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JoseAmor reviewed Runaways #2 Oct 12, 2017

Gert's back! Classic Runaways. Very jarring twist ending, followed by another ominous reveal.

Runaways #2

By: Rainbow Rowell, Kris Anka
Released: Oct 11, 2017

• The RUNAWAYS are back, but are they ever, ever, ever getting back together?
•  Did Chase and Gert's love survive their time apart? Have Karolina and Nico's feelings made their friendship impossible? What emotional land mines lie in wait to DESTROY the Runaways?!
•  And should we be more worried about those, or about the shadowy...

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JoseAmor reviewed Hulk #11 Oct 12, 2017

A hilarious one shot that also nods to the background threat looming closer, builds character development, and breaks the fourth wall. What more could you ask for? Also a nice break after a pretty dark and intense first 10 issues.

Hulk #11

By: Mariko Tamaki, Sebastian Bachan Carrillo
Released: Oct 11, 2017

JEN WALTERS here, asking you to kindly pre-order your copy of HULK #11...or else I'll come into your shop and rip up all of your issues of ASTONISHING X-MEN #1! That last-page reveal won't be so revealing when it's in shreds on the floor...What? No, I'm not deflecting. Yes, the events of the last arc WERE challenging, but I'm fine...Listen, I just ...

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JoseAmor reviewed Amazing Spider-Man #789 Oct 12, 2017

A hilarious and sad look at Parker's life now, with some great character building and set up for a good arc that looks to get Peter back to his roots.

Amazing Spider-Man #789

By: Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen
Released: Oct 11, 2017

Down on your luck Peter Parker is back, for good or ill. New York has changed, and so has Peter - but entering a new phase of his Spider-Man life isn't easy; neither are new relationships OR new foes. Peter Parker is not the Spider-Man you remember, but why is he taking his fight to THE DAILY BUGLE? And what happened t...

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JoseAmor reviewed X-Men: Blue #13 Oct 12, 2017

While the story is good, Mojo's onslaught of the X-men is so frantic that it's hard to keep up with everything going on, and not enough time is devoted to each group. I'm pretty upset about a certain character's potential being (maybe) squandered too.

X-Men: Blue #13

By: Cullen Bunn, Jorge Molina
Released: Oct 11, 2017

The X-Men may have bitten off more than they can chew when the Mojoverse continues its bizarre invasion of MANHATTAN! JEAN GREY and her team fight side by side with KITTY PRYDE and her team...but can MOJO be defeated when he's got the X-Men's greatest hits weaponized against them? Or will an unlikely alley come to the resc...

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JoseAmor reviewed Royals #9 Oct 12, 2017

I hope Rodriguez never stops drawing this story. The Progenitor planet looks trippy and weird, and the set up here is incredible. I still don't understand what future Maximus is up to, nor do I enjoy Medusa/Gorgon.

Royals #9

By: Al Ewing, Javier Rodriguez
Released: Oct 4, 2017

If the Inhuman race was born of Kree experiments, then who made the Kree? Enter the Progenitors! Meanwhile the Inhuman Royal Family, led by Black Bolt and Medusa, are searching for the Prima Materia-the original Terrigen. But even if they find the chemical that will save their dying race...can they escape the revenge of ...

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JoseAmor reviewed Dark Nights: Metal #3 Oct 12, 2017

Pretty much perfect, if it wasn't for that ridiculous hidden message in the notes. Really sets up for a nice adventure, and a very good twist means very bad things for the good guys.

Dark Nights: Metal #3

By: Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
Released: Oct 11, 2017

Superman is pulled into the mystery of the Dark Multiverse while the Justice League follows the trail to a weapon that could keep the forces of the Dark Multiverse at bay!

