X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #1

Writer: Steve Foxe Artist: Netho Diaz Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: June 12, 2024 Cover Price: $4.99 Critic Reviews: 6 User Reviews: 12
7.7Critic Rating
7.1User Rating

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For centuries, Apocalypse tested the mutants of Earth to guarantee that only the strong would survive. Now, as he takes his throne on Arakko, another must rise in his place and ensure the mutants of Earth do not grow weak in his absence! Twelve mutants chosen from the X-Men's greatest heroes - and villains - will compete for the honor, but only one can become...the HEIR OF APOCALYPSE!
Rated T+

  • 9.0
    AIPT - David Brooke Jun 12, 2024

    Given the '90s vibes and compelling characters, it's safe to say that X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse will be a fun ride. Heir of Apocalypse has perpetually engrossing characters that benefit from a story that keeps you guessing and a decidedly '90s feel. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The Comicbook Dispatch - Dispatchdcu Jun 12, 2024

    Overall, X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #1 is an entertaining but somewhat shallow first issue that sets the stage for a mutant brawl with a mysterious twist. Pick it up if you're a die-hard X-Men fan who enjoys action-heavy stories. If you prefer a more nuanced narrative with deeper character exploration, you might want to pass on this one. Read Full Review

  • 7.8
    Graphic Policy - Brett Jun 12, 2024

    X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse #1 is an interesting concept and feels like the logical next step for Apocalypse. It teases some major conflict to come in the future and dark clouds off in the distance. It also has a nice retro vibe, a break from more recent X-Men comics during the Krakoan age which had a voice and look all to their own. It's an interesting debut that feels like it tees up a lot to come. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Nerd Initiative - gangstermegan Jun 12, 2024

    Like I mentioned, I think the storyline is a lot of fun. The characters chosen are a great bunch that I can't to see interact and compete against each other. With all the heavy stuff going on in the other X-Men comics currently, this feels lighter and more of a fun time. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    ComicBook.com - Chase Magnett Jun 12, 2024

    The cynic in me dreaded opening X-Men: Heir of Apocalypse as it seemed a cattle call of beloved, but second-tier characters to reset their stories for a new era of X-Men comics; it certainly serves that purpose, but writer Steve Foxe elevates this assignment with a deft blend of characterization and indulgent style that has me sincerely excited to read issue #2. Read Full Review

  • 6.6
    Geek'd Out - Nico Sprezzatura Jun 12, 2024

    I'm interested to see where this series goes from here, but it might be worth it to wait for when it's concluded. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Dave DSG Jun 13, 2024

    Apocalypse has assumed the throne of Arakko, he feels he must maintain this civilization of mutants just as Krakoa fell.

    The main objective of Apocalypse is for the mutants to overcome all the obstacles they receive and become increasingly more powerful. On Mars Arako is barely born but on Earth he needs the mutants to be reborn, so he is going to hold a competition to determine who will be the heir to his mantle on planet Earth.

    Armageddon Girl, Cable, Cypher, Emma Frost, Exodus, Forge, The Gorgon, Mister Sinister, Mirage, Penance, Rictor and Wolverine (Laura) are the guests to this competition, each one has their own objective, some want to be like Apocalypse, others want to eliminate whoever is left, no on more

  • 8.0
    Jawnyblaze Jun 14, 2024

    Apocalypse is one of my favorite comics villains so a book like this is going to automatically pique my interest. Most of the candidates are characters I like as well, only a couple I wasn't familiar with (Armageddon Girl? I don't recall ever seeing her before). Cable would be my personal choice, but I can see it being either Exodus or Rictor as well. GREAT art. Was very happy to see good ol' fashioned solid art in this book. OVerall I don't think it'll be quite as earth-shattering of a series or outcome as someone of Apocalypse's stature might imply, but I do think it will be a fun read.

  • 7.5
    derbycomics Jun 12, 2024

    The debut issue of Heir of Apocalypse sets the stage for an epic tournament with a massive cast of mutants, including some fan favorites that have been underutilized in recent story arcs. Writer Steve Foxe commendably introduces each of the tournament’s participants, providing a solid foundation for the story to come.

    The sheer size of the cast is a standout. Foxe doesn't shy away from featuring a diverse range of mutants, including some unexpected choices. While it's impossible to delve too deep into each character's story within a single issue, Foxe successfully uses flashbacks to provide context and background on why Apocalypse chose certain mutants for his tournament. I hope we get to see more of these as they’re a great more

  • 6.5
    Screaming Enigma Jul 17, 2024

    I might have scored this a little bit higher if the art was better. Diaz's art definitely feels very 90's here, which is in line with the logo. However, I was surprised to find that this was so tied in with Krakoa. I'm not upset about that, I'm just a little caught off-guard. Anyways, yeah, Diaz's art was just a bit rough in certain spots. Other than that, Foxe's story was solid. This issue was just so introductory, which I understand it's supposed to be. There just wasn't as much for me to latch onto and get excited about as I would have liked. That said, I am fairly interested to see how this plays out and what the endgame of this all is, especially with it starting after the Krakoa Era ends, but wrapping up by the time From the Ashes has more

  • 6.0
    Psycamorean Jun 13, 2024

    This is a very tiring issue to read. There's so much ground that has to be laid to justify literally everyone being there and this story happening. It's so tied to Krakoa as well, despite all aesthetics from the cover to the interior art being intentionally 90s-fied. This was an oversized issue and I still feel like we've got a ton more exposition to burn through.

  • 9.0
    ComiczLover Jul 4, 2024

  • 8.0
    wesshamu Jul 6, 2024

  • 7.0
    lossforwords Jul 11, 2024

  • 7.0
    Texas VII Jun 17, 2024

  • 6.0
    TheFallenKing13 Jun 12, 2024

  • 5.0
    Swanktub Jun 14, 2024

  • 5.0
    KittyNone Jun 12, 2024

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