Superman #32

Writer: Phillip K. Johnson, Sean Lewis Artist: Sami Basri, Scott Godlewski Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: June 23, 2021 Cover Price: $4.99 Critic Reviews: 12 User Reviews: 31
7.4Critic Rating
6.0User Rating

The end of “The One Who Fell”! Superman and Superboy were duped by the old divide-and-conquer routine, which is especially dangerous on a faraway planet where you can’t tell who your enemy is. As the Shadowbreed makes their big move, Superman discovers what happened to the friend who originally sent the distress beacon that lured him and his son across the galaxy. Let’s just hope it’s not an answer that came too late! Elsewhere, back home on Earth, Jimmy Olsen leads his misfit team on the hunt for the sinister Projectress.

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    DC Comics News - Derek McNeil Jun 22, 2021

    Superman #32 may be the final issue, but I am certain that the title will resurface at some point in the future. I wish the creators luck in their future projects. And I thank them for their short, but memorable tenure on this title. It's been a treat to read and review their stories. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Jun 23, 2021

    All of this, and they still have to go and find the source of the distress signal that they were both sent out to investigate. This is a strong story with some really great artwork. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Jun 22, 2021

    But this has worked effectively as an independent story and a good introduction to the new status quo. Read Full Review

  • 7.7
    Comic Watch - Jimmy Hayes Jun 22, 2021

    A good issue, that has fantastic art and a well done backup story, Read Full Review

  • 7.6
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Jun 22, 2021

    Godlewski delivers some stellar visuals to the Superman story. The action is great and really showcases the power of the characters. Basri delivers some exceptional character designs and expressions throughout his story. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    On Comics Ground - Timothy Quail Aug 1, 2021

    The final issue, of this run of Superman, ends with a story of not much weight. This comic arc is fun enough, but does not really advance the Superman mythos in the same ways that its companion title (Action Comics) has been doing. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Jun 22, 2021

    Johnsons Superman run has been solid though it feels cut short for the new status quo changes to the Superman titles. Well see if DC made the right call in taking some of the responsibilities away from a writer who was getting Action Comics and Superman back on track. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Jun 29, 2021

    And then, the battle is just over.Jon figures out how to tune his heatvision and defeats the Shadowbreed.But I am very confused. Did Jon just kill the Shadowbreed? Force it out of these beings? Does the Breed then go into one of those spheres?What about the 'billions' of beings in this ship? Are there now a billion beings on this planet? Are their souls freed? And this extremely powerful being is beaten in one panel.I am just confused a bit. Please help me figure it out.Very slick work by Godlewski here. In the end, the planet is freed.Qarath O Bakkis decides to leave the planet and find his own path.It reminds Superman how lucky he is to have had the parents he did.Again, that contrast definitely highlights the Kent's upbringing of Clark. And, of course, Clark's raising of Jon. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    COMICON - Tony Thornley Jun 29, 2021

    The conclusion of this volume of Superman gives us a young hero ready to step into some big shoes. It's a fan adventure, with solid art, but doesn't quite stick the landing in giving Jon Kent a jumping off point in his journey to become Superman. Read Full Review

  • 6.0 - Christian Hoffer Jun 23, 2021

    It's a solid Superman story, albeit one that plays it pretty safe. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    You Don't Read Comics - David Harth Jun 30, 2021

    Superman #32 is definitely a book with two different stories of varying quality. The main story is a lot of fun, just a great Superman story that boosts Jon. Johnson and Godlewski do a wonderful job throughout. Lewis and Basris backup isnt nearly as good. Its a bit too long, and it feels like it, but at least the art is good. It hurts the book overall, which is a shame. Read Full Review

  • 5.8
    Weird Science - Eric Shea Jun 22, 2021

    It's the finale to not only this story but this series and sadly it doesn't live up to expectations where all the buildup we had previously just kind of goes away here and we get a pretty quick and disappointing ending to the Shadowbreed story. The art is decent throughout and there are some nice father/son moments but ultimately this issue is a pretty big letdown. Read Full Review

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    Merlyn Jun 22, 2021

    "if you ever think of yourself as just the son of Superman know that YOU'RE the Superman against whom all heroes will be measured someday. The Superman that I aspire to be". WE GET IT, PKJ, Jonathan Kent is the next Superman and you couldn't give two shits about Clark Kent, no need to beat us over the head this way. What is really shitty is that in all the interviews this guy lied about how much he cares about Superman and the first thing he did was getting rid of him. What's even more annoying is that I actually like Jonathan but the way this guy throws Clark Kent aside in his hunger to make a name for himself is disgusting.