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A pretty strong close to the first chapter of this title that I'm honestly surprised is still around. All previous elements were brought back in to play a role, whether they fit into the story naturally or not. It will be interesting what effect this has on Normie when we catch up to everyone eight years later.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #12

By: Ryan Stegman, Brian Level
Released: Oct 11, 2017

• It all comes down to this!
•  Normie Osborn vs. the Spider-Family!
•  Everything changes after this. Guaranteed.
Rated T

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JoseAmor reviewed All-New Wolverine #25 Oct 12, 2017

Great artwork. Decent start to the new Legacy art that ties back into Laura's past. An interesting twist ending I didn't see coming. Less Daken than I was hoping for.

All-New Wolverine #25

By: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal
Released: Oct 11, 2017

DAKEN, the enigmatic son of Logan, has been kidnapped and it's up to the ALL-NEW WOLVERINE to find him. But when the trail leads Laura, a genetic clone of the original Wolverine, back to the FACILITY where she was created and tortured, she will find new horrors waiting for her.  Who are the ORPHANS OF X and what do...

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JoseAmor reviewed Avengers #672 Oct 12, 2017

A crossover clash that's been building for a year, Avengers vs Champions delivers on all the interpersonal drama without sacrificing any action. The only negative is del Mundo's absence.

Avengers #672

By: Mark Waid, Jesus Saiz
Released: Oct 4, 2017

Following the events of GENERATIONS comes the long-promised clash between the Avengers and the Champions! The countdown has started as the High Evolutionary, a twisted scientist determined to create a better world at all costs, sets the Earth on a collision course with destruction! The Avengers and the Champions are ready ...

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JoseAmor reviewed Weapon X #9 Oct 12, 2017

Not the greatest. I wish there was more team building in the actual team, and Laura's inclusion felt extremely unnecessary. Weapon H and Dr. Alba do make for a pretty formidable threat, but I'm ready to move past this Hulkverine stuff.

Weapon X #9

By: Greg Pak, Marc Borstel
Released: Oct 11, 2017


"    SABERTOOTH believes WEAPON H must die, but OLD MAN LOGAN is intent on stopping him before he can.  
"    Weapon H is looking for answers, but only finds more questions and a more violent path.
"    Will Logan find Weapon H before its purpose is fulfilled?
"    Guest starring A...

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JoseAmor reviewed Weapon X #8 Sep 15, 2017

The hunt for Weapon H is still going strong. The team gets their collective ass kicked (except for Domino, which provides the issue with some much needed levity and fun character interactions) and we as readers get to see what the Hulkverine is capable of. The monstrosity itself continues to be fleshed out as a person, making the conflict multi-faceted on both sides. The awesome end reveal bumped more

Weapon X #8

By: Fred Van Lente, Marc Borstel
Released: Sep 13, 2017

o  Doctor Alba's macabre experiments for the Weapon X program turned one of America's Finest into a behemoth imbued with genetics gifts of the Hulk and Wolverine.
o  Despite countless iterations, only he survived... What made him the perfect vessel for the curse? And how far will Doctor Alb...

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JoseAmor reviewed X-Men: Gold #4 May 18, 2017

While I do find that Blue has been a more consistently interesting and imaginative book so far, this issue to me seems to move past the awkward start and begin to build a stronger second arc, even if it does echo the one-and-done story Blue just did with mutant sentinels. Gambit is always a welcome addition, and I like the seeds sown during Storm and Logan's police scene. Rachel's psy-skills, whil more

X-Men: Gold #4

By: Marc Guggenheim, Ardian Syaf
Released: May 17, 2017

• Mutantkind's dearest delinquent is back!
•  GAMBIT is up to his old tricks - namely, getting in over his head...
•  But will the X-Men be able to pull their prodigal prowler out of the fire when things finally get too hot for the ragin' Cajun?
Rated T+

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JoseAmor reviewed Generation X #1 May 17, 2017

A good, almost great first issue, except it is a little too familiar, a little too we've seen it all before. Jubilee as the adult is a great lens character, one that almost everyone will be able to relate to in some way. The kids themselves are barely given any major characterization, instead just given brief introductions of their powersets. Overall a decent start to an X series that I'm excited more

Generation X #1

By: Christina Strain, Amilcar Pinna
Released: May 17, 2017

The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach has opened its doors and is ready to foster the next generation of heroes and diplomats! But this time around, the X-Men recognize an unfortunate truth: not all mutants are created equal. Some mutants are not made to fight Sentinels or serve as ambassadors on behalf of their kind. Some mutants ...

