What If ... Jessica Jones Had Joined The Avengers? #1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Michael Gaydos Publisher: Marvel Comics Critic Reviews: 5 User Reviews: 1
7.4Critic Rating
2.0User Rating

  • 10
    Comics Bulletin - Shawn Hill Jan 6, 2005

    Less interesting: Bendis portrait of Wandas madness here (despite the talky over-narration that doesnt quite mar the book) is far more effective than anything we saw in the Chaos storyline. While I dont quite buy Jessica as being the answer to all the Avengers ills (surely Cap or Jan or Vision himself wouldnt have been so indifferent to signs of Wandas pain), it is nice to be offered at least a hint of hope relating to that excruciating storyline. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comics Bulletin - Jason Cornwell Jan 13, 2005

    First off Steve McNiven turns in a lovely cover image, that offers up a fun little homage to one of the all time greats, as how can one not smile when one studies the gun that Jessica is holding. As for the interior art, it's great to see Michael Gaydos is providing the art, as he established the visual tone of Jessica Jones world, and as such this look at an alternate reality fits in seamlessly with the character's corner of the Marvel Universe. Now it is worth noting that Michael Gaydos never rendered the art for a large part of the material that this issue covers, as Mark Bagley provided the art for Jessica's battle with the Avengers, but I have to say Michael Gaydos does a fantastic job of giving the encounter a harder edge, as the page where Jessica has the %$#@ beat out of her is unflinching in its presentation of the attacks, with the Vision's punch being particularly unsettling. The one-page shot that shows the happily ever after moment was also a fun visual, especially if one Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Comics Bulletin - Dave Wallace Jan 5, 2005

    One minor gripe with the characters re-development could be that in this new continuity, Jessica apparently never gets to have her rematch with the Purple Man an important turning point for the character in the original Alias series, and one which led to the overcoming of a lot of personal demons. Then again, maybe this story sees those demons overcome in a very different, more positive and proactive way, playing like a fairytale ending for the original series which produces a much happier (if admittedly less interesting) Jessica Jones. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Comics Bulletin - Michael Deeley Jan 1, 2005

    It was nice to see the Alias team reunite on one last Jessica Jones story. If you liked the series, give this a look. For the rest of you, youre not missing much. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Comics Bulletin - Michael Lucinski Jan 3, 2005

    The A serviceable story about a key point in the history of one character, not the history of the Marvel Universe. The happy ending is a nice change of pace for a character who constantly struggles for happiness. The fact the Marvel Universe keeps spinning one way or the other demonstrates Jessica Joness minimal impact so far. Read Full Review

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