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Blue Beetle: Graduation Day (2022) #1

Nov 29, 2022

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 is the perfect jumping-on point for fans who've been anxiously awaiting Jaime Reyes' new adventure.

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Icon Vs. Hardware (2023) #1

Feb 15, 2023

Icon vs. Hardware showcases the difference between its titular heroes, all the while laying the groundwork for the next stage of the Milestone Universe. The final page teases a showdown for the ages, and I'm more than looking forward to it. But no matter who wins the final fight, the true victor is Milestone's fans.

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Inferno Girl: Red #3

Mar 22, 2023

Inferno Girl Red #3 closes the book on one of the most engaging superhero origin stories I've read in years. While each book in the Massiveverse has its own flair and reasons worth reading, this is the title that I feel will appeal to everyone. Anime fans, toku fans, comic book fansthere's truly something for everyone, and I hope Cassia Costa's light burns for a long, long time.

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No / One (2023) #1

Mar 15, 2023

No/One #1 proves that the Massiveverse isn't running out of steam any time soon, delivering a visually stunning and tightly-wound superhero noir thriller. It's a great reminder of everything I love about comics, as well as a glimpse of what they can be.

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Star Wars: Revelations (2022) #1

Nov 23, 2022

Star Wars: Revelations #1 offers an intriguing look at the next wave of stories for the Star Wars comic line, as well as a collection of top-tier artists. Star Wars fans old and new should check it out, as it's a solid jumping on point.

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