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Another Nerd reviewed Superman: Year One #1 Jun 26, 2019

This ain't no Batman year one. What's the point of this series?

Superman: Year One #1

By: Frank Miller, John Romita Jr
Released: Jun 19, 2019

From the burning world of Krypton to the bucolic fields of Kansas, the first chapter of SUPERMAN YEAR ONE tracks Clark Kent's youth in Kansas, as he comes to terms with his strange powers and struggles to find his place in our world. DC BLACK LABEL is proud to present the definitive origin of Superman as rendered by the legendary comics creators Fr...

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Another Nerd reviewed War of the Realms #6 Jun 26, 2019

Well played, Mr. Aaron and Mr. Dauterman, well played indeed.

War of the Realms #6

By: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman
Released: Jun 26, 2019

The tides begin to turn as unexpected allies appear in a twist that will shake the heavens! Malekith's allies are faltering at last before the might of all Earth's heroes, but the Dark Elf King has one final trick - and it's got a VENOMOUS bite! Out of options, the God of Thunder makes a s...

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Another Nerd reviewed Batman: Damned #3 Jun 26, 2019

Constantine and Swamp Thing were done well. I'll have to read all 3 issues again.

Batman: Damned #3

By: Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo
Released: Jun 26, 2019

The stunning conclusion to the groundbreaking miniseries by the critically acclaimed team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo is here! Batman's most baffling case brings him face to face with his worst nightmare in this highly anticipated finale!

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Another Nerd reviewed Superman #12 Jun 20, 2019

The art in this run is a joy to behold. Story wise, there's a lot to like but the ongoing throw downs with Rogol Zaar which always end abruptly are becoming a running gag. Jor-El's existence in the story line is being retconned, no longer caused by Dr. Manhatten. The course correction from Rebirth/Doomsday Clock is bumming me out.

Superman #12

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Prado
Released: Jun 12, 2019

The House of El is united in this SUPERMAN/SUPERGIRL crossover! It's the House of El against everyone as Superman, Jor-El, Supergirl and Superboy face intergalactic attacks from Rogol Zaar, General Zod and an armada of alien warriors and assassins. With the truth behind Krypton's destruction set to be revealed, a galactic conspiracy threatens to si...

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Another Nerd reviewed Batman #73 Jun 20, 2019

Good issue- the twist at the end piqued my interest. Is Bruce's mother or Flashpoint Thomas Wayne's beloved in the box?
Still can't explain what happened between Knightmares and this. Will #71 ever be explained?

Batman #73

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Jun 19, 2019

"The Fall and the Fallen" part four! Batman has been defeated by Bane's minions and chased out of Gotham. As a last-ditch effort to save his son from the lonely fate of being Batman, his father from another universe, Thomas Wayne, a.k.a. the Flashpoint Batman, is taking Bruce to the far ends of the Earth to try to give him the one thing that will c...

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Another Nerd reviewed Immortal Hulk #19 Jun 12, 2019

Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick...

Immortal Hulk #19

By: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett
Released: Jun 12, 2019

• Something is coming for Bruce Banner. Something that can smell him wherever he hides. Something that will never stop hunting.
•  It wears the face of a friend - but all it feels is hate and hunger, burning in the core of every cell.
•  Ask yourself...what's more terrifying than the IMMORTAL HULK?

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Another Nerd reviewed Silver Surfer: Black #1 Jun 12, 2019

Silver Surfer a la Yellow Submarine sans les Blue Meanies. Tres cool!

Silver Surfer: Black #1

By: Donny Cates, Tradd Moore
Released: Jun 12, 2019

Spinning out of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1, almost the entire galaxy's defenders have been blown through a black hole, including the Silver Surfer! But the story doesn't end there... In order to fight back the oblivion, Surfer will have to fight to save his own soul and not lose himself to the void. Follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways on a journey...

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Another Nerd added Silver Surfer: Black to their pull list Jun 12, 2019

Silver Surfer: Black

Spinning out of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1, almost the entire galaxy's defenders have been blown through a black hole, including the Silver Surfer! But the story doesn't end there... In order to fight back the oblivion, Surfer will have to fight to save his own soul and not lose himself to the void. Follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways on a journey...

