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Location: Detroit , MI Joined: Oct 19, 2018 About Me: I'm a Black Nerd, Introvert and conservative. I created my blog because I wanted to be an honest voice. A lot of the reviews I've been seeing have been inflated scores to get the attention of comic pros even though they are pretty rough. Many good books get left behind or canceled because more

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Kick-Ass #9 Apr 15, 2019

After a long layover, I'm back reviewing Kickass.

This series is one of those along with The Silencer that I've been down on and found myself writing the same review over and over again. They also have similar issues in concept and even share the same creator in John Romita Jr. 

The main difference between the two characters is The Silencer has superpowers. 

Both more

Kick-Ass #9

By: Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin
Released: Nov 7, 2018

Hector Santos has enlisted a cold-blooded killer to hunt down and murder Kick-Ass before she destroys all his criminal operations. As Patience's power grows, so does her list of enemies-and her most feared enemy is lurking in the shadows, lying in wait to seek his vengeance.

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After a string of really positive reviews, I knew the streak would end but I didn't expect it to end with Rainbow Brite. 

There are a few glaring problems I had with this comic at the outset that factored into my overall issues with the book. 
First, the artist has changed from Brittany Williams to Xenia Pamfil. She's made Wisp noticeably older in this comic and the contrast bet more

Rainbow Brite #4

By: Jeremy Whitley, Xenia Pamfil
Released: Feb 20, 2019

Wisp's exploration of Rainbow Land continues! Even in the face of danger, she makes new friends and allies. Get ready for the first meeting of Rainbow Brite and the greatest horse in the galaxy...Starlite!

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Naomi #2 Apr 15, 2019

Naomi #2 may be the first great comic I've reviewed that I had to mark own because It pissed me off. The first issue ended on the cliffhanger of the local mechanic, Dee revealing that the last superhero incident in town the day that Naomi was adopted. 

Dee forcibly removes her from his garage and leaves abruptly. Naomi is deeply distressed by this revelation and rightly wonders what's more

Naomi #2

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Jamal Campbell
Released: Feb 20, 2019

The most startling and intriguing mystery in the DC Universe continues as Naomi searches to uncover the secrets of her own origin. What do her small town's oversized mechanic and the last time a super-powered person appeared in her hometown have to do with the day she was adopted? Big emotions, new characters and a last page cliffhanger that can't ...

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I'm not the biggest fan of the Transformers franchise. I'm an older guy but I was slightly younger than the target demographic when Transformers ruled the world in the '80s. The most notable thing I remember loving about the cartoon was the giant Megatron transforming into a handgun, it was the height of absurdity. 

I recently finished Tom Scioli's Go-Bots Mini-Series, which was legit more

Transformers #1

By: Brian Ruckley, Angel Hernandez
Released: Mar 13, 2019

A NEW ERA DAWNS! In the infinite universe, there exists a planet like no other: Cybertron! Home to the Transformers, and a thriving hub for inter-stellar commerce, it is a world brimming with organic and constructed diversity. Immense structures line its landscape. Mechanical giants roam across its surface. Starship-sized titans orbit its skies, ke...

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I took a couple of months off from reviewing The Walking Dead but kept it on my pull list.

I'm glad I did because this issue was great. The tensions building within the commonwealth continues to escalate toward full-scale civil war. 

Mercer the chief of security is imprisoned for mutiny. Rick and Michonne discuss their options. Rick feels guilty and believes that the introd more

The Walking Dead #188

By: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard
Released: Feb 6, 2019

"FALLING INTO PLACE": It's time to learn, once and for all... is Princess friend or foe?

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Remember when the X-Men used to have a hard time taking one Omega Class Sentinel? Pepperidge farm remembers. 

Freedom Fighters #2 captures that classic feeling of Days of Future Past with no Mutants in sight. The issue continues laying the groundwork from the first issue as our heroes matchup against the Iron Polizist. 

This is a straightforward comic with the bulk of it b more

Freedom Fighters #2

By: Robert Venditti, Eddy Barrows
Released: Jan 23, 2019

The Freedom Fighters go public in present-day Nazi America! It's been 50 years of fascist rule in the U.S. under Hitler and his heirs, and frankly, everyone's had enough. A new Freedom Fighters team makes a very public debut in hopes of rallying the people and re-igniting the long-dormant American spirit. Phantom Lady, Black Condor, Doll Girl and H...