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JoseAmor reviewed Amazing Spider-Man #27 May 10, 2017

Spider-Man continues on excellent trajectory since the ending of the Clone Conspiracy. Osborn's master plan and revelations are devious and entertaining. After the way Norman's identity was treated back in Superior, I'm really glad to see Slott picking up that thread and using it to showcase more of Osborn's batshit insanity. Loved Mockingbird's part, Silver Sable's revelation was interesting and more

Amazing Spider-Man #27

By: Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen
Released: May 10, 2017

•  Norman Osborn has slowly worked his way to a position of power in the Eastern European nation of Symkaria, and now has a goblin-ized army behind him.
•  With Symkarian hero Silver Sable at his side, Spider-Man has all the forces and weaponry that Parker Industries can gather to take the battle to Nor...

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JoseAmor reviewed X-Men: Blue #3 May 10, 2017

Solid issue with some good characterization for Jean as a team leader. I love that every member of this team really works together. It makes for good action sequences. The villain of the issue was an interesting one with unusual motivations. Blue continues to hit it out of the park while Gold struggles to keep up.

X-Men: Blue #3

By: Cullen Bunn, Jorge Molina
Released: May 10, 2017

• The X-MEN and SENTINELS get along like a house on fire...
•  ...until the X-Men meet a group of Sentinels asking for help.
•  What could these old foes want? And where do they come from? And why are they calling themselves...mutants?
Rated T+

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JoseAmor reviewed Hulk #5 Apr 26, 2017

A fascinating character study on the road to recovering from trauma, Jen's story continues to burn slowly into what will (hopefully) be an intense and worthwhile conclusion to this first arc. The lack of Hulking in a Hulk book is disappointing, but the deep character work and unique tone is the meat to this comic.

Hulk #5

By: Mariko Tamaki, Nico Leon
Released: Apr 26, 2017

•  Ever since the tragic events of CIVIL WAR II, JENNIFER WALTERS has done everything she can to avoid transforming into her heroic other form.
•  When a string of murders point to her newest client, Jen finds that she might be in over her head without her super-strong alter ego.

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Welles - Apr 26, 2017


DigIt - Apr 28, 2017

Hope - that's what all the critics who like this series seem to have about the next issue. Ugh.

JoseAmor reviewed Old Man Logan #22 Apr 26, 2017

A continuation of a stylized romp through Wolverine's history. While it's fun and gorgeous to look at, there's no suspense or tension. Each scene is little more than a brief shot of something that Logan has no control over. However, the art and nostalgia carry this arc enough that it doesn't feel like filler, despite knowing we're halfway through it and have almost nothing new to show for it.

Old Man Logan #22

By: Jeff Lemire, Eric Nguyen
Released: Apr 26, 2017

•  It's LOGAN versus a WENDIGO and THE HULK - all over again!
•  And as he continues his journey through his own past, Logan is forced to relive an especially poignant and painful moment from his past...
•  ...Will he try to change the outcome to save a person...

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JoseAmor reviewed All-New Wolverine #18 Mar 9, 2017

A year and a half ago, fans watched as Laura Kinney declared herself Wolverine in the absence of her mentor, and she did so with an optimism and fervor that called back to the days of good guys fighting bad guys because bad guys are bad. Since then, that hopefulness and cheer has been slowly beaten out of Laura, culminating in her murder of an entire town after exposure to her trigger scent. All N more

All-New Wolverine #18

By: Tom Taylor, Nicole Virella
Released: Mar 8, 2017

•  With her allies at her back, WOLVERINE will face off against her oldest last time.
•  It's LAURA versus KIMURA, and only one will walk away.
•  Guest starring ANGEL, GAMBIT, NICK FURY and MORE!
Rated T+

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JoseAmor added Angel Season 11 to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Angel Season 11

Vampire Angel is tormented by a vision linking his shameful past to something very big-and very bad-that is coming. The goddess Illyria gives Angel some insight and incentive. Then she really gets involved, and Angel discovers that it might be possible to change the future by changing the past.

