Planet of the Apes #1

Writer: David F. Walker Artist: Dave Wachter Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: April 5, 2023 Cover Price: $4.99 Critic Reviews: 11 User Reviews: 9
7.9Critic Rating
7.3User Rating

A new era of apes kicks off with part 1 of "Devolution"! The ALZ-113 virus has rampaged across planet Earth, and humanity is crumbling. While well-meaning researchers hunt for a cure, a fanatical group of humans has their own solution: Kill all apes. Peacekeeper Juliana Tobon is one of the few willing to stand against them, but the crisis is spreading, and soon apes will witness the true depths of human cruelty? Eisner-winning writer David F. Walker (Luke Cage, Bitter Root) joins forces with artist Dave Wachter (Iron Fist: Heart of the Drag more

  • 10
    But Why Tho? - William Tucker Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 is a superb adaptation of the supreme Simian story. Read Full Review

  • 9.7
    Comic Watch - Anthony Bergamini Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 is a powerful start to the series. The connections to the Covid-19 pandemic are poignant and powerful, with Dave Wachters art putting the narrative on a whole other level of fantastic. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    AIPT - Collier Jennings Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 is how every good science fiction comic should start out: a compelling story, eye-catching visuals, and a clear appreciation for the source material. It also continues to follow in the Predator and Alien comics' footsteps of taking bold new steps with licensed material. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Graphic Policy - pharoahmiles Apr 8, 2023

    Overall, Planet of the Apes #1 is a powerful debut issue that picks right up where the movies end. The story by Walker is intense. The art by the creative team is awe inspiring. Altogether, a re-entryinto a world that Planet of the Apes fans will absolutely enjoy. Read Full Review

  • 8.8
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Apr 5, 2023

    Wachter crafts some beautiful art in the issue. The visuals are detailed, dynamic and visually thrilling. The imagery captures both the tension of the story and the emotion of the characters brilliantly. Read Full Review

  • 8.2
    Graphic Policy - Brett Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 is a solid debut that continues to flesh out the world and its story. While it takes a bit to get to the main story it'll tell, it more than sets things up taking readers on a ride of where things are and how they got there. It's a fantastic start, perfect for long time fans and new readers. Read Full Review

  • 7.0 - Charlie Ridgely Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 is a more-than-serviceable relaunch of the comics saga, laying the groundwork for a story in a pivotal segment of the Apes timeline, though it's sometimes a little more focused on setting the stage than delivering an exciting issue. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Capes & Tights - Jared Thomas Apr 7, 2023

    The writing in this issue is excellent; Walker does an incredible job jumping from location to location and time period to time period so readers can understand just how widespread this virus really is and why Juliana Tobon must take action now before it's too late. He also manages to capture each character's personality and emotion in such detail that readers will be able to feel what they're going through right alongside them. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Multiversity Comics - Gregory Ellner Apr 10, 2023

    An interquel between Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes comes together marvelously. Read Full Review

  • 6.8
    Geek'd Out - Nico Sprezzatura Apr 5, 2023

    To their credit, Planet of the Apes #1 looks great and is written impeccably well. Walker in particular is an award-winning creator who is especially known for his work with established IPs like Shaft and various Marvel/DC comics (as well as his own original stuff like Bitter Root) so if anyone has it in them to deliver a thought-provoking comic book adaptation, its him. Read Full Review

  • 4.0
    Weird Science Marvel Comics - mrgabehernandez Apr 5, 2023

    Planet of the Apes #1 leaps into adopting one of the 20th Century's longest-running film franchises with a story that looks at the most uninteresting aspect of the mythology possible. The art is decent enough, but the story crosses the line from boring to annoying to outright infuriating. What was Marvel thinking?!? Read Full Review

  • 10
    Donovan Turner Apr 6, 2023

    Truly an incredible issue. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  • 9.0
    Amazing Psycamorean Apr 9, 2023

    Wasn't expecting to like this or read it past this initial issue, but Walker and Wachter manage to create a very interesting story in the PotA timeline. Controversial opinion coming: I actually think Rise of the Planet of the Apes is far more interesting than anytime the Apes actually had control of the planet. I know, I know. This gives us more of that, and even though some may think the pandemic stuff is overplayed because apathy is an easier admission than denial, I think it fits well within the tone of the movies it's based on (which were pre-COVID).

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  • 9.0
    Hailey Apr 7, 2023

    It's a collection of "stories" in between the Prequel trilogy and is good at that. I hope there's more to it in the future with the girl and maybe a new bunch of apes so let's see where this goes.

  • 5.5

    I hope this picks up because the potential for a great story is there but this issue just jumped between so many different times and places without really going anywhere that this was the comic book equivalent of a wheel spinning frantically while stuck in the mud. I do hope we get to go back to the future world the original movies were set in somewhere over the course of this series.

  • 5.5
    Gizmo Apr 18, 2023

    Awe crap, it's the reboot version of POTA... and a total snoozefest.

  • 8.5
    Pamela Apr 8, 2023

  • 7.5
    ComicWorm Apr 6, 2023

  • 7.0
    forrestgump Apr 11, 2023

  • 4.0
    fandelabd Apr 8, 2023

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