Star Wars #15

Star Wars #15

Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Mike Mayhew Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: January 20, 2016 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 14 User Reviews: 16
8.3Critic Rating
8.4User Rating

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•  Another tale of Obi-Wan's exile on Tatooine!
•  Owen Lars took Luke in...but he refused to let Ben be part of his life. Why?
•  What trouble could have been stirred up by Ben protecting Luke?
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  • 10
    Comic Vine - Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring Jan 20, 2016

    This was a fantastic issue of STAR WARS. We get to visit an era that we haven't seen much of and get to follow to adventures of Obi-Wan during that time. It's a lot for a fan to handle and Aaron and Mayhew do a stellar job delivering this story. There is a tiny bit more to the story than just Obi-Wan, but we're not spoiling anything here because this is an issue to pick up this week. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    The Fandom Post - Chris Beveridge Jan 21, 2016

    One thing that I'm really looking forward into the overall Star Wars run are these standalone but connected tales. Aaron and Mayhew nail it in a big way here that the more I thought about it and wrote about it, the more I realized just how much it worked for me. The first reading establishes things well, but when you dig into the character dialogue, the echoes and the familiar aspects as well as how it gets you to think of other events through this picture it all comes together in a really great way. Pretty much everything about this worked for me and you could easily see it, combined with what came before and what's coming up, serving as a rough draft script for a film that can be expanded upon in a great way. Few comics really make me feel that, even within the Star Wars comics that have been produced so far. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    AiPT! - David Brooke Jan 20, 2016

    Vivid and beautiful art propels this lost chapter of Luke's life and details elements we assumed and can now confirm from the original film. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comicsverse - Sean Bartley Jan 22, 2016

    This issue is mostly a reintroduction to the central characters and setup for a future conflict, which is acceptable given how great Aaron's script is. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though Aaron and company will be returning to this storyline anytime soon, as next issue begins the “Rebel Jail” story arc. Despite this, STAR WARS #15 succeeds at everything it sets out to do and also introduces us to the incredibly talented Mike Mayhew, who we can only hope will return to illustrate more STAR WARS comics once Jason Aaron gets around to furthering the story he begins here. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    SciFiPulse - Patrick Hayes Feb 1, 2016

    With exception to the lettering, this is a good book, showing what Ben and Luke were doing between films. Must reading for Star Wars fans. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comicosity - Aaron Long Jan 21, 2016

    Star Wars #15 changes the pace without breaking the streak of amazing comics by Jason Aaron. Mike Mayhew joins him for the ride this time and delivers some great work, making Star Wars #15 another winner. You can't miss with Star Wars. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    The Hub City Review - Matthew J. Theriault Jan 20, 2016

    Under Marvels stewardship, the Star Wars franchise has hit such a stride that even tales of Obi-Wans time hiding as a hermit are utterly engrossing. And that proven quality of the franchise has clearly attracted the top artistic talent in the industry today, including this issues Mike Mayhew. Star Wars #15 may be a side-story plot-wise, but its outstanding quality makes it absolutely essential. Read Full Review

  • 8.5 - John McCubbin Jan 19, 2016

    Star Wars #15 gave us yet another amazing tale featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi, and although it may be a while before we see the next part of this saga, it remains a thrilling addition between arcs. The creative team behind this one-shot tale also gave us some thrilling twists, with some elements leaving a lot to speculate over. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Newsarama - Justin Partridge Jan 21, 2016

    These Obi-Wan-centric issues may seem slow at first glance but once again they provide a well constructed palate cleanser before Aaron kicks up a ruckus again with a new story arc. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Fanboys Inc - Jeff Ayers Jan 31, 2016

    Great art and interesting storytelling choices lend themselves to Star Wars #15, which is an enjoyable read. The flashbacks are becoming a little bit of a tease though, and the story gets lost amongst the events of the main story arc. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    PopMatters - Matthew Fay Feb 11, 2016

    Perhaps the only downside to the issue is the ending, which depicts Jabba the Hutt hiring a new bounty hunter to track Obi-Wan. When it's revealed what the bounty hunter is, the result comes across as more silly than anything else. Overall, however, Star Wars #15 is a great addition to the Star Wars canon, and hopefully we'll see more of this era throughout Aaron's series. Read Full Review

