Knight Terrors: Shazam! #1

Event\Storyline: Knight Terrors Writer: Mark Waid Artist: Roger Cruz Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: July 12, 2023 Cover Price: $4.99 Critic Reviews: 9 User Reviews: 19
8.5Critic Rating
7.2User Rating

ENTER: TETH-SHAZAM?! Of all Earth’s heroes, Billy Batson is the only one in double danger-because he and the Captain are each haunted by their own set of nightmares! And if the World’s Mightiest Mortal can’t survive his own fears, what chance does the rest of the Shazamily have?

  • 10
    But Why Tho? - William Tucker Jul 11, 2023

    Knight Terrors: Shazam #1 makes the mind spin. Stripping away any ability to recognise whats real or not, the repetition in this issue seeks to disorient. That effect is achieved tremendously, with both the main character and reader traveling through in a daze. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    You Don't Read Comics - Russ Bickerstaff Jul 12, 2023

    Mary may be more or less oblivious about the situation that shes in, but she remains an admirably heroic figure throughout the issue, which ends up being really, really impressive in its own right. She knows that shes caught in a dream, but she refuses to acknowledge it until she has to. There are things to be done regardless of the situation with the world around her. Its an interestingly skewed look at superheroism that ends up being really, really fascinating on closer inspection, even though...ostensibly, its just another superhero horror story.  Read Full Review

  • 9.4
    Comic Watch - Chad Burdette Jul 18, 2023

    Knight Terrors: Shazam! #1 is well-crafted addition to the Knight Terror event because it not only segways smoothly from the current Shazam series but also at the same time provides just enough information to give a connection to the overall event being told throughout the DCU. Waid continues to show with this book why he is one of the best writers in the industry today, not only because of his comic book knowledge but he understands how to make a tie-in book worth pick up off the shelves. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Jul 11, 2023

    While this is way too dark for what I like out of this franchise, that's kind of being a running issue for years, and it's still good to see Mary get the spotlight. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Weird Science - Gabe Hernandez Jul 11, 2023

    Knight Terrors: Shazam! #1 is a grim, dark, psychological nightmare for Mary Marvel that turns her worst fears against her. Waid's writing is in top form, and the art team delivers solid work, but this issue barely has anything to do with Insominia, so file this one under "optional" for Knight Terrors. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comic Crusaders - Christopher R. Ford Aug 16, 2023

    Knight Terrors: Shazam #1 has a lot going on, and it can be confusing, but in a good way. The dream within a dream angle is very cool. And bad Billy Batson is also lowkey cool. But it comes down to this, Mary's love for her family is her strength and her weakness. Insomnia knows this and is using her fear of losing them to try and get what he's looking for. But does Mary even know where the Nightmare Stone is? Is there a part of this Billy Batson that is actually trying to help her? This is a unique look at the Shazam family and it all concludes with the most intense final panel in the series so far. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    COMICON - Tony Thornley Jul 18, 2023

    If a new series is going to have to pause so soon for a crossover, I really hope more of it is like this. It's fun, scary and gets into the head of its lead. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    AIPT - Eric Thomas Jul 11, 2023

    Overall, this issue kicks off a very fun and twisty detour with yet untapped potential that could make for a genuinely impactful companion miniseries for Waid's main run. Read Full Review

  • 7.0 - Chase Magnett Jul 12, 2023

    Although it's unclear what the exact stakes of this tale are, readers already invested in the Shazam family will find plenty of emotional attachments to follow as Mary falls deeper into her own night terrors. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Simon DelMonte Aug 27, 2023

    A dream that actually feels like a dream. So few writers really know how to do that. (Inception, I love you but nothing there is even a tiny bit dream logic.) The only issue I have with this is reverting to calling Mary's alter ego Mary Marvel. DC's been trying to get rid of that for ages.

  • 8.0
    Jawsh Jul 18, 2023

    Waid embraces classic dream logic to send Mary down a road to her worse nightmares.
    Hints at a tie to the main Knight Terror plot-line, but... it probably doesn't mean anything.

  • 8.0
    ResearchReader Jul 14, 2023

    Clearly going against the grain with this opinion, but this wasn't bad at all. Was it confusing? Yes. But I have honestly had nightmares similar to this one. Where things just happen and you never gain your footing. Where the everyone around you acts normal but nothing is normal, where you might even know you are in a dream but you still cannot get solid ground. This is what this issue is like. If you have had dreams like this before then I think you will find this issue enjoyable.
    If you dont dream much, or have very orderly dreams, this will seem weird and jarring. Is it a needed read at all? No. Should this event have had all these tie ins? No. Is Waid doing a good job conveying a disorienting nightmare? Yes.

  • 7.5
    Screaming Enigma Jul 11, 2023

    I'm thinking it might have just been me, but this issue got a little confusing for me at times with the dream logic, if that makes sense. However, this was still an enjoyable read for me. Despite my confusion, I still thought Waid handled the story well enough to get through this for the line-wide crossover. My main gripe with this is the art, unfortunately. Cruz's best moment here is the splash page of Mary's face in the burning house, but everything else ranges from good to meh. I wasn't a big fan of his art whenever he was on Jeremy Adams's Flash run, and he hasn't changed my mind with this issue. I'm just glad the story is entertaining.

  • 7.0
    daspidaboy Jul 11, 2023

    This was interesting but a bit confusing

  • 6.0
    2birdsstoned815 Jul 14, 2023

    1:58 full review

  • 6.0
    derbycomics Jul 12, 2023

    I don’t particularly keep up with Shazam books, so it took a bit of research to understand the context of this story which made it a bit less enjoyable for me. I don’t get to keep up with every DC character but so far this has been the first tie-in were my general knowledge of characters wasn’t enough to understand Mary Marvel’s POV. Mark Waid’s writing was strong enough to keep me intrigued throughout the book and I was able to relate with Mary once the plot got going, but it’s lack of connection to the main event lowered the stakes for me.

    The issue revealed that Mary wakes herself up from Insomnia’s grasp on a daily basis by uttering “SHAZAM!” during her nightmare and it’s revealed via a fun succession of more

  • 5.0
    fzanca Jul 20, 2023

    I love Mark Waid's writing and Mary Marvel, but this is just completely forgettable. She's not even questioning why she's in the dreamworld or how to get out. Billy as Black Adam is interesting, but unnecessary, just use the real Black Adam. I don't know, but I have no interest in the next issue.

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    Swanktub Jul 15, 2023

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    Psycamorean May 7, 2024

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    K-23 Aug 10, 2023

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    ComicWorm Jul 14, 2023

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    Drasek83 Jul 13, 2023

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    Pantheon36 Oct 1, 2023

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    ed1138 Jul 19, 2023

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    DaddyChar Aug 10, 2023

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    wesshamu Jul 16, 2023

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    Justin Ray Jul 15, 2023

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    ItsJess Jul 11, 2023

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