Catwoman #17

Writer: Joelle Jones Artist: Joelle Jones Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: November 13, 2019 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 10 User Reviews: 16
7.8Critic Rating
7.3User Rating

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Selina Kyle reconnects with her criminal roots, but to be Gotham City's top thief again, she has to take out the boss. Using the gift given to her by Lex Luthor, she finally has the key to everything Raina Creel wants-and Catwoman is going to get it first. Which all sounds dandy in theory, but Creel has come too far and put up with too much humiliation from Catwoman to let her win again. It's a Year of the Villain showdown, but who here is the baddest baddie?

  • 10 - Jenna Anderson Nov 13, 2019

    Overall, this issue is an absolute knockout for Catwoman as a title. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    You Don't Read Comics - Russ Bickerstaff Nov 15, 2019

    Catwoman has been sliding through elements of magic in Villa Hermosa thus far. For month events have been leading down a far less earthbound kind of adventure for Selena. The poetry of this latest issue files quite nicely into a dark world of magic that should serve as a very appealing addition to the adventures of Catwoman moving forward into the end of the year and beyond. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Nov 18, 2019

    This title keeps getting better and more interesting and I can't wait to see where Jones takes us next. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The Batman Universe - Jessica Nilo Alves Nov 14, 2019

    Jolle Jones and Laura Allred once again deliver a feast for the eyes. Despite the slightly confusing timeline, this is a must-read for those who appreciate intricate graphic storytelling. Plus, there is a little treat for those craving for BatCat. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    DC Comics News - Carl Bryan Nov 17, 2019

    If nothing else, you need to make sure if you are a collector to sew your timelines together. Jones has turned a corner from the past issues as the new writer and illustrator. She has breathed new life into this comic and it should definitely be a part of your collection! Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Dark Knight News - Adam Ray Nov 13, 2019

    Catwoman's path is twisty ahead. She never says whether she feels like a hero or a villain herself. She does however, call out Mrs Creel. She's determined, and the issue ends with an old friend coming to Selina's aid, one that I'm deeply excited to see her with in issues to come. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Nov 14, 2019

    Fans of Joelle Jones' art will find a lot to like here, but the problems of pacing that have haunted this run are still here. I don't know if this run will ever escape the fact that its beginning and its end were preordained by Selina's role in a much bigger and more-hyped comic. Read Full Review

  • 6.5
    Comic Book Revolution - Kevin Lainez Nov 17, 2019

    From a standalone perspective, Catwoman #17 is very strong. Joelle Jones understanding of Selina Kyle's character shines throughout the course of Catwoman #17. Unfortunately the choice in direction makes all the previous issue completely unnecessary. Catwoman #17 is essentially one big recap of the events that just happened. The connection to Year of the Villain also proves to be nothing more than a deus ex machina to progress the story. Not hiding that fact puts a big damper on what has otherwise been a solid story involving Catwoman and Raina Creel's rivalry. Read Full Review

  • 6.0
    Weird Science - Jim Werner Nov 13, 2019

    While I think Lex Luthor's offer was done extremely well here, not much else happens.  That is bad for any book, but it is downright ridiculous for one with so little forward momentum.  We do get a really cool cliffhanger that has me interested in what happens next...I just wish more happened now. Read Full Review

  • 5.5
    Batman-News - Michael Escalante Nov 13, 2019

    Once again, Jones has created a visually stunning single issue that lacks narrative progression. While previous issues had great sequences that were entertaining despite the slow pace, Catwoman #17 indulges in Jones' greatest flaws as a writer. Her reliance on non-linear structure drains any tension from each sequence and Jones' attempts to bring her themes full circle don't fully work due to Selina's lack of emotional progress. Jones' Catwoman #17 is a beautiful distraction as it finds itself wrapped up in on itself, with only glimpses of forward thinking in sight. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    LunaMoody Nov 13, 2019

    I actually liked this issue mostly. So far the series has not been good. There were a few issues written by another writer that were good and I liked a lot but for the most part the series has been very boring and totally uninteresting. Creel and her deal has felt like something just thrown together with no real substance or reason. The fact that this arc is still going on after 17 issues is just ridiculous. Clearly Jones does not have enough writing experience to deal with coming up with more frequent, shorter story arcs. Thus we the fans are being force fed a continuation of the same boring story arc that feels like there will be no ending to. If Catwoman wasn't my favorite DC character ever I would've dropped this title by the third issu more

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  • 5.0
    Quinn Nov 13, 2019

    The art, of course, is gorgeous. But the story is so decompressed. We finally learn what Creel's plan is. Take hold of a Lazurus Pit to save her life and build some sort of zombie army. Selena beats Creel to the Pit and basically watches what happens. We then catch up to her getting "killed" from last issue and see why she entered the Pit.

    We get the usual dialog boxes that explain she needs magic and we see her enter a magic club and find out she is visiting Zatanna, who saw her coming. Also, Zatanna drinks manhattens. An unusual choice for a young lady.

    While Selena is cooking in the Pit we get a lot of inter dialog about why she left Bruce, but it's nothing new. Watching Selena watch an evil plan go forth is static more

  • 4.0
    Spacey Medicine Nov 16, 2019

    Did… did we just get a recap of the previous issue? For like the whole thing?!

  • 8.0
    M1sf1r3 Dec 5, 2019

    Catwoman hasn't been too good recently. But with Year of the Villain, does that change?

    The Good:
    Joelle Jones' art is pretty darn good here.

    I liked the look into Selina's past and how she has played both sides.

    The cliffhanger is very interesting.

    The Bad:
    I'm not happy with Raina Creel or the Lazarus Pits.

    While the actual villain is failing in this issue, Selina does well in her Year of the Villain issues.

  • 7.0
    Red Hood Mar 18, 2021

    The artwork by Jones is always consistent for the most part. Picking up from the last issue, the story does progress a bit more, however, it's just not that interesting. To the reader, it's confusing who she chooses to be, hero or villain. I did like the many outfits that Jones introduced in this arc. For that, I'll give it a 7.

    7/10 -Red Hood

  • 5.0
    Psycamorean Nov 15, 2019


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    Lock Nov 20, 2019

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    sebastianorellana95 Nov 16, 2019

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    Watchtower022 Nov 14, 2019

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  • 8.0
    BitchWitcher Nov 26, 2019

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    Tinman Nov 30, 2019

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    Dorival Nov 13, 2019

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    Radar Nov 14, 2019

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    JustCrazy Nov 16, 2019

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    truffaz Mar 25, 2020

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