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Major X #1 Apr 7, 2019

Anyone that follows my blog or my various musings across social media platforms know that I don't read Marvel Comics much. Without being too pretentious I consider this a passive boycott. 

It's been this way for a few years now. This was even before comics consumer revolts like #Comicsgate became a thing. I say passive boycott because I will actually read a Marvel comic if its highly more

Major X #1

By: Rob Liefeld
Released: Apr 3, 2019

•  A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs!
•  What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him?
•  Writer/artist Rob Liefeld introduces a new wrinkle in the saga of Marvel's Mightiest Mutants!

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It kinda sucks reviewing The Silencer because it feels like I'm reading the same issue over and over again. At some point, you have to question why you're reading the series at all. Furthermore, of "The Age of Heroes" titles The Silencer is the only series that has not moved beyond the initial concept. 

Honor Guest isn't really a reskinned marvel character and that was an advantage for more

The Silencer #10

By: Dan Abnett, Patrick Zircher
Released: Oct 24, 2018

The Silencer finds herself in a deadly showdown with a pair of killers-Quietus and Gunn-as well as a giant kaiju monster at a Superman theme park! (No refunds given, park-goers.) If she can shoot her way out of that trouble, she'll still have to track down Talia's body before Leviathan can resurrect her. Of course, them being a secret evil criminal...

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Go-Bots #5 Mar 31, 2019

Tom Scioli's Go-Bots may end up being the Best Mini-Series to be released in 2019. It's heads and shoulders above any Mini series released from the big two with the exception of maybe Marvels Killmonger and is about 95% better than most of my pull list. 

This series has been better than I could have ever imagined and has one of the best concluding chapters I've ever read in a comic. Fr more

Go-Bots #5

By: Tom Scioli
Released: Mar 27, 2019

The jaw-dropping conclusion to Tom Scioli's epic tale is here! The fate of all Go-Bots hangs in the balance! From the creative mind that brought you IDW's Transformers vs. G.I. Joe! Visionary creator Tom Scioli unleashes his imagination on the bizarre, absurd, and wonderful world of Go-Bots!

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It took about 5 issues but we have finally got some story progression in this issue. 

If there ever was a case to be made against decompressed storytelling in comics, Heroes in Crisis would be the sterling example. Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle stop fighting and resolve to find Wally West (Flash) as it seems he may not be dead after all. 

While this more

Heroes In Crisis #7

By: Tom King, Clay Mann
Released: Mar 27, 2019

The Trinity may have uncovered the true killer responsible for the deaths at Sanctuary, but the artificial intelligence that ran the institution is the one thing standing between them and the culprit. Now Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman must face off with their own creation-and face the consequences for what they created. Also, as the truth is un...

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I mentioned it a few months ago in a tweet that I think that Snyder has effectively created the DC version of Spiderverse with the DC metal event and it slid quietly under the radar. 

This isn't a negative I've always been a fan of "What If" or Elseworlds stories so I eat this stuff up whenever I get a new or alternate take on an established character. 

That being said, I' more

The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1

By: Scott Snyder, Eduardo Risso
Released: Mar 13, 2019

Ripped from Batman's greatest nightmares, the Grim Knight is his world's most dangerous vigilante, unafraid to use any weapon and go to any lengths to stop those whom he deems worthy of death. Trained with the finest arsenal Wayne money can buy, learn the secret origin of the second-deadliest Batman, hand selected by the Batman Who Laughs to bring ...

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Beyond the grid has been mediocre at best. It's not terrible but it's not the most follow-up to 2018's epic Shattered Grid story arc. This issue is a bit better as it puts the focus on giving an origin to the series original character, Ari. She gives her origin and some insight into the situation with the arc's villain, the Praetor.  

Ari backstory is sad she comes from a dying unive more

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #33

By: Marguerite Bennett, Simone Di Meo
Released: Nov 28, 2018

BEYOND THE GRID continues as an all-star team of Power Rangers struggle to survive a hostile new environment with diminishing powers and no allies. Meanwhile, Andros (Red Space Ranger) comes to terms with the lengths that he will go, and the lines he will cross, to reunite with his sister, Karone.

