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Chew #59

Oct 27, 2016

By the end of this issue, Tony resolves his decision and pays a heavy price for it. CHEW #59 nails down a little bit of everything: action, moments of sadness, and humor with a conclusion that easily stands on its own as a few major loose ends are tied up. Layman and Guillory are going to go out with a massive bang, so definitely pick up CHEW#59 and hang on tight for the conclusion to the series next month!

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Chew #60

Nov 24, 2016

Like a Thanksgiving feast complete with dessert and drinks, CHEW #60 is a a deliciously satisfying conclusion to Tony Chu's story. By the time I reached the very last page, I was stunned and applauded once I processed it. All good things must come to an end at some point in life. Layman and Guillory deserve to take a bow for one hell of a great series. I'm sad to see the series end as I would love to see a spin-off comic book series featuringOlive and Ginny. Yet, at the same time, I'm looking forward to Layman and Guillory's future endeavors, so all the best to them moving forward.

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Kaijumax #1

Feb 3, 2017

Come for the unique kaijus, stay for the quirky prison drama.

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Magdalena (2017) #1

Mar 28, 2017

With the passing of the spear comes a new, inexperienced heroine who requires training. The focus on a Latina lead deserves to be commended because more heroines of color in comics is always a great thing in these times. MAGDALENA #1 explores the existential crisis that is retirement while ushering in a new era. It's one hell of a treat that's sure to please old fans and embrace new fans with open arms.

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Mayday (2016) #1

Oct 30, 2016

This inaugural thriller is sure to rock readers' socks off. While the premise is a familiar one, the art and use of period music sets it apart, giving it a film-like flair reminiscent of movies such as Drive and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It's a strong start to a five part series that's bound to get more funky.

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Optimus Prime #1

Dec 15, 2016

OPTIMUS PRIME #1 is a great introduction to the beginning of a new crossover comic book series. It explores the identity of the titular Autobot leader, introduces a new batch of inexperienced Autobots who see him as a messianic figure, and explores how the past is connected to the present. While the plot is a bit predictable, there's no denying the layer of social commentary that's underneath it and the cliffhanger sets up for something bigger. I'm looking forward to seeing how the other Hasbro comics tie into the bigger at story large when issue #2 rolls out next month.

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Red Dog #2

Jan 12, 2017

RED DOG #2 continues to flesh out the mysterious planet Kirawan by showing off some of its dangers and introducing readers toa full set of robot pooches that are sure to play a role in future issues. Cohen and Atkins also touch upon several points in this issue that bring up more questions that have yet to be answered. Aside from the lack of characters of color, it's a solid issue that pushes the plot forward.

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TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo #1

Jul 26, 2017

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES/USAGI YOJIMBO #1 delivers on the entertainment factor in spades. 20 years after the last comic crossover series, Sakai has still got it and delivers a fun, action-packed, and hilarious new adventure featuring the Turtles and the rabbit ronin. Luth's colors are icing on an already delicious cake. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

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TMNT: Dimension X #1

Aug 1, 2017

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #1 is a smartly written tale of deceit, emotions, and physics. While it's a bit hard to recommend to new readers, fans of the ongoing IDW Publishing TMNT series will enjoy it. Tunica's art alone is worth the price of admission because it invokes a bit of MONSTRESS.

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TMNT: Dimension X #2

Aug 10, 2017

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #2 is a solid continuation of what was built by the last issue. I was bummed out that issue's planet didn't have much a backstory to it and found the plot's humor lackluster. With the focus on Anemon and Eymo's relationship, the Turtles become mentors. Like in the last issue, the Neutrinos don't have much any characterization aside from being pilots/mechanics. That being said, the panel layout is fantastic in this issue.

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TMNT: Dimension X #3

Aug 15, 2017

This issue is a love letter to wrestling and it shows. Stump is quite a fun character until the very last page. As a middle issue, it is a powerslam with high flying action and humor, sprinkled with more serious themes.

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TMNT: Dimension X #4

Aug 25, 2017

Thanks to funny, witty dialogue and a novel change of setting, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #4 is a delight. The story and art style successfully move at a brisk pace akin to action films.

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TMNT: Dimension X #5

Sep 2, 2017

The final issue of the series tackles themes of individualism versus collectivism, marginalization, and the impact of war. While TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES DIMENSION X #5 doesn't quite go out with a bang, the stage is set for the Trial of Krang in TMNT #74. As a standalone series, DIMENSION X has been a great expansion of the TMNT universe.

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