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Batman: One Bad Day (2022): Ra's Al Ghul #1

Mar 21, 2023

While Batman: One Bad Day Ra's al Ghulprovides an interesting look into the goals of one of Batman's greatest villains, it doesn't go far enough. More space to tell the story would have done wonders for the issue. The opportunity to explore his new world could have made a somewhat forgettable comic into the masterpiece it had the potential to be.

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Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (2022) #5

Mar 28, 2023

While it has its flaws, anyone who enjoys Jaime Reyes will love having the chance to see the third Blue Beetle return to action. With Jaime finally earning the respect of the Justice League, it will be interesting to see the hero face off against the Horizon with Batman, Superman, and Black Condor at his side. If the art remains this good through the last issue, it is absolutely worth checking out the entireBlue Beetle: Graduation Day series.

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Immoral X-Men (2023) #2

Mar 15, 2023

For anyone enjoying theSins of Sinister event,Immoral X-Men#2 provides a nice continuation that helps prove just how terrible the X-Men can be if they set their minds to it. Though there were some issues with the world-building,Immoral X-Men#2 is a compelling issue that offers some interesting notions and a very unique change for Sinister. Whether his development sticks remains to be seen.

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Monkey Prince (2022) #12

Mar 7, 2023

An excellent issue that helps wrap up the Lazarus Planet story arc, while also helping Monkey Prince come to terms with his identity. Unfortunately, with so many open opportunities for future exploration, Monkey Prince#12 doesn't provide a conclusion for a character who may not enjoy another solo run.

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Nightcrawlers (2023) #2

Mar 8, 2023

WhileNightcrawlers #2 is a fun experience, it shares some of the issues ofNightcrawlers #1 and has some confusing elements. Still, the different uses of the unique chimera remain interesting, and the short-term nature of the series helps Spurrier ensure that he can develop a world without having to get too bogged down by the details. With so much packed into this book already, it feels like an exciting whirlwind that is more than worth the read.

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Storm & the Brotherhood of Mutants (2023) #2

Mar 22, 2023

While the time skip is still a major issue, Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants#2 is certainly worth reading. Its characters are brilliant, its setting demands further exploration, and the stakes have never been higher. While it is certainly painful to lose a character as esteemed as Storm, it's only a temporary loss, and it will certainly be fun to get to see her Brotherhood live up to her name 900 years down the line.

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