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Damage #11 Mar 28, 2019

If this comic wasn't $2.99 I would have come down pretty hard on this issue. I read Damage #11 in about 5 minutes and during that time I thoroughly enjoyed it. The comic is essentially a slugfest pitting Damage against Green Arrow, Vixen, Guy Gardner, and Flash. 

If you've followed the series to this point you know that Damage has some pretty impressive feats and as this issue rolls a more

Damage #11

By: Robert Venditti, Aaron Lopresti
Released: Nov 21, 2018

It's the showdown almost a year in the making: Damage versus the Justice League! All Ethan Avery wanted was to be a hero. But instead, the military turned him into Damage, the one-hour monster of mass destruction. Now, at the top-secret military installation where Damage's story began, the most powerful superheroes in the world arrive to end it. Et...

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Unnatural #7 was a decent issue but it was the first issue in the series that felt like filler. This issue is a return to form and closes out the second arc in the 12 issue mini-series giving us resolutions to some keep plot points as well as raising new questions to be sorted out. 

I trust Mirka Andolfo. Leslie and Khal are probably the most unconventional comic book characters you'l more

Unnatural #8

By: Mirka Andolfo
Released: Mar 6, 2019

END OF STORY ARC! As we move toward the shocking final arc of MIRKA ANDOLFO's bestselling series, we explore the roots of UNNATURAL's mythology. What's the secret nesting in Leslie's blood? And will she be strong enough to face the savage curse running in her own veins? A word of advice: stay away from spoilers as this issue's final page will likel...

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Dick Tracy: DOA #4 wraps up the Mini-Series nicely leaving practically no loose ends or unanswered questions. Overall the series is a nice walk down memory lane.

IDW has already announced a new series from Michael Avon Oeming (Powers) so I'm assuming DOA did pretty good with sales. I appreciate the straightforward nature of the series and hope to see more takes on the character in the more

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #4

By: Lee Allred, Michael Allred
Released: Feb 13, 2019

The pop art event of 2018 continues! With Tess Trueheart by his side, Dick Tracy faces a final showdown with Yesterday Knewes in this shocking conclusion to Dead or Alive! Bear witness to the iconic comic-strip hero reimagined in the 21st century through a retro lens by the superstar team of Michael Allred, Lee Allred, Rich Tommaso, and Laura Allre...

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Detective Comics #993 is an example of a comic snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The comic starts strong, really strong dealing with the presumed death of Two-Face and then fumbles in the endzone leaving me questioning the $20 I spent on the last 5 issues. 

The writing is sharp and the scenes of Batman and Harvey are well paced and constructed. I'm still not a fan of Batman te more

Detective Comics #993

By: James Robinson, Carmine Giandomenico
Released: Nov 28, 2018

Two-Face... dead?! Did the multifaceted mafioso really get killed in a massive explosion? Batman's the detective-let HIM figure it out! And that's just what the Caped Crusader sets out to do, because something's fishy about Dent's latest demise. What the Dark Knight uncovers about his former friend not only threatens Gotham City, it's big enough to...

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Go-Bots #4 Mar 23, 2019

I picked up a Planet of the Apes vibe from this issue. Go-Bots run the planet. Humans have devolved during the interim and Leader-One maintains tenuous leadership despite constantly being challenged by Cy-Kill and his forces. 

The main plot of the issue is that Leader-One and his team plan to take down the massive Go-Bot, Zod. As this goes on a group of rock-like creatures are introduc more

Go-Bots #4

By: Tom Scioli
Released: Feb 20, 2019

What dark secret lies at the center of Gobotron? You won't believe the answer! From the creative mind that brought you IDW's Transformers vs. G.I. Joe! Visionary creator Tom Scioli unleashes his imagination on the bizarre, absurd, and wonderful world of Go-Bots!

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I normally don't read back to back issues of the same title but I was motivated to press on because I'm really disliking this story arc. To be perfectly transparent, If I wasn't so far behind in my pull list I would have probably dropped detective after the last issue. 

