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Batman: Fortress (2022) #1

May 24, 2022

This is a marginal Batman story. I felt this review would best serve as an exploration of some of the context behind the series and what that could mean for it. Having also pointed out what I consider to be the potential deal breakers, I think the quality of this issue can be assessed. Going forward, we will see if the actual plot line can break out into something truly intriguing.

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Batman: Fortress (2022) #2

Jun 28, 2022

In the end, this is by no means an incompetent comic, just a mediocre one.

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1

Jun 21, 2022

I think my biggest disappoint here is how uninteresting it was. This is by far the shortest review I've written for Batman News as a result. Is it better to provoke a negative response or write a middling story that doesn't leave much to talk about? I guess that's up to you. All I can say is that at least with this story I have hope for the next issue.

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DC Pride (2021): Tim Drake Special #1

Jun 14, 2022

This isn't how I wanted this review to go. I would have loved to tell you this book is great but there's no way to talk around such a weak script. Even outside the mishandling of Tim's sexual orientation, a story that unintentionally makes the title character look this bad should not have been published. All I can say to close this is that I hope the stories that follow are much better.

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Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes (2021) #2

Apr 29, 2022

This isn't a book I can recommend to just anyone. It isn't strong enough to interest a casual reader and Its appeal is too specific to interest a decent chunk of heavier readers, given its characters of focus having small fan bases. It really is too early to say what direction it's heading. And that seals it. I am happy that this is my first review. A story I wasn't planning on reading before, that is shaping up to be a wild card. Perfect. Who wants to review a book with no surprises?

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Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes (2021) #3

May 10, 2022

I don't care about this story and I don't think I ever will. How can you when it's so slight and there is no effort given to writing anything below surface level. That said, It remains a fun diversion. This is the kind of book you pick up and enjoy, set down and forget. No one will be talking about Justice League vs. the Legion of Super-Heroes at any point in the future.

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