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BR Havoc reviewed Daredevil #1 Sep 13, 2023

Rushed first issue, the writer seems to want to get rid of Chips status quo as quickly as possible and the story suffers heavily because of it.

Kuder is a good artist but his art doesn't fit for Daredevil. After the last tremendous run this needs to be special and it simply isn't.

Daredevil #1

By: Saladin Ahmed, Aaron Kuder
Released: Sep 13, 2023

The new era of Daredevil starts here! Industry stars SALADIN AHMED and AARON KUDER have laced up and entered the ring, ready to take Matt Murdock on a knockout of an adventure! Where does Elektra fit into all of this? What is the future of Hell's Kitchen? Romance! Intrigue! And, of course, ACTION! All delivered in the Mighty Marvel...

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dannymalt - Sep 28, 2023

To be fair. Hated Chip's status quo, and it's such an annoying status quo to write your way out of.

BR Havoc - Sep 29, 2023

I'd say you'd be in the minority. Instead of letting Daredevil breath for a bit we now have Daredevil the superhero exorcist going after the 7 deadly sins...

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superstan52 reviewed Daredevil #1 Sep 15, 2023

"Somehow." That's the one word "explanation" on the splash page for how MM returned from the dead, and with total amnesia.
"Somehow" Matt, with no memory, no training, no ID, becomes a priest, working in a place that calls for close contact with children, no less. That's some screening process!
"Somehow" MM doesn't question who he was before six months ago, isn't plagued by his total la more

Daredevil #1

By: Saladin Ahmed, Aaron Kuder
Released: Sep 13, 2023

The new era of Daredevil starts here! Industry stars SALADIN AHMED and AARON KUDER have laced up and entered the ring, ready to take Matt Murdock on a knockout of an adventure! Where does Elektra fit into all of this? What is the future of Hell's Kitchen? Romance! Intrigue! And, of course, ACTION! All delivered in the Mighty Marvel...

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vmcomics - Sep 16, 2023

Somebody gets it

Mighty Morphin Comic Rater - Oct 4, 2023

I think (or hope, anyway) that the “somehow” hand wave is just a placeholder with the intent to go more in depth into what actually happened in future issues


Not nearly as good as Jason Aaron's Conan, but still a fun set of issues.

Check out my video review for a complete recap/breakdown.


Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 1: Cult Of Koga Thun

By: Gerry Duggan, Ron Garney

The ancient cult of Koga Thun. A mystical treasure. And the only man who can save the Hyborian Age! But Conan is adrift at sea with no food and no weapons. Death surely awaits him. But by Crom, the lionhearted barbarian is not so easily subdued! When Conan is captured, he unleashes his might on an unsuspecting pirate crew - one whose dark secrets w...

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Tom killed this issue. Normally this is a mid-tier book for me, but this issue was my Pick Of The Week, so great. Here is my video review for it. https://youtu.be/8l8czOKI3ow

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6

By: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal
Released: May 8, 2019

• The neighborhood, and the planet, is doomed. Spider-Man is powerless to stop the end of the world. Only Earth's Newest and Mightiest Hero, Spider-Bite, can save the day.
•  Wait, WHAT?!
Rated T

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Brion Salazar reviewed Excellence #1 May 9, 2019

In the afterward of Excellence #1, writer Brandon Thomas admits that this is a very personal story for him. Some of the events in this book are real to his life. Writing from personal experiences gives an author the ability to draw from a deep emotional well and ground fictional stories with real feelings. Sometimes however, that emotional well is too deep, too dark, and too difficult to climb out more

Excellence #1

By: Brandon Thomas, Khary Randolph
Released: May 8, 2019

Spencer Dales was born into a world of magic. His father belongs to the Aegis, a secret society of black magicians ordered by their unseen masters to better the lives of others-those with greater potential-but never themselves.
Now it's time for Spencer to follow in his father's footsteps, but all he sees is a broken system in need of someone w...

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dannymalt - May 10, 2019

Good review. Especially agree with your 2nd last paragraph.

dannymalt reviewed Star Wars: Tie Fighter #1 Apr 18, 2019

The art wasn't great. Maybe in trade all at once this would be a good read, but as a single issue, we were introduced to random characters I can't remember now, and that's about it, I didn't really feel there were any hooks in this book to make me want to come back for an issue 2.

Star Wars: Tie Fighter #1

By: Jody Houser, Roge Antonia
Released: Apr 17, 2019

As the war against the REBELLION stretches on, it is the innocent people of the GALACTIC EMPIRE who are most at risk. An elite squadron of TIE fighter pilots is assembled to help protect Imperial interests and hammer the Emperor's fury down upon the treasonous and violent Rebel Al...

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WhistleBlower reviewed Detective Comics #1000 Mar 27, 2019

Strong showings from Warren Ellis, Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, and James Tynion. Worst of the bunch is either Kevin Smith's or Geoff Johns's stories.