This issue continues the Kobra story arc with Batman and Two-Face teaming up to take down the Cult. The story is pret more

Detective Comics #992

By: James Robinson, Carmine Giandomenico
Released: Nov 14, 2018

There's a new Dynamic Duo in Gotham City-introducing Batman and Two-Face! What the what?! The Dark Knight is forced to team with old friend and current enemy Harvey Dent to stop a Kobra-sponsored terrorist attack. Can Batman really trust his life to a coin flip? Even worse, Bats and Two-Face are of two minds over recruiting the two Fireflies for he...

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I wanna say that this issue was great but it honestly feels like a continuation of the last issue and in that there's not a lot of surprises. Karai and her crew interact with our heroes and get more of the character development that the series is known for. 

Nothing here is bad I just wish there was more forward momentum and the comic is ultimately skippable. The scene in the issue wit more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #91

By: Tom Waltz, Michael Dialynas
Released: Feb 13, 2019

Karai returns to New York City and means business! Will she come to Splinter and the TMNT seeking peace... or war? A pivotal turning point!

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There is way too much going on in this issue. 

With #4 of the series, I can honestly see why this screenplay was scrapped. This issue isn't terrible. The plot just seems overly complicated and filled with too many characters that I either don't care about or haven't been established enough for me to be invested in their survival. 

In a vacuum, this is a bad single issue. Th more

William Gibson's Alien 3 #4

By: Johnnie Christmas
Released: Feb 13, 2019

This is the official adaptation of the original screenplay for Alien 3, written by William Gibson, the award-winning science fiction author of the cyberpunk cult classic Neuromancer. You'll see familiar characters and places-but not all is the same in this horrifying Cold War thriller!
Suddenly, both the Rodina and Sulaco find themselves in a s...

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I reviewed Killmonger #1 a few months back. I remember thinking it was a great start and then I fell off for whatever reason. What The hell was I thinking? This issue is amazing. 

The issue picks up after a time jump. Erik is firmly entrenched in the crew. The bulk of the issue covers our crew as they plan and execute a brutal hit for the Kingpin.

The plan goes w more

Killmonger #2

By: Bryan Edward Hill, Juan Ferreyra
Released: Dec 19, 2018

All he wants is Ulysses Klaw. But to get his revenge, Erik Killmonger will have to take a job from the deadliest man in New York City: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime. Four targets - four assassins. Assuming, that is, that Erik can trust his newfound teammates...

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I enjoyed The Batman Who Laughs #2 and looked forward to this issue. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a letdown on all sides. 

I'm a huge Batman fan but I'm not a fan of the pretentious version that is sort of a know it all. That variant of Bruce is literally all over this issue. 

This comic marks the first direct encounter between our Batman and the Grim Knight. It's a more

The Batman Who Laughs #3

By: Scott Snyder, Jock
Released: Feb 13, 2019

All the pieces are starting to fit together as the Batman Who Laughs acquires another key element in his plan-one that is linked to the founding fathers of Gotham City and to a legacy started by the Wayne family and protected by none other than Oswald Cobblepot. While the Penguin goes head-to-head with the darkest version of his mortal enemy, Batma...

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Well, that was intense. 

Last month we were introduced to Conner. A well mannered, cannibal who was hired by our villains to take out our heroes. His impact was is immediately felt as he uses available evidence to get the drop on Lone Ranger and Tonto. 

Conner is a Bad-Ass villain. He matches up well with our heroes and even manages to pick Tonto out of a crowd, catching hi more

Lone Ranger #4

By: Mark Russell, Bob Q
Released: Jan 30, 2019

The walls close in around Tonto and The Lone Ranger as the ranchers hire Connor, the deadliest man in the West, to kill the troublesome pair. From MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles) and BOB Q (James Bond Origin).

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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Batman #58 Mar 13, 2019

There is a huge contrast between Tom King's Batman and Heroes in Crisis. Batman has been rolling the last several issues while Heroes in Crisis has been running in place during the same length of time.

The Penguin figures heavily into this issue as he actually gets more panel time than Batman.  The comic follows the villain as he grieves the loss of what I presume is a family member. more

Batman #58

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Nov 7, 2018

The Dark Knight waddles into a turf war with the Penguin! Still reeling from the attacks on his Bat-Family and reputation, the Caped Crusader looks to track down the mysterious operator lurking behind the scenes in Gotham City. As the hunt rages on, Batman runs "a fowl" of Oswald Cobblepot. But the Penguin is on Batman's side for once, and the crim...

