadpool vs. Punisher is making some big waves. I hope nobody sleeps on this series, it's proving that more than just large-scale crossover events deserve your respect.

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Deadpool vs. The Punisher #4

Jun 12, 2017

Highly entertaining, reference-heavy stuff here. PvD is reading like Tango and Cash with a dash of Into The Badlands. The weaving of Taskmaster into the story is kind of amazing. The combat sequences are a thing of beauty, deftly handled with great comic timing and well thought out layouts across panels. Long story short, PvD is funny and exciting. Deadpool trying to cozy up to Frank is borderline cute really, "Punpool! Deadisher!" Needless to say, the Internet is 'shipping' these two to no end. Between the laughs and the really cool combat sequences, I give Punisher vs. Deadpool #4"

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Gasolina #1

Sep 21, 2017

FJ: Gasolina mixes the local politics of Scalped with the simmering horror of Evil Dead. Image presents a very well thought out, grounded, supernatural crime action drama that takes heavy subject matter and makes it palatable, without watering it down. At all.

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Scales And Scoundrels #1

Sep 10, 2017

All of these visual and narrative storytelling devices make Scales and Scoundrels a standout comic for Image, and for comics in general. The last time I felt this excited about a book, I was flitting through the first few pages of Saga. Scales and Scoundrels is a rare gem with great bones (writing) and sturdy wings (art), it'll fly far.

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Scales And Scoundrels #2

Oct 13, 2017

Lastly, can we talk about how Girner has developed a composite Saxon language to give cultural depth to this world? A language that isn't contrived or too similar to another fictional lexicon. S&S somehow samples RPG video game exposition while balancing god tier literary world creation with a pared-down, highly expressive art style. Overall, Scales and Scoundrels is proving that less can be more when building a world.

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Trinity (2016) Annual #1

Jun 2, 2017

It's always been difficult to challenge the Trinity, especially when they got the Justice League in their top 5 contacts. This comic reads like The Expendables, you spend most of your time guessing which retired top-tier villain is about to show up and wreck shop. In all honesty, it is a fun read.

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