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Doctor Tomorrow #5

Aug 24, 2020

While I never know how much anything Valiant does goes to bring in new fans, I think the regular fan of the publisher will enjoy Doctor Tomorrow very much.

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Fantastic Four (2018) #25

Oct 21, 2020

Dan Slott has been on this book for a few years and from the few issues I've read of his FF run, I've really enjoyed it and wished that I kept up in a better fashion on it. R.B. Silva and Jesus Abertov crushed the visuals. I think for a new reader, Fantastic Four #25 would not be the most friendly issue to pick up but I do think this was a pretty good issue of Fantastic Four and definitely worth the read.

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No Heroine #3

Oct 7, 2020

No Heroine #3 finishes as a fairly decent Vampire story that has that added layer with the addiction problems that the heroine Kayla is dealing with. While the story didnt blow my socks off, I felt that it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a horror story thats a bit off the beaten path. I wish the art grabbed me a bit more as I didnt love the overall appearance but with that said, it wasnt enough to make me dislike No Heroine.

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Reaver #11

Sep 12, 2020

It's the end of "The Grim After" but what comes after should be another epic story for Reaver. If you are looking for an adult fantasy story, I feel there's none better. To me, Reaver is a total breath of fresh air and comes off wholly original. If you want something different in the genre that's high quality, then it's definitely Reaver that you are after.

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The Devil's Red Bride #1

Oct 15, 2020

Overall, I think that if your tastes are like mine, you grew up on samurai cinema or if you just want something totally different, The Devils Red Bride #1 offers all of that. Im looking forward to where this story goes and one can hope it ends like so many samurai tales, with two opponents standing their ground and steel being swung all over the place. Recommended.

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