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At first read, I was going to rant on this issue. It was late and the story didn't really go anywhere but I read it again this morning and although I didn't like the book it's not as bad as Initially thought. 

The issue follows Harley Quinn, The Flash (Wally West), and Gnarrk. The comic works as a collection of characters dealing with trauma. There isn't much action at all this issue s more

Heroes In Crisis #6

By: Tom King, Mitch Gerads
Released: Feb 27, 2019

Get a deeper look into the inner workings of Sanctuary. When heroes visited the facility, they relived their trauma through virtual reality, contending with the events that brought them there in the hope of reaching a meaningful resolution. That is, until the trauma took over and escalated these personal events into a full-blown crisis! Find out wh...

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Sideways #10 is easily the best issue in the series to date (Yes I know it's canceled). I'm not sure what has happened but the series has done a complete 180. Derek (Sideways), has managed to settle on a personality and finally seems interesting outside of the costume. In fact, all of the characters seem interesting and behave in a realistic and rational manner. My chief problem with the series t more

Sideways #10

By: Dan DiDio, Kenneth Rocafort
Released: Nov 21, 2018

In the wake of his mother's death, Derek learns that home is where the hell is. Despondent over missing her funeral and shunned by his father because of it, Sideways reunites with his best friend Ernie for some heart-to-heart talk. Her family life is in shambles, too, as Derek learns her folks are divorcing and splitting up the family. The heartbre...

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Stranger Things #3 was the first comic that made me question the use of my time writing reviews for this blog. It's also the reason the turnaround time for this review is faster than previous issues. For my sanity, I needed to get this series over with. 

I'm happy to report that this comic is somewhat better than the previous three but It's really disheartening that we had to get to more

Stranger Things #4

By: Jody Houser, Stefano Martino
Released: Jan 2, 2019

Will "The Wise" is all out of tricks, hunkered down in a makeshift fort and beginning to hallucinate from starvation, dehydration and the terrors of the Upside Down.
Find out what happens when the Demogorgon finally catches its prey.
No one escapes a Demogorgon unscathed . . .

o Written by award winning comics Veter...

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TMNT Urban Legends is a strange footnote in Ninja Turtle history. It began as a canonical continuation of the original Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird series from the 80s and early 90s.  It's pretty much forgotten that Image Comics produced a volume of TMNT comics. It is probably even less notable than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation. The most talked about aspect of the series was more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #6

By: Gary Carlson, Frank Fosco
Released: Oct 24, 2018

This is it! Fans demanded it and IDW Publishing listened! The entire TMNT Volume 3, reproduced for the first time ever in full four-color glory! With Splinter still missing, The Turtles try to test the limits of Donatello's new cyborg body. But when a friend makes a mistake, will Donatello be able to take control before it's too late?


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Garbage Tier Media Reviews reviewed Batman #57 Mar 3, 2019

A couple of months ago Tom King made a Tweet about how he plots out his action sequences. It was extremely simple and didn't really provide any direction for the artist. Seeing Batman and the KGBeast doing battle in the snow with practically no dialogue and a few grunts made me think of that tweet and chuckle a bit. 

Batman #57 concludes the KGBeast story arc with Batman tracking the v more

Batman #57

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Oct 17, 2018

The KGBeast isn't working alone. As the Cold War between Batman and the Russian killer heats up, Batman's nose for mystery gets to twitching when he suspects there's more to the KGBeast's attacks than initially thought. Not only does this tie back to the court case Bruce Wayne sat on involving Mr. Freeze, there's another villainous Gotham ghoul in ...

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The Curse of Brimstone #7 continues with another excellent issue. After taking down another of the Salesman's pawns. Joe and Annie continue their journey and discover another small town under his influence. The story direction should be getting old but the scenarios keep getting darker and more interesting as the series progresses. It's a real shame that the series has been canceled. 


The Curse of Brimstone #7

By: Justin Jordan, Eduardo Pansica
Released: Oct 3, 2018

Early-warning sign you're about to get murdered: a mysterious, cursed ledger
directs you to a small, eerie town filled with an unusual amount of amputees who all take a keen interest in you. That's what the cursed Joe and his sister Annie are up against when their ledger leads them to a town where strangers check in, but they don't check out.

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