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Batman (2011) #43  
Batman (2016) #1

Jun 15, 2016

The only downside Is the art...

Batman (2016) #2

Jul 6, 2016

Batman (2016) #4

Aug 3, 2016

Batman (2016) #21

Apr 19, 2017

Breathtaking art and gripping script. Highly recommend.

Batman (2016) #50

Jul 4, 2018

The art is amazing, as usual. Sometimes, you can catch a glimpse of the writer of vision and mr miracle, but most of the time the writing is subpar. Like most, I am very disappointed with the twist.

Batman (2016) #81

Oct 16, 2019

Terrible issue. The writing is over complicated and convoluted. The plot is full of holes. I usually like JR JR art but his work here seems lazy. I don’t understand how Thomas Wayne can defeat the whole bat family alone ( including cass Cain). I guess I will never know since it is all off panel. For the first time in ten years I may drop Batman...

Batman (2016) #85

Dec 18, 2019

Jesus that was bad! The only saving grace is the amazing art. Actions have no consequences: bane is shot in the head and is okay shortly after, Thomas is the best fighter in the world until he is the worst for no reason, Batman is also shot and is just fine...I love most of Tom King’s work but that is just lazy and devoid of any emotional impact...

Batman (2016) #97

Aug 20, 2020

There is nothing particularly wrong here... but it’s another “Batman-losses-everything-and-hallucinates” story. Tom king just did that. Snyder did the same thing as well... hell, Morrison did that with much better results. The art is amazing as usual. I wish Jimenez had something fresher to work with...

Batman And Robin Eternal #13  
Black Canary (2015) #6  
Dark Night: A True Batman Story #1  
Doomsday Clock #10

May 29, 2019

Maybe the bes issue yet. The story is amazing. Johns is at his best here.

East of West #23  
Future State (2021): Wonder Woman #2

Feb 3, 2021

Jones’ art is amazing, as usual. The story felt a bit rushed but interesting nevertheless. Yara seems like her own fun character, distinguished Enough from Diana.

Grayson #10

Jul 24, 2015

Near flawless

Grayson #16

Jan 28, 2016

the only downside is that there are just a few issues left from the current creative team...

Green Arrow (2011) #41

Jun 5, 2015

Green Arrow (2011) #43

Aug 12, 2015

Heroes In Crisis #4

Jan 2, 2019

Wally, Poison Ivy and Roy just died and nobody grieves. The word’s great detectives act stupidly. Most of the heroes act out of character. I love Grayson, Vison and Mr miracle but Tom King writing here is downright terrible. As others have point put, the sexualization of the female characters is of bad taste, speacially in a series that is supposed to be about trauma and grief. The art is amazing and the only saving grace of the train wreck. Also, I’m sure Wally is the killer, which only makes things worst.

Heroes In Crisis #5

Jan 30, 2019

Mann’s art continues to shine while king’s writing shows some improvement. Nevertheless, the heroes continue to act out of character, specially blue beatle (I can’t see why he would follow booster’s crazy plan). I like Superman’s speech because it shows a little bit of grief about the lost heroes. In the end, I feel this improvement might be too little too late. Also, as I said in other reviews, I am sure Wally is the killer. I hope I’m wrong and king has something clever prepared for the final issues. Wally has endured enough in the hands of dc editorial...

Heroes In Crisis #6

Feb 27, 2019

Definitely not as bad as some of the previous issues. A bit pretentious and verbose. I don’t see who the plot was advanced in anyway. The art is solid but not the best of Gerad’s work.

Heroes In Crisis #7

Mar 27, 2019

Overall, terrible issue. HiC probably is the worst comic Tom King has ever written: bad dialogue, terrible characterization, slow pace and plot twists that don’t make sense plague the whole narrative. Every Batman and flash scene is atrocious. The art is good but the styles of the guest artists don’t complement Mann style. The worst problem is, of course, the revelation of the killer. How much must Wally endure? I don’t really see the point of any os this...

Heroes In Crisis #8

Apr 24, 2019

We were better off without the answers. Nothing makes sense. There is no emotional weight in the plot. Wally’s actions are completely out of character. Heroes in crisis isn’t just terrible it’s insulting. I can’t see how the writer of vision and mr miracle is capable of writing such giant pile of garbage.

Heroes In Crisis #9

May 29, 2019

i’m Struggling to understand why I dislike HoC. I believe superheroes comics should, in the end, be about hope and healing. Nevertheless, classics like watchman and sandman have a nihilist approach and I love them just the same. What I am trying to say is that even if I disapprove HoC dark tone and focus on trauma, I can respect Tom King’s artistic choices. The plot holes, easy solutions and bad characterizations, on the other hand, serve no artistic purpose and hinder the narrative. To summarize, I dont think HoC is bad because it seeks to pervert the expectations of the superheroes genre, I think it is bad because of poor plot and strange characterizations.

Justice League (2011) #47  
Nightwing (2016) #2  
Omega Men #7  
Secret Wars (2015) #5  
Suicide Squad (2019) #7

Jul 28, 2020

This run is consistently amazing: excellent art, great characterization, intriguing plot: it has everything. Highly recommended.

Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1  

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