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JoseAmor added Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11

Life is good for Buffy and the Scoobies with everyone finally finding a happy and calm place in their lives. But when a supernatural disaster wreaks havoc on their very existence, and the entire city of San Francisco, they are forced back into fighting form.
o Rebekah Isaacs and Christos Gage return for Season 11!
o Catch "deleted scenes" o...

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JoseAmor added Teen Titans (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Teen Titans (2016)

"Damian Knows Best" part one! Now that Damian has "summoned" the Teen Titans, the tyrannical teen reveals his master plan! But a great evil from Damian's past is lurking around the corner, ready to strike at the team's newest leader and destroy the new Teen Titans before they even begin!

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JoseAmor added Venom (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Venom (2016)

    The symbiote you know and love has returned to New York City. No more "Agent of the Cosmos." No more "Lethal Protector." It's time for a new Venom, and it's great to be bad.
Rated T+

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JoseAmor added Uncanny X-Men (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Uncanny X-Men (2016)

In a world that's never hated or feared mutants more, there is only one constant: BIGGER THREATS REQUIRE MORE THREATENING X-MEN. Refusing to accept one more mutant death, the most ruthless mutants on Earth have banded together to proactively mow down their enemies. But with a team populated by relentless killers, one question applies above all othe...

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JoseAmor added Spider-Woman (2015) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Spider-Woman (2015)

Jessica Drew is a private investigator, a super hero and... a mom to be? Since we last saw her, Spider-Woman's got a whole NEW responsibility -- she's super heroing for two now, after all! Ben Urich and Porcupine are still along for the adventure, too, and aren't making Jess' life any easier - half the time they won't even let her leave the car! Ho...

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JoseAmor added Spider-Man (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Spider-Man (2016)

Miles Morales has been doing the super hero thing for a while, now, but after SECRET WARS, he'll be a full-fledged member of the Marvel Universe. Swinging next to The Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor and the All-New Captain America as a card-carrying member of the Avengers is an adventure, but it's not all fun and games for New York City's main...

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JoseAmor added Spider-Gwen (2015) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Spider-Gwen (2015)

Gwen Stacy is back in the webs and has an all-new, all-different mystery to solve: the reappearance of The Lizard! Spider-Woman was convinced that the Lizard died in her arms along with Peter Parker. But when a similar monster goes on a reptilian rampage, she's left with doubts not only about Peter's life, but his death...

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JoseAmor added Silk (2015) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Silk (2015)

•  Cindy Moon has been working to find the missing members of her family since she escaped the bunker that was her home prior to the events of SPIDER-VERSE. But her quest has taken her down a darker path than she expected, and she's now in cahoots with none other than the most ferocious feline i...

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JoseAmor added Prowler to their pull list Feb 18, 2017


Even a super hero's life can get boring. Double-check your gear. Patrol the city. Save the innocent. Report back to your boss, The Jackal. Wait, what? Why is Prowler working for The Jackal? What does the resurrected Madame Web have to do with him? And what has Prowler already done that may have compromised him?!

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JoseAmor added Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Power Man and Iron Fist (2016)

We KNOW you've been waiting to see LUKE CAGE and DANNY RAND back together and back to STREET-STOMPING basics! POWER MAN and IRON FIST are tracking a mystery with all the ingredients of a classic Heroes-for-Hire tale. Expect old friends, hired goons, crime lords, weird magic, plenty of power, a ...

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JoseAmor added Old Man Logan (2016) to their pull list Feb 18, 2017

Old Man Logan (2016)

Fifty years from now, Logan -- the man who no longer calls himself Wolverine -- will have endured many atrocities: The Marvel Universe's villains will have banded together and rid the world of its heroes. Logan's closest friend, Hawkeye, will have been murdered in cold blood right before his eyes. And driven mad by the same radiation that gave him ...

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