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    RedKSuperman Jun 26, 2021

    You know what would be better than ending a series that was just finding it's legs after 32 issues? NOT CANCELLING the book in the 1st place. No one wants to read about Jon, NO ONE. So I hope DC enjoys the sales pop of issue #1 only to be followed by a quick drop by issue #3. Now, we all know they will bring back the original Superman however by that time the series run has already been broken. F'n brutal to read comics right now.

  • 9.0
    GammaBurst Jun 22, 2021

    Very good issue, even though it's not quite at Action Comics level.

  • 8.5
    DiegoLDUganda Jun 24, 2021

    Great story. It's not good as Action Comics, actually, it feels like a filler. I mean, they really needed time for Taylor's arrival and some foreshadowing of Jon becoming the new Superman.
    However, the side story was A-MA-ZING! Excellent story, I've really enjoyed reading about Bilbo, Jimmy, and those B-list heroes. I'm waiting for more adventures about them.

  • 8.0
    daspidaboy Jun 22, 2021

    At least Phillip K. Johnsno finished this run on a good note. Lets see how Tom Taylor will do for Superman.

  • 7.5
    MasterComics Jun 25, 2021

    The end of a great hero? rather the change of hero, Clark now gives his position to his son Jon, and I think it is great, I identify more with Jon, he is half human and it seems that soon he will be much more powerful than his father . But that doesn't mean I don't want to read more about Clark, Clark's Superman is an icon and his out is a bitter pill.
    I'll give the messenger's death a chance, though I wish Jon was his own man, seeking his own identity.

  • 6.5
    deen Jul 13, 2021

    It was alright, but felt quite rushed. Phil Hester's art in the main story definitely falls short here and there with some confusing action, and a final splash page that just looks plain off with the faces. The story being told is mythic I nature but the art doesn't seem to go with it well at all.

    The Bibbo/Olsen story is also wrapped up in this issue and that one is also a middling story but with better art than the feature. It was alright, but a bit riddled with cliche.

    Overall a slightly disappointing "ending" to the Kal-El Superman books for now, with some hype work being done for Jon Kent, the next Superman. I'm not even sure where all of that will be headed, but it sounds like there's already a heel turn planned more

  • 6.0
    fenixalasnegras Jun 24, 2021

    The change was coming, I appreciate that at least there is a logic in this, the son of blood, trained and guided by the super. As it is always an attempt to attract new readers, Superman: Son of Kal-El # 1 with writer Tom Taylor in charge possibly suits him as he has a very youthful writing.

    Super origina fans may be disappointed about this and I don't blame them.
    This closure could have been better, I'm not a big fan of Boy Scout in blue, maybe that's why I don't found it an unattractive book, but is not a bad.

  • 6.0
    King-Maker Psycamorean Jun 29, 2021

    Not very interesting, but I'm glad it's done.

  • 2.0

    So this is how it ends? As of now for the first time since 1940 (With the exception of a 3 month hiatus in 1993) there will be NO regular Superman book available. And how do they end 82 years of adventures? Not with a big battle against Luthor or Brainiac or even Bizarro or Mxyzptlk, but simply concluding an incredibly boring story where all that happens is Johnson trying to convince us Jon will be spectacular as the next Superman. Give yourselves a pat on the back fellas, because I doubt many readers would be willing. I'd have preferred it end with a cheesy Silver age-style Imaginary story over this pitiful tripe.
    DC is hoping to bring in younger readers with a younger Superman. Not goona happen. Comic editors need to open their eyes more

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