Batman #618

Writer: Jeph Loeb Artist: Jim Lee Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: August 27, 2003 Critic Reviews: 5 User Reviews: 14
6.0Critic Rating
7.5User Rating

Hush Chapter Eleven: The Game
After the shocking revelations of last issue, Batman faces the battle of his life! But given the betrayals he's discovered, can Batman possibly fight the one person whom he cannot - and will not - fight? Was this the master plan all along? Or are there still more twists to come?

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    Comics Bulletin - Mike Storniolo Aug 28, 2003

    Batman is definitely the book to buy. Loeb and Lee make a spectacular team they are great storytellers and for only $2.25 for their work, well, its a fabulous deal. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comics Bulletin - Jason Cornwell Sep 6, 2003

    This issue acts as a perfect example of why I'm having trouble embracing this arc, as it's getting pretty difficult not to notice how often Jeph Loeb offers up a shocking plot device only to reverse it in the following issue. Now taken by itself there's nothing wrong with this issue, as it does a pretty fair job of addressing the Jason Todd situation. However, when one places this issue alongside the other chapters it quickly becomes apparent that Hush's big master plan exists entirely to allow Jeph Loeb to deliver a string of fan pleasing plot devices, as it's almost like Jeph Loeb is making his way down a check list of situation and events that will get to fans excited. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that this entire arc has an artificial, almost cookie cutter quality to it, and if one has read the "Batman: The Long Halloween" maxiseries, it's also hard not to pretend not to see the similar plot construction. Still, I guess if this is what makes Batman readers happy who am I Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comics Bulletin - Cody Dolan Sep 3, 2003

    I would call this issue a satisfying disappointment; satisfying because Hush isnt Jason Todd, but disappointing because I dont buy too much of whats going on. Given that Batman is written like the smartest person on the planet in every other book hes in, he should have figured out that he was fighting Clayface much earlier than he did and he should have deduced Hushs identity by now. Loeb leaves too many threads loose going into the finale, and Im skeptical that hell be able to tie them altogether in the end. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comics Bulletin - David Kozlowski Sep 3, 2003

    Next month we learn whos behind Hush right? Jeph Loeb will really, truly and honestly explain everything. So why is there a dark, pessimistic part of me expects a final panel depicting a silhouetted figure cackling maniacally with a great, big question mark splashed over his face. At this point Ill accept Vincent Prices Egghead as the responsible villain if Loeb will just end the story on a definitive, ingenuous note. Read Full Review

  • 2.0
    Comics Bulletin - Tim Hartnett Sep 2, 2003

    Batman #618 will serve a better purpose on the toilet paper racks than on the ones you find at your local comic store. It's light, durable, and flushable. Read Full Review

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