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Another Nerd reviewed Immortal Hulk #18 Jun 7, 2019

The comic for your inner Cronenberg.

Immortal Hulk #18

By: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett
Released: May 29, 2019

• Bruce Banner is trapped inside Shadow Base Site A -  powerless and hunted by their top assassin.
•  He can't run forever. He can't change form. He can't survive...without THE IMMORTAL HULK.
•  But not the one you think.
Rated T+

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Another Nerd reviewed DCeased #2 Jun 6, 2019

Tom Taylor, you bastard! Bravo sir.

DCeased #2

By: Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine
Released: Jun 5, 2019

Millions are dying every minute. Heroes and villains alike are falling. Can the Justice League unite to find a way to stop the spread of death? Can they save humanity from extinction? Can they even save themselves? The key to survival may hinge on the last moments of one of the World's Finest Heroes...

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Another Nerd reviewed Batman #72 Jun 6, 2019

Good issue but the events of #71 are still a puzzle. I'm giving King the benefit of the doubt to see if he can land this. I've really enjoyed his run until the Knightmares arc. Everything since feels like a disjointed mess. It's royally cheesing me off!

Batman #72

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Jun 5, 2019

"The Fall and the Fallen" part three! Is this the end of Gotham City? Bane's army of villains is taking over the city, and Batman's back is against the wall. With all the things Bane has done to him over the last year-from breaking up his wedding to trying to assassinate Nightwing, and then invading Batman's mind to expose his most terrible fears-c...

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Another Nerd reviewed Green Lantern #8 Jun 5, 2019

Another brilliant issue. Like it's predecessors I had to read it twice to comprehend Morrison's story and then take a third spin to fully appreciate Sharp's art. This is how you make comics.

Green Lantern #8

By: Grant Morrison, Liam Sharp
Released: Jun 5, 2019

Green Lantern teams up with Green Arrow to stop a cosmic drug cartel that's using Earth as its main distribution base! It's a  brilliant homage to the team-ups of old, as Morrison and Sharp do the 2019 version in a story we can only call "Space Junkies!"

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Welcome back Mr. Capullo!

Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1

By: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
Released: May 29, 2019

Bruce Wayne wakes up in Arkham Asylum. Young. Sane.
And...he was never Batman.
So begins this sprawling tale of the Dark Knight as he embarks on a quest through a devastated DC landscape featuring a massive cast of familiar faces from the DC Universe. As he tries to piece together the mystery of his past, he must unravel the cause of this t...

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Another Nerd reviewed Heroes In Crisis #9 May 29, 2019

Mann's art is beyond fantastic and King writes some great character moments but overall I'm on the fence with this series. It's not that I don't like it; I'll have to let this story digest in my mind and revisit it in the future.

Heroes In Crisis #9

By: Tom King, Clay Mann
Released: May 29, 2019

The most-talked-about miniseries of the year reaches its stunning finale! The mystery behind the murders at Sanctuary is solved, but the mind behind it is one the heroes never expected. With their deepest secrets exposed, the Trinity has to consider how to carry on. Should the tragedy cause them to redouble their efforts to help their hurting comra...

Another Nerd reviewed Doomsday Clock #10 May 29, 2019

There's a panel paying homage to the cover of new 52 Action #5. Damn, that put a smile on my face. Doomsday Clock gets wonderfly meta this issue.

Doomsday Clock #10

By: Geoff Johns, Gary Frank
Released: May 29, 2019

This stunning issue of the critically acclaimed hit maxiseries reveals the secrets behind Dr. Manhattan and his connection to the DC Universe.

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MyNameIsNotJohn - May 29, 2019

“It begins...AGAIN!!”

Another Nerd added Thor (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Thor (2018)

Thor Odinson has regained his mantle - and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost of hundreds of ...

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Another Nerd added Spider-Man: Life Story to their pull list May 15, 2019

Spider-Man: Life Story

In 1962, in AMAZING FANTASY #15, 15-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the Amazing Spider-Man! Fifty-seven years have passed in the real world since that event - so what would have happened if the same amount of time passed for Peter as well?
A special high-end limited series that's a part of the celebration of ...