Detective Comics #1000

By: Peter J. Tomasi, Neal Adams
Released: Mar 27, 2019

After 80 years, it's here-the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, the title that literally defines DC! This 96-page issue is stacked with an unbelievable lineup of talent that will take you on a journey through Batman's past, present and future...plus a sensational epilogue that features the first-ever DC Universe appearance of the deadly Arkham Kni...

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dannymalt - Mar 27, 2019

I thought Kevin's was the best. Denny O'Neil was by far the worst. Geoff Johns was also disappointing for a writer I usually love.

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waltgator93 reviewed Batman #67 Mar 20, 2019

What exactly happened in this issue? Don’t buy it! It’s literally a waste of an issue that doesn’t tell you anything and highly doubt it will come up later especially how this is just a nightmare.

Batman #67

By: Tom King, Lee Weeks
Released: Mar 20, 2019

The "Knightmares" continue as Batman chases a new foe in an impossible race. Over rooftops, across alleyways, up and down the streets of Gotham City, this lightning-fast crook outsmarts the Dark Knight at every turn. Is that because the man under the mask is someone more familiar than he knows? Artist Lee Weeks returns to BATMAN for an all-out acti...

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dannymalt - Mar 20, 2019

Batman is still in dream world. This guy is dead on roof. Someones in a trenchcoat is running away. He chases the guy the whole issue through rooftops and stuff. They fall into a river. It’s revealed to be Joker. Batman asks, why he killed this guy? Joker pulls out a horn you squeeze, and he squeezes it twice. Took 45 seconds to read entire issue because there is barely any words.

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NoShape reviewed The Batman Who Laughs #3 Feb 14, 2019

I'm not sure if read Dark Nights: Metal and not liking it just made me more suspicious and critical of Snyder's writing here, or this issue is genuinely worse than the previous two. I'll probably have to come back to it later to be sure. But I feel like the tightness of the original, more metaphorical conflict is being stretched out by a more and more complicated plot.

The Batman Who Laughs #3

By: Scott Snyder, Jock
Released: Feb 13, 2019

All the pieces are starting to fit together as the Batman Who Laughs acquires another key element in his plan-one that is linked to the founding fathers of Gotham City and to a legacy started by the Wayne family and protected by none other than Oswald Cobblepot. While the Penguin goes head-to-head with the darkest version of his mortal enemy, Batma...

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dannymalt - Feb 16, 2019

Agreed, this one is confusing.

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Nightmare of Solomon reviewed Female Furies #1 Feb 6, 2019

Darkseid gets #metoo'd

Female Furies #1

By: Cecil Castellucci, Adriana Melo
Released: Feb 6, 2019

All their lives the Female Furies have been raised to be the meanest, most cunning and most ruthless fighting force on all of Apokolips. So why are Granny Goodness' girls left behind every time the men go to war? With the might of New Genesis hanging over the planet, and the Forever People making mincemeat out of Darkseid's army, Granny thinks it's...

dannymalt reviewed Crypt of Shadows #1 Jan 26, 2019

Al Ewing is awesome, but this didn't stick the landing. I really dug the first two-thirds, but I didn't love the ending. Art was decent though, and it was a decent effort overall.

Here is a link to my video review for a full story breakdown: https://youtu.be/TI-nku3gfnY

Crypt of Shadows #1

By: Al Ewing, Garry Brown
Released: Jan 23, 2019

For Marvel's 80th Anniversary we've gone into the vaults to bring back some classic titles from the Marvel of yesteryear...but maybe some vaults should stay closed! Something terrifying has broken free and crawled forth from one of the most terrifying corners of Marvel-dom, the CRYPT OF SHADOWS! Prepare for terror! The sha...

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dannymalt reviewed Blossoms 666 #1 Jan 26, 2019

This was surprisingly my pick of the week. This book was so much fun, the art was fantastic, loved it.

Check out my video review for a breakdown of the full story: https://youtu.be/KVngLE0-EgA

Blossoms 666 #1

By: Cullen Bunn, Laura Braga
Released: Jan 23, 2019

BRAND NEW SERIES! Cheryl and Jason Blossom are a pair of seemingly normal kids in Riverdale. They're wealthy, popular and likeable-but they also harbor a deep, dark secret-one of the Blossom Twins is the Anti-Christ. Both want the title, and no one in Riverdale is safe.

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dannymalt - Jan 26, 2019


dannymalt reviewed Prodigy #1 Dec 9, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/v5peGVu8Q1M

This is my Pick Of The Week. The main character is ridiculous, but really fun. This book overall is really fun. Great debut issue from Mark Millar. 9/10.

