Doomsday Clock #10

Writer: Geoff Johns Artist: Gary Frank Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: May 29, 2019 Cover Price: $4.99 Critic Reviews: 29 User Reviews: 88
9.1Critic Rating
9.7User Rating

This stunning issue of the critically acclaimed hit maxiseries reveals the secrets behind Dr. Manhattan and his connection to the DC Universe.

  • 10
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles May 29, 2019

    It's been months since the last issue, but Doomsday Clock #10 is finally here and it's the biggest issue yet in terms of revealing Dr. Manhattan's role in changing the DC Universe. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Book Legion - Kevin Vilim May 29, 2019

    Geoff Johns is taking his time and delivering a book that in unlike any other. This issue contains some moments I've waited years to see and I wasn't disappointed. Doomsday Clock is worth the wait! Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Crusaders - Johnny "The Machine" Hughes May 29, 2019

    This issue has gone a long way in giving some credibility to the storytelling of this run. With Johns essentially giving reasons for all the reboots and crises there may be bigger implications yet to come. With #11 due in July, the final issue should be out September time. By which point, we will be in the midst of Leviathan and the Year of the Villain. With that in mind, I am curious to see what ramifications, if any, The Doomsday Clock will have on the DC universe. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield May 29, 2019

    With two issues to go, I don't know the last time I've been this enthralled by a comic book event. Read Full Review

  • 10
    DC Comics News - Cameron Tevis May 31, 2019

    I cannot recommend this title enough. I think this title would be equally impressive to new and old fans alike. It is laced with DC history for the veteran fans, but it is presented in such a way that even the newest reader can get pulled in. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Dark Knight News - Steve J Ray May 29, 2019

    With only two issues remaining I remain absolutely spellbound. While it may not be the groundbreaking literary masterpiece that the original Watchmen was, this series is still amongst the finest comics titles being produced today. In terms of how readers view the entire history of the DC Multiverse, however, this incredible story will rank as one of the most important and pivotal of them all. Yes, Crisis On Infinite Earths included. The secrets revealed in Doomsday Clock #10 have made an old fan very, very happy. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Flickering Myth - Ricky Church Jun 1, 2019

    Doomsday Clock #10 feels like a bolt of lightning to the series as it reaches its conclusion. The focus on Manhattan's point of view and emphasis on what makes Superman such a strong pillar of the universe is something Johns examines very well. He very much understands who these characters are and the impacts they have on the rest of the world. Frank's pencils and Anderson's colours elevate the story with their stellar visuals, creating the best looking issue of the series to date. With two issues to go, Johns, Frank and Anderson look like they'll deliver something special and worthy of all the delays. Read Full Review

  • 10
    Comic Watch - Cody White Jun 10, 2019

    Doomsday Clock #10re-evaluates everything we thought we knew about the DC Universe. A must read issue from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Read Full Review

  • 10
    You Don't Read Comics - Rick Lopez May 29, 2019

    From the first issue of Action Comics to Post Crisis Man of Steel, down to Johns and Franks own Secret Origin and through the New 52, this issue is able to take on the publishers continuity changes of Superman and the DCU in such a meaningful and inspired manner. The exploration of the universe through meta-commentary attached to the creative changes through the years is another brilliance of Johns. By far his most inspired work to date with this series, bailing an absolute must read with this brand new chapter. Read Full Review

  • 9.8
    Monkeys Fighting Robots - Jose "Jody" Cardona May 29, 2019

    Doomsday Clock continues to shake things up in the best possible way as we see Doctor Manhattan's work on the DC Universe. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Outright Geekery - Antonio Pedro Jun 1, 2019

    You're either reading this book or you are definitely not reading this book. Regardless, it has fantastic artwork and a really wonderful way of commenting upon the past (or is it current?) state of the DC Universe. If they can stick the landing, this might end up being a really, really interesting read. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Sequential Planet - Alex Marks May 29, 2019

    Doomsday Clock #10 answers so many questions regarding the DC Universe and Dr. Manhattan's place in it and does so in an incredible way. Despite the long waits between each issue, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank still have me excited and intrigued every time a new issue is released. This one especially does not disappoint. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Weird Science - Eric Shea May 29, 2019

    Doomsday Clock has really been firing on all cylinders and as the clock ticks down to the end of the series, the magnitude of the story gets bigger and bigger and I'm having the time of my life reading about it.  The artwork is amazing and the story-telling is second level in making sure that everything feels right and true on a cosmic and meta scale.  I love this series. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    AIPT - David Brooke May 29, 2019

