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Merlyn reviewed Superman #32 Jun 22, 2021

"if you ever think of yourself as just the son of Superman know that YOU'RE the Superman against whom all heroes will be measured someday. The Superman that I aspire to be". WE GET IT, PKJ, Jonathan Kent is the next Superman and you couldn't give two shits about Clark Kent, no need to beat us over the head this way. What is really shitty is that in all the interviews this guy lied about how much h more

Superman #32

By: Phillip K. Johnson, Sami Basri
Released: Jun 23, 2021

The end of “The One Who Fell”! Superman and Superboy were duped by the old divide-and-conquer routine, which is especially dangerous on a faraway planet where you can’t tell who your enemy is. As the Shadowbreed makes their big move, Superman discovers what happened to the friend who originally sent the distress beacon that lured him and his ...

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Psycamorean - Jun 29, 2021

Morrison wrote Superman and the Authority back in 2018. It was extensively delayed. It's not current.

Comics Code Authorities - Jul 21, 2021

That's how most modern comicwriters are nowadays. They want to be the writer who (Fill in the blank) for the first time.

sean.walsh747 rated Nightwing #79 Apr 20, 2021

Nightwing #79

By: Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo
Released: Apr 21, 2021

Dick Grayson has inherited Alfred’s fortune, a puppy, and a whole lot of questions. Who is Mayor Zucco, and what is her relation to the man who murdered Dick’s parents? What sinister plans does Blockbuster have for Blüdhaven? What kind of dog food is best for a three-legged puppy? To answer these questions, Dick’s going to need a little help...

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sean.walsh747 reviewed Justice League #60 Apr 20, 2021

Bendis' dialogue in this issue is some of the worst I've seen from him since he's come to DC. We get a whole issue of exposition telling us what we already know from the Naomi series, as well as several pages of Superman telling his teammates that Black Adam is a hero now and they should trust him even though they have no reason to. The art is great though!

The Justice League Dark backu more

Justice League #60

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Xermanico
Released: Apr 21, 2021

Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aquaman, and Hawkgirl join forces with Black Adam to fight an all-new world conqueror! But how do they stop the unstoppable power known as Brutus? Enter new mega-power sensation Naomi, who comes face to face with the League and brings along Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons for a blockbuster battle for the ...

sean.walsh747 reviewed Superman #29 Mar 11, 2021

Phillip Kennedy Johnson continues to show that he understands the character of Superman and what he means to the people around him as well as the readers. After a beautifully told story of what Superman means to people in his Future State book, here we get the start of a heartbreaking story of what Superman means to his time travelling son. Phil Hesters art is great, but a strange choice for this more

Superman #29

By: Phillip K. Johnson, Sami Basri
Released: Mar 10, 2021

Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson jumps from DC Future State back to the present for a two-part story that spans Superman and Action Comics this month!
In “The Golden Age,” Jonathan Kent steps back to examine his father’s legacy. When a monstrous foe from outer space attacks Clark-and nearly kills him!-this young hero must consider the ...

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