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AFINO reviewed Immortal Hulk #12 Jan 24, 2019

The absence of Walter Langkowski, Carl (Bushwhacker) Burbank, and Shadow Base is noticeable this time. Even though the main conflict is still compelling, it was the exceptional character moments in the previous issue that gave it the groundedness it needed. Here, in IH # 12, it's not as effective. Hope Judd, Creel, McGee, (and Walter) get through this. Disturbing, partly in a good way, partly in more

Immortal Hulk #12

By: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett
Released: Jan 23, 2019

•  It whispers through many mouths. It destroys with many hands. Its only weapon is hate.
•  It wears human souls like masks on a stage to work its will on the world - but in the lowest hell, underneath all others, all the masks come off...
•  ...and THE ONE BELOW ALL...

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AFINO added Immortal Hulk to their pull list Jan 5, 2019

Immortal Hulk

You'd never notice the man. He doesn't like to be noticed. He's quiet. Calm. Never complains. If someone were to walk up and shoot him in the head... all he'd do is die.
Until night falls. And someone else gets up again.
The man's name is Banner.
The horror is THE IMMORTAL HULK.
Rated T+

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AFINO reviewed Immortal Hulk #11 Jan 5, 2019

The only person shown to dismiss Jackie's anger is The Hulk, in IMMORTAL HULK # 5...with the most stinging rebuke possible from the person responsible for destroying her old neighborhood: "Just...go home, McGee. Go home."

The conversation between Jackie and The Hulk is much more personal than a lot of people realize, not really a civil rights manifesto. Her childhood home was destroye more

Immortal Hulk #11

By: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett
Released: Jan 2, 2019

•  Jackie McGee is in hell. Carl Creel is in hell. Walter Langkowski is in hell. Eugene Judd is in hell. Carl Burbank is in hell.
•  Los Diablos is in hell. Shadow Base is in hell. New Mexico is in hell. Planet Earth is in hell. We are all in hell...
•  ...and so is the IMMORTAL HULK.
Rated T+

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AFINO reviewed The New World #5 Nov 22, 2018

I wanted to like The New World, but there isn't enough in it to like. After a promising start, there just isn't enough in this 5-issue limited series to make anyone want to spend a second more in this "New World."

Despite the grand scope of issue # 1 and the aftermath of a second Civil War only glimpsed, none of the important questions are answered in the next 4 issues: (1) What happ more

The New World #5

By: Ales Kot, Tradd Moore
Released: Nov 21, 2018

Save... America?

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AFINO added The Silencer to their pull list Sep 1, 2018

The Silencer

"CODE OF HONOR" part one! She's one of the DC Universe's deadliest assassins...and you've never heard of her. Super-strong, highly trained, armed with devastating and stealthy meta-human abilities, the Silencer is virtually invincible. Or at least she was. After decades as Leviathan's chief assassin, Honor Guest put in her time and managed to get o...

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AFINO reviewed The New World #2 Aug 30, 2018

I know that issue 3 is set to be released on September 12th---two weeks from the just-published issue 2, but I hope that if the creative team needs a little more time to fine-tune things so the fullest, most comprehensive vision of THE NEW WORLD is conveyed like it is in issue 1, IMAGE can give them that time. This is a comic book that has the potential to be one of the very best.

The New World #2

By: Ales Kot, Tradd Moore
Released: Aug 29, 2018

On the run, but not the way you might think. Unless... you guessed.

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AFINO added The New World to their pull list Aug 30, 2018

The New World


The United States of America-after the Second Civil War.
Two lovers meet. One: a straight-edge vegan hacker anarchist boy with a penchant for messing with the State. The other: a chaotic, hedonistic cop with a reality TV show and a license to kill. This really shouldn't happen-and yet, somehow,...

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