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Another Nerd added Fantastic Four (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Fantastic Four (2018)

Since the end of SECRET WARS, there's been a gap in the Marvel Universe. A void no other team can fill. And it's time for the world to move on. But can it? A life-changing decision by the Thing! A momentous declaration by the Human Torch! A clarion call...

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Another Nerd added Doomsday Clock to their pull list May 15, 2019

Doomsday Clock

DC Comics presents to you a 12-issue maxiseries from the critically acclaimed team of writer Geoff Johns, artist Gary Frank and colorist Brad Anderson. You are not prepared for what lies ahead within these pages, good readers.

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Another Nerd added Wonder Woman (2016) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Wonder Woman (2016)

"THE LIES" chapter one
Why has the lasso of truth stopped working for the Amazon Princess? Start down the rabbit hole as dark secrets from Wonder Woman's past unravel her present!
THEY SAID IT: "Drawing Wonder Woman isn't just drawing a comic, it's drawing an icon-the most famous and recognizable female superhero in the world," exclaims art...

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Another Nerd added The Batman Who Laughs (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

The Batman Who Laughs (2018)

Left rattled by the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL, Bruce Wayne must come face to face with the nightmares spawned from the Dark Multiverse. But even though evil devoured evil in the collapse of Challengers Mountain, the Dark Knight still has his doubts. He discovers that the Batman Who Laughs not only survived the fight with The Joker at the end of ...

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Another Nerd added Justice League Dark (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Justice League Dark (2018)

From the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE! Earth's magic once belonged to them. Now they want the magic back. But who exactly are they? It's up to the new Justice League Dark to find out and stop this nightmarish new threat at all costs! After the events of NO JUSTICE, team leader Wonder Woman guides the misfit magic mix of Zatanna, Swamp Thing,...

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Another Nerd added Heroes In Crisis to their pull list May 15, 2019

Heroes In Crisis

There's a new kind of crisis threatening the heroes of the DC Universe, ripped from real-world headlines by C.I.A.-operative-turned-comics-writer Tom King: How does a superhero handle PTSD? Welcome to Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who've been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. But something goes inexplicably wron...

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Another Nerd added Green Lantern (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Green Lantern (2018)

Superstar writer Grant Morrison (Batman, All-Star Superman) returns to DC alongside red-hot artist Liam Sharp (The Brave AND the Bold, Wonder Woman) to launch a new, ongoing series: THE GREEN LANTERN!
In this debut issue, when Earth's space cop, Hal Jordan, encounters an alien hiding in plain sight, it sets off a chain of events that rocks the...

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Another Nerd added Flash (2016) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Flash (2016)

A new storm brews over Central City and disproves the old adage about lightning never, know. Just as Barry begins to feel overwhelmed fighting crime, a new speedster debuts-but just where did this amazing new friend come from?
FLASH FACT: "2016 is the 60th anniversary of Barry Allen becoming ...

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Another Nerd added Detective Comics (2016) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Detective Comics (2016)

An unknown predator begins outdoing Batman, taking down dangerous threats with military precision. Its up to the Dark Knight and series costar Batwoman to rally and train the young heroes of Gotham City to end this mysterious threat!WHAT NOW: Batman and Batwoman begin training Spoiler, Red Robin and Cassandra Cain...

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Another Nerd added DCeased to their pull list May 15, 2019


"I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was Death, and Hades was following close behind him."-Revelation 6:8
A mysterious techno-virus has been released on Earth, infecting 600 million people and turning them instantly into violent, monstrous engines of destruction.
The heroes of the DCU are caught completely unpr...

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Another Nerd added Action Comics (2016) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Action Comics (2016)

PATH TO DOOM Chapter One
Superman returns to Metropolis just in time to meet the city of tomorrows newest protector: Lex Luthor. But its not long before these dueling titans meet someone unexpected the new Clark Kent! DONT MISS: ACTION COMICS returns to its original numbering with this issue! NOW SHIPPING TWICE MONTHLY!

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Another Nerd added Superman (2018) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Superman (2018)

A bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis begin their run on the all-new SUPERMAN! The fallout from the Man of Steel miniseries has Clark Kent looking at the world through new eyes... with new ideas about what Superman could and should do for the c...

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Another Nerd added Daredevil (2019) to their pull list May 15, 2019

Daredevil (2019)

Rated T+

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