Afterlife With Archie #6

Afterlife With Archie #6

Writer: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Artist: Jack Morelli, Francesco Francavilla Publisher: Archie Comics Release Date: July 23, 2014 Cover Price: $2.99 Critic Reviews: 14 User Reviews: 12
9.1Critic Rating
9.1User Rating

"The Nether-Realm." The unthinkable has happened: Riverdale has become Ground Zero for the zombie apocalypse, and the surviving members of our gang have been forced to flee their beloved home. However terrible things have been for Archie and friends, they've been much worse for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Banished to witches' purgatory after using the dreaded Necronomicon, she's now fighting for her immortal soul! A perfect entry-point for new readers as the smash horror TEEN+ hit continues! Definitely not for all ages!

  • 10
    All-Comic - Kayla Medley Jul 22, 2014

    Anyone who wasn't sure about reading this series up until now should definitely do so, because it seems as though things are about to get even more interesting. As a fan of any type of horror, whether it's zombies, witches, Lovecraft… or even if you're just an Archie fan, you need to read this series. That was the case in the first five issues, and it's even more the case now. There are so many questions now, about what will happen next, and it's going to be difficult to wait for the next issue to find out! Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Book Therapy - Cody "The Thorverine" Ferrell Jul 23, 2014

    Afterlife With Archie has been a series that has gotten a lot of people talking, but this is the issue that will have EVERYONE talking. Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla have begun their second arc in style, and it will be thrilling to see where it goes from here. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Newsarama - David Pepose Jul 22, 2014

    Pitting the innocence of Archie Comics against the scariest horrors of fiction seems, in retrospect, like a no-brainer. With Archie's long history of optimism and happiness and cartoony soap operatics, Aguirre-Sacasa doesn't need that much exposition to make Riverdale's fall from grace that much more tragic and terrifying. But by taking a turn to Cthulu, Aguirre-Sacasa also makes a bold statement in showing how flexible his concept truly is. Apparently the scariest threats are the ones you never could see coming. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comics: The Gathering - F.D. White Jul 24, 2014

    If you thought the first arc was special, then you haven't seen anything yet. We're in for an epic adventure. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Horror Talk - James Ferguson Jul 25, 2014

    Afterlife with Archie was already a solid and emotional zombie comic.  This issue expands it into further areas of horror in an organic way, setting it apart from its rivals.  From the looks of things, the creators are just getting started. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Den Of Geek! - Chris Cummins Jul 23, 2014

    This issue's Hammer Horror meets American Horror Story by way of Lovecraft may be a full of familiar patiches, yet it is one that makes readers eaglerly anticipate each new development in this bold twisted Archieverse. Things keep getting scarier in each new issue, and that is a wonderful thing. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Coming Up Comics - Timothy Merritt Jul 23, 2014

    Ok, you know where I'm going with this. This book is perfect. I would give it an 11/10 if I could. Each issue is as strong or stronger than the last, the passion of the creative team never wavers, and you can feel how much fun they're having on this book. With the horror-themed Sabrina scheduled to debut this October off the successful rotting heels of Afterlife, the future looks bright for Archie's mature endeavors. Read Full Review

  • 10
    ComicWow!TV - AD Boorman Jul 29, 2014

    Don't buy this because it's novel or freaky, like the Archie/KISS or Archie/Punisher crossovers. Buy this for the art; buy this for the story. This is not just some novelty title. It is a solid, tautly written horror comic. Afterlife with Archie is not a novelty comic; this is what horror comics should be!! Read Full Review

  • 9.2
    Geeked Out Nation - Ian Yoxon Jul 24, 2014

    Overall Afterlife With Archie #6 was great. I highly suggest reading it at night just to set the mood for yourself when getting into a horror story. Like movies and video games sometimes a horror story doesn't feel as scary as it should when seeing it in the day. It also expands the Afterlife With Archie universe in a way I don't think anyone was expecting. With Cthulhu added to mix, it makes me wonder what other kinds of themes and monsters will appear in this series. Like Slender Man or the story in the game Outlast for example. It's issues like Afterlife With Archie #6 that makes me wish that this wasn't a bi-monthly series as I want to see more. Read Full Review

  • 8.9
    IGN - Mike Logsdon Jul 23, 2014

    Francesco Francavilla does an incredible job of capturing the macabre setting of Afterlife, but applies it just as well to the elements present in this issue. Here though, Aguirre-Sacasa takes the time to build up the horror elements of Sabrina's story since readers have been unaware of her whereabouts since her disappearance. Francavilla gets the chance to illustrate a world that is seemingly normal with horrific elements buried just underneath the surface. The results are eerie and should leave your skin sufficiently crawling. Read Full Review

  • 8.3
    Florida Geek Scene - Touch of Grey Jul 29, 2014

    Do I like the way the second arc is starting? Not really. I'm into this book because of the way the Riverdale kids reacted to suddenly having to flee for their lives from their friends and neighbors. Sabrina Spellman: Bride of Cthulhu is just not my thing. Still, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla have crafted a masterful story so far, and I'm more than interested in watching it play out all the way. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    cxPulp - Terry Verticchio Jul 25, 2014

    As cxPulp's esteemed Blake Petit has mentioned so many times before, Archie Comics isn't really what we think it is. It isn't a series of comics stuck in the mythical 50's. It is quite progressive and it is always trying new ways to reach a different section of the audience. Well After Life With Archie reached out to me. Mostly because all nerds love zombies and secretly long for Cthulhu to rise again, if for nothing else than to point at the unholy abomination and say "Called it!" Yeah we're weird like that. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Eye On Comics - Don MacPherson Jul 28, 2014

    While I found the writing, though entertaining, lacked subtlety, Francavilla's art doesn't disappoint in the least. Has it ever? His dark style is obviously a nice fit for the Lovecraftian yarn his creative partner is spinning here, and again, I love how his depiction of one of the cute teens of the Archie-verse isn't at all objectifying of the character. She actually looks like a teenage girl. The double-page splash in which Cthulhu is revealed is absolutely stunning, one of the strongest images we've seen in this series thus far. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Multiversity Comics - Brian Salvatore Jul 25, 2014

    This issue isn't quite up to snuff with the rest of the series thus far " it's just too on the nose with the Lovecraftian stuff, and not connected to the main story " but it is a bizarre, fun diversion. Francavilla's art continues to be impressive, if overly bathed in orange, and the dream sequences, in particular, were beautifully handled. Read Full Review

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