  • 7.8
    IGN - Jesse Schedeen Jan 20, 2016

    Star Wars #15 offers a welcome detour from the series' ongoing threads. It sheds more light on Obi-Wan's hidden years on Tatooine, his secret bond with a young Luke Skywalker and his rivalry with Uncle Owen. The art impresses with its high level of detail, though that also causes some storytelling problems along the way. But on the whole, fans should find this issue to be a worthy detour. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Multiversity Comics - Jess Camacho Jan 22, 2016

    "Star Wars" #15 is a filler issue and could be skipped. I'm still on board with the series though because it has proven to be very enjoyable. If anything, the problems in this issue make me even more wanting of a flat out solo series for Obi-Wan where these things can be explored in full. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    ComicList - Brandon Borzelli Jan 23, 2016

    "Star Wars" comes out of the "Vader Down" crossover with a one-shot about Obi-Wan watching over young Luke. The comic provides some of the same old characters that you have come to expect from Luke's home world during this time period. The highlight of the comic is Owen's confrontation with Obi-Wan. The comic has some humor and some good moments and a touch of action. The book is presented with a beautiful style of artwork that really makes this comic come alive. Overall, the story and the moments aren't really anything that hasn't been covered in comics, short stories or novels before. This is a decent read but nothing terribly different. Read Full Review

  • 10
    The Villain Oct 11, 2016

    A very exceptional Obi-Wan story. He's always been my favorite Jedi and this issue gives us a little more information about what Obi Wan was doing while he was in exile and it also explains why Owen Lars and Kenobi had some issues in A New Hope. The art is great, Obi Wan looks like a mix of Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness.

  • 9.5
    Inklings May 31, 2016

    I feel like a broken record, but here goes: these Obi-Wan journal entries are the finest stories from the whole Star Wars Marvel Comics endeavor, and they perfectly demonstrate why I pull these titles at all. Following the Great Drought, we see a period on Tatooine where the desert wastes become less arid and begin flowering with colorful flora. This unassuming, simple detail at the opening of the issue transforms the simplicity of the Star Wars universe from a galaxy full of static single-biome planets to one of new and exciting promise; where even the most quintessential example of these single biomes, Tatooine, can be revised and explored in dyamic ways. It's a worldbuilding detail that has been wanting for decades and I'm glad to see it here. The most interesting Jedi in Star Wars, Obi-Wan, is here given a similarly excellent treatment to that found in issue #7. He's struggling to carve a place for himself in a world where he must be quiet and unassuming. It would be simple enough if Obi-Wan did not feel the weight of responsibility bearing down on him; say, if he were a simple farmer like Owen. But he's not. He's a Jedi, and with said powers must come (cue drumroll) great responsibility. What a fantastic new take on the character. The only thing I take issue with is the final panel's reveal, which is too much. It's over-the-top. It feels like mere contrivance, a way to make the new characters interesting without doing any real legwork. Black Krrsantan doesn't feel like he belongs in this place or time, but it's not an error. Just a vexing detail with little real build-up. Otherwise, these are the stories I keep coming back for. Psychologically complex character pieces that change how we look at the Star Wars galaxy in ways that stay true to the films' presentation, but also substantially enhance and add to what we already know and love. Oh. And the artwork by Mayhew is stellar.

  • 9.0
    Henry Killinger Jan 22, 2016

    The art is outstanding.

  • 8.0
    Synthozoid Jan 23, 2016

    I liked it, even though it has some prequel stank on it.

  • 6.5
    Big Brother Jan 22, 2016

    More fluff that goes no where and does nothing.

  • 6.0
    JBL Reviews Jan 25, 2016

    Didn't appeal to me

  • 10
    Jason The Dude Jan 22, 2016

  • 10
    SkyroCBR Jul 23, 2016

  • 9.0
    Aegis Jan 23, 2016

  • 9.0
    GlenWizard Jan 24, 2016

  • 8.5
    Tree Fingers Jan 20, 2016

  • 8.0
    Rotivv Jan 20, 2016

  • 8.0
    DXO Jan 28, 2016

  • 8.0
    golemgac Sep 7, 2017

  • 7.5
    TheFallenKing13 Jan 20, 2016

  • 7.5
    CraigR Jan 25, 2016

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