The Jetsons #1

Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti Artist: Pier Brito Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: November 1, 2017 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 20 User Reviews: 3
6.8Critic Rating
8.0User Rating

Meet George Jetson, a family man living an analog life in a digital world. His wife, Jane, is a brilliant NASA scientist working off-world at a conference, his daughter Judy is a social butterfly trying to discover her calling, and his boy Elroy is either doing homework or using robotic technology to break the rules. Strangest of all, George's mother has downloaded herself into Rosie the robot! Join this postmodern family as doom rockets toward them from the outer reaches of the galaxy on a crash course of destruction!

  • 9.7
    Comicsverse - AJ Zender Nov 8, 2017

    THE JETSONS #1 gives a brilliantly realized look at everyone's favorite space-age family. With nods to the original series and potent world-building, new fans should be excited about this series' continuation! Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Lyles Movie Files - Pierre Brown Nov 1, 2017

    Fresh and full of potential, The Jetsons #1 sets up a beautiful yet possibly doomed world with a family that wants to survive. Definitely recommended for fans of the environment of the Image Comics series Low and fans of sci-fi. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comicosity - Keith Callbeck Nov 1, 2017

    Setting up the story to come, hitting a few fan service moments, and making an accessible sci-fi that does not require any previous knowledge to enjoy it. Everything fits together for a great issue. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    On Comics Ground - Carlos Melendez Nov 4, 2017

    I guess what I admired, respected, and loved more about this then when I read Flintstones was that I actually had fun with it. I am thoroughly engaged in this story and am eagerly awaiting to see where it goes. The artwork is smooth and sharp, and the writing is quick witted and solid if it continues like this we could be looking at potentially the best miniseries of this year. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Chuck's Comic Of The Day - Bruce Rosenberger Nov 6, 2017

    The story itself moves along okay for the first two-thirds of the issue, and then plods a little for a couple pages, but all in all I'm interested to see where it goes. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Graphic Policy - Logan Dalton Nov 1, 2017

    The Jetsons#1 is a fairly smart exploration of utopians and transhumanism through the appealing lens of the family drama genre courtesy of writer Jimmy Palmiotti. Pier Brito's art is a mixed bag, but colorist Alex Sinclair is more than game for the ideas, influences, and tone shifts slung out throughout this book. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comics: The Gathering - Olivier Roth Nov 1, 2017

    You can see from this first issue that Palmiotti, though writing a more adult themed Jetsons, still demonstrates a love of the original characters. Every one of them has traits from the old cartoon, but now are made more real, with real world problems. It’s a take on an old franchise that I can get behind. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    GWW - Percy Waelchl Oct 31, 2017

    The Jetsons' worldis living on borrowed time and hopefully, Palmiotti has something to say about how we, as a world, can either prevent that end or make the most of the time we have. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Multiversity Comics - Nicholas Palmieri Nov 2, 2017

    Even with no particularly groundbreaking concepts and a cast that spends most of the issue in separate situations, Palmiotti and Brito have built up a satisfying world and established a down-to-earth tone that I can get behind. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    AiPT! - David Brooke Nov 1, 2017

    A good first issue that introduces an interesting twist on a classic cartoon. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Geekery Magazine - Chelsea Stanford Nov 1, 2017

    With enough nostalgia to appeal to any reader familiar with the old show, it's mixed with a new twist and character updates that gives the family a fresh new look and feel that'll keep both old and new readers coming back for more. Read Full Review

  • 6.6
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Anthony Wendel Nov 2, 2017

    Impressive art designs but the story doesn't feel as deep as it should. Read Full Review

  • 6.5
    CourtOfNerds - Kevin Carley Nov 2, 2017

    So... Maybe I'll pick up the next book. But more likely, I'll wait for the trade paperback and see if the whole story works better when I get to see more of the pieces in place.  Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    We The Nerdy - Cameron McFarland Nov 4, 2017

    Ultimately, I'm left closing the book and contemplating if I'd want to buy an issue #2. I'll be here next month to review and follow up with where this series goes, but it is definitely a rocky start, and the rock puns were supposed to be in the other series. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Comic Crusaders - Andy Hall Nov 1, 2017

    It is an interesting world that Palmiotti and Brito are building. I just wish they felt more confident that people could catch on with less spoon-feeding. There are a number of books looking at similar issues and doing it with better grace. If you find ideas they present interesting, check out books like Magnus where they are carried out in a more subtle way. Read Full Review

  • 4.8
    Weird Science - Jim Werner Nov 1, 2017

    If you're expecting a trip back to memory lane, skip this series. Out of all the Hanna-Barbera comics, Future Quest holds its ground by sticking to what came before and adding it's on flavor. The Jetson's series would rather make you question your sanity and thoughts you've had nightmares of. This comics needs more adventures, less psych evaluation. Read Full Review

  • 4.4
    IGN - Jesse Schedeen Nov 2, 2017

    DC's Jetson's revamp is cut very much from the same cloth as last year's Flintstones comic. It's a postmodern re-imagining that concerns itself a great deal with man's place in the world and the drawbacks of civilization. What it lacks, however, is the Flintsones' wry sense of humor and focus on satire. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Newsarama - Justin Partridge Nov 6, 2017

    DC's Hanna-Barbera experiment has thus far produced some pretty fun and thoughtful comics, and it is a real bummer not being able to count the debut of pop culture's premiere family of the future among them. Armed with almost weaponized averageness, The Jetsons #1 is a sprocket that not even George Jetson can fix. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Big Comic Page - Craig Neilson-Adams Nov 1, 2017

    Ultimately then, while there are definitely some interesting ideas at play here, the overall delivery is utterly flat, and the overwhelming question of “why?” hangs over the series like a dark cloud. Simply put, The Jetsons could pretty much be any other bland science fiction comic released over the last decade or so, and without any real unique selling point – aside from the nostalgic appeal of its cartoon namesake – its really hard for me to recommend this one. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Comic Bastards - Jonathan Edwards  Nov 3, 2017

    After finishing this issue, I went back and read The Flinstones #1 for the sake of comparison. And, there was a weird charm to it. The Jetsons #1 doesn't come close to matching that. Instead, it's little more than a clumsy attempt at making a dull sci-fi story pass as an adaptation of a classic cartoon. It's not infuriatingly bad or anything, but there's really nothing good about it. Read Full Review

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