    An issue that is filled with answers and fulfilling revelations. It gives the series as a whole purpose, connecting the bigger DC universe with Dr. Manhattan as well as supplying perspective that enriches everything. I only wish this chapter came much earlier. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Graphic Policy - Brett May 29, 2019

    The issue is an amazing one and what the series, and DC Rebirth, have been building up to. The reveals pay off and the concepts that Johns introduces are ones that are unique and deliver an energy that takes a bumpy maxiseries and makes it really pay off and worth it. This is how you begin to stick the landing and hopefully the next two final issues do exactly that. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    411Mania - John Pumpernickel Jun 6, 2019

    I can't say enough good things about this book or this series. While I'm down that it has to come to an end, I've loved the journey to get here. With two issue left, we still have more to cover and I can't wait! Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    IGN - Jesse Schedeen May 29, 2019

    Doomsday Clock #10 pushes the series to new heights as it addresses some of the most burning questions of DC Rebirth. Read Full Review

  • 9.2
    Multiversity Comics - Gustavo S Lodi May 31, 2019

    "Doomsday Clock" #10 does not shy away from its importance and from the topics it wants to discuss, rising admirably to the occasion. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Comic Book Revolution - Rokk May 31, 2019

    Overall: Doomsday Clock #10 is another beautifully written and drawn issue. It is obvious how Johns and Frank have poured their hearts and souls into this title. It is rare to see a comic book where the creative team has so clearly given their absolute best effort in every single page. If you still have not jumped aboard Doomsday Clock then you absolutely need to read this big event when it comes out in trade format. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Chuck's Comic Of The Day - Chuck Jun 1, 2019

    There's two issues left, and lots of ground to cover, so we'll see where it all goes from here (and the ultimate impact on DC - if any). Read Full Review

  • 8.4
    The Fandom Post - Chris Beveridge Jun 4, 2019

    The next installment arrives in the middle of August 2019 and I already feel like I'll forget most of this and what it's trying to accomplish. Which is unfortunate as while there are things that bother me with what's done here I appreciate the way it's trying to step back just a bit further in regards to the structure of the DC universe and show how it's shaped more. It fits into that neat inner workings aspect that made Crisis so engaging back in the 80s and revisiting it in different forms in the decades since. This is a fascinating issue with a lot of neat ideas in it, beautifully illustrated as expected, but it still leaves me with that core question; does it matter and will they do anything with it? Read Full Review

  • 8.1
    Black Nerd Problems - William Evans May 29, 2019

    We got a brief chance to catch our breath this issue, but it looks like it is going to be an all-out sprint to the finish for the last two issues. I wonder if this issue with Doctor Manhattan with its interiority gives us too much of what to expect in the finale or if Johns and Frank still have some surprises for us. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Kabooooom - Matt Morrison May 29, 2019

    Gary Frank's and Brad Anderson's art is as impressive as ever and Johns' frame story " a Film Noir movie about a double-crossed detective " is engaging on its own, even outside of the cosmic shenanigans and the meta-narrative. Though it remains to be seen if this series will become a standard, it is an interesting read. Read Full Review

  • 8.0 - Russ Burlingame May 29, 2019

    The story itself is strong, with a lot of moments that will leave fans guessing at what's next. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The Batman Universe - Jessica Nilo Alves May 31, 2019

    While the quality of Doomsday Clock never fails to reach high levels, the premise and the conduction are beginning to stretch themselves a little thin. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Newsarama - Justin Partridge May 29, 2019

    Not perfect by a sight, but Doomsday Clock #10 could signal an upswing for the series. By delving deep into DC history and showing some of their cards, Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Brad Anderson provide a solid return for the beleaguered limited series — here’s hoping they can only capitalize on it to stick the landing. Read Full Review

  • 7.6
    Fortress of Solitude - Rick Austin May 31, 2019

    If you're a die-hard fan of DC, then Doomsday Clock #10 may be just what you wanted. Read Full Review

  • 7.3
    Major Spoilers - Matthew Peterson Jun 3, 2019

    This issue still has some of the same problems of motivation and necessity that have plagued the book since issue #1, but we finally seem to be getting somewhere, and the Carver Colman sequences are actually really interesting. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Batman-News - Jay Yaws May 29, 2019

    A slowburn of a beginning turns into a rollicking celebration of Superman. Johns' pacing in the first half of the issue is possibly the weakest it's been this whole series, with a lot of attention paid to a person who works better as a plot device than as an actual character. Once things get going, though, it turns into a fascinating meditation on Superman's influence in the real world and on the printed page. A few gaffes and the slow start keep this from outright greatness, but the focus on hope and the gorgeous art throughout make it all worth it. Read Full Review

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