Prodigy #1

By: Mark Millar, Rafael Albuquerque
Released: Dec 5, 2018

Edison Crane's not content being the world's smartest man and most successful businessman-his brilliant mind needs to be constantly challenged. He's a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, genius composer, Olympic athlete, an expert in the occult, and now international governments are calling on him to fix problems they just can't handle.

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dannymalt dropped The Walking Dead from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes, Sheriff of a small town in Kentucky awakes in a hospital. Comatose after being shot while on duty, Rick finds the world abandoned of all things living and is faced with walking undead, who attack him on sight. He returns home to find his family, son Carl and wife Lori, gone. He meets his new neighbor, who points him towards Atlanta. Af...

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dannymalt dropped Saga from their pull list Dec 9, 2018


Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES! Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war.

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dannymalt dropped Invincible from their pull list Dec 9, 2018


Girls, acne, homework, super-villains. When you're a teenager, it helps to be Invincible.

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dannymalt dropped Aquaman (2011) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Aquaman (2011)

The superstar creators from BLACKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY reunite to take AQUAMAN to amazing new depths!Aquaman has renounced the throne of Atlantis but the sea will not release Arthur Curry so easily. Now, from a forgotten corner of the ocean emerges The Trench! A broken race of creatures that should not exist, an unspeakable need driving them...

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dannymalt dropped Daredevil (2011) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Daredevil (2011)

THIS SUMMER, THE DEVIL IS REBORN. RENEWED. RESSURECTED. With new enemies, new friends...and that same old "grinnin' in the face of hell" attitude, The Man Without Fear is back in a double-sized first issue and leading with his face! Mark Waid (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Irredeemable, RUSE) joins neo-legendary artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin for a ...

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dannymalt dropped Harbinger (2012) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Harbinger (2012)

Read minds. Bend steel. Break all the rules. Teenager Pete Stanchek is out of work, on the skids, and – unbeknownst to him – a psionic-powered “harbinger” with the potential to reshape the course of human history. Toyo Harada is a wealthy business magnate, a respected philanthropist and the most powerful harbinger of all – or so he though...

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dannymalt dropped All-Star Western from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

All-Star Western

Even when Gotham City was just a one-horse town, crime was rampant and things only get worse when bounty hunter Jonah Hex comes to town. Can Amadeus Arkham, a pioneer in criminal psychology, enlist Hex's special brand of justice to help the Gotham Police Department track down a vicious serial killer? Find out in this new series from HEX writers Ju...

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dannymalt dropped Justice League Dark from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Justice League Dark

The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing forces that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. And if those heroes can't handle the job, who will stand against this mystical madness?Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine may be our only hope but how ...

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dannymalt dropped Batman and Robin (2011) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Batman and Robin (2011)

Battling evil with his son, Damian, at his side, Batman now realizes that the hardest part of the job may be trying to work together! As Batman and Robin try to adjust to their new partnership, a figure emerges from Bruce Wayne's past--one not happy that Batman Incorporated is shining a light on his own shadowy war against evil.

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dannymalt dropped Batman (2011) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Batman (2011)

Be here for the start of a new era for The Dark Knight from writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE, BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM) and artist Greg Capullo (Spawn)! A series of brutal killings hints at an ancient conspiracy, and Batman learns that Gotham City is deadlier than he knew.

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dannymalt dropped Justice League (2011) from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Justice League (2011)

Comics superstars Geoff Johns and Jim Lee make history! In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Batman has discovered a dark evil that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes!

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dannymalt dropped Thief of Thieves from their pull list Dec 9, 2018

Thief of Thieves

Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond. There is nothing he can't steal, nothing he can't have... except for the life he left behind. Now, with a grown son he hardly knows, and an ex-wife he never stopped loving, Conrad must try to piece together what's left of his life, before the FBI finally catch up to him... but it ap...

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dannymalt reviewed Shazam! #1 Dec 9, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/Jlsr8UnkcRc

Thought this was a fun revisit to the Shazam Family. Good debut issue. Excited to see the rest of this run. 8.5/10

Shazam! #1

By: Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham
Released: Dec 5, 2018

The superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Dale Eaglesham reunite to launch the first all-new SHAZAM! monthly title set in the DC Universe in almost 20 years! (What took you guys so long?!)
Teenager turned super-hero Billy Batson struggles to balance school and superheroics! (Guess which one is more fun?) But when Shazam unlocks a sho...

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dannymalt reviewed Die #1 Dec 9, 2018

VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/IhXl-Y4nw0I

Very fun debut issue, great premise of kids getting stuck in a D&D world for 2 years, can't talk about it, and then 25 years later return to that world.

Die #1

By: Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans
Released: Dec 5, 2018

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE writer KIERON GILLEN teams up with artist supernova STEPHANIE HANS (THE WICKED + THE DIVINE 1831, Journey Into Mystery) for her first ongoing comic! DIE is a pitch-black fantasy where a