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Critical Role: Vox Machina: Origins #1

Sep 21, 2017

All in all, Vox Machina " Origins serves as an effective jumping-off point for people who want to learn what all the Critical Role fuss is about, but it also stands strong as its own thing too. There's enough here for readers to want to keep progressing, and this "Critter," as we Critical Role fans are known, has officially added it to his pull list.

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Extermination (2018) #1

Aug 16, 2018

There's still a lot of questions coming out of Extermination #1. The motives of the antagonists isn't clear yet, and the final page drops a bit of a bombshell that may frustrate some fans. But Brisson and Larraz are off to a great start here, much to my pleasant surprise.

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House of X #1

Jul 25, 2019

Make no mistake: this is big, ballsy and ambitious storytelling. But that's what we've come to expect from Hickman, and he hits every right note, at least in this first issue. How he follows up will be a key here, but issue #1 has left me more intrigued and excited for my favorite band of mutants than I have been in a long, long time.

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House of X #2

Aug 8, 2019

House of X is pretty much the perfect continuation of what Hickman and Larraz are setting up with the X-Men here. Everything lands and there are some big, shocking moments, all boldly illustrated with some beautiful line work. The only thing to be concerned about at this point is whether these two can keep the narrative stakes going strong, something I have complete faith in at this point. I'm not one to give out perfect scores with ease; there are a mere very, very small percentage of comics that have earned that right. But from where I stand after a few rereads already, House of X #2 is one of them.

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Powers of X #1

Aug 1, 2019

The hope implied in House of X had a somewhat ominous edge to it, as if something wasn't quite right. Powers of X reinforces the idea that it won't last " not too surprising, really. It's the yin to the other book's yang, reflecting the constant duality of the X-Men franchise of tragedy and hope. While I suspect that House of X will be the more universally popular of the two books for this new arc thanks to the familiar characters and singular timeline thus far, I'm just as excited to see where into the future (and past) Powers of X takes us from here.

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Powers of X #2

Aug 15, 2019

Powers of X #2 is the kind of issue that may frustrate some fans. It provides the necessary movement to progress its storyline, without the same level of system-shocking moments that the previous issues of this arc have had. But that doesn't mean it's lacking in any way. Hickman and Silva keep things engaging and dole out just enough information to keep things moving along nicely. It's not easy to split half of your story arc between four time periods, but Power of X is still making it look easy.

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Powers of X #3

Aug 22, 2019

As much as I find myself wanting to get back to X1 and see what's going on with Krakoa and its inhabitants, Powers of X #3 is a thrilling stop along the way that more than sells its need exist first well enough that I'm happy to wait until next week.

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Runaways (2017) #1

Sep 14, 2017

Runaways #1 is a small start for what will clearly be a much larger arc for the comics. It has plenty for old fans of the team to appreciate while providing enough backstory so newcomers won't feel lost. Rowell and Anka are off to a great start here and I for one am going to be following this closely to see where they're taking things from here.

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