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Arkham City: The Order of the World #1

Mar 14, 2022

Even though the final issue or two might not have the same incredible pacing as the previous issues, Arkham City: Order of the World is absolutely worth your while. From the art, to the colors, to the lettering to the character dynamics, this six-issue series possesses the grace and flexibility of Robin the Boy Wonder.

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Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1

Apr 21, 2022

A terrifying return to the world of Batman Beyond. The art, coloring and letters all work off each other incredibly well and there are a plethora of little details that I'm discovering and absolutely loving. Hopefully Sean Murphy continues showing us how terrible Batman and Napier's well-meaning schemes actually are but the writing is still creating these arguments based on flawed premises.

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Multiversity: Teen Justice (2022) #1

Jun 14, 2022

Ultimately, I do understand that this is just the introduction and that the villains can be fleshed out later while their plot is being unraveled by Teen Justice. Gigi's arc could also really help us see more of the world from the villain's side and the focal point of this issue remains intact. Even though there are some problems here and there, this mini-series definitely has me invested and I'm excited to see what happens next!Score: 7.5/10

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Multiversity: Teen Justice (2022) #2

Jul 11, 2022

Even though the writing in this issue started showing some of the cracks of the previous one, Multiversity: Teen Justice offers us a great cast of characters that have the ability to take us to some incredible scenery all while doing really cool superhero stuff.

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Multiversity: Teen Justice (2022) #3

Aug 2, 2022

The plots are really letting me down here. Not only do they do the bare minimum to explain what's going on but at its worst the writing feels like all it's doing is wasting time explaining the obvious or reminding you not to think too much about the story.

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Earth-Prime (2022): Batwoman #1

Apr 7, 2022

The fact that they had to tie this first issue to so many different plot points in the CW show was a real blow to the pacing, just like the over the top dialogue that barely fits the pages it's in. The character dynamics are fun and fluid when they relate to the narrative of the comic or just show us more about the lives and inner thoughts of the characters themselves but this isn't super consistent. I am in love with the colors of this comic and certain pages and panels have definitely stood out to me while the overall composition remains relatively solid. Score: 5/10

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I Am Batman (2021) #11

Jul 12, 2022

Even though I enjoy tiny details here and there I have found I Am Batman to be kind of overly confusing in its themes and messages. This issue in particular felt like everything was still advancing at a snail's pace and I honestly wouldn't recommend reading this issue because it's not even a part one at this point, just another section of Jace's many slices of life that have all gotten stale real fast.

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Robins (2021) #5

Mar 19, 2022

I would recommend staying away from this entire series. I've heard great things about Seeley's and the artists' other works so maybe just stick to their other works instead!Score: 3/10

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