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Great opening issue. Loved it. There was some action, but it was the character's personalities that made this such a great read. Hats off to Tynion! He made me like Mani-bat as a hero! I also enjoyed the other characters and getting to see a side of the DC Universe that we don't see often enough. Also, the art was spectacular! I'm not familiar with the artist, but he is top notch! Highly recommended.

This may be my favorite title right now. It's hitting all the right notes for this FF fan. I have never read anything by Chip Zdarsky before, but I am very impressed. He gets everyone's personality just right. And I like where the story is headed. Likewise, I am impressed with the artwork by Valerio Schiti. Lots of little touchs added into the artwork. I didn't realize how much I missed the FF until this book.

This might be my new favorite comic. Issues 1 and 2 were great. Lots of action along with great characterization and lots of surprises. Great dialogue and outstanding art.

Just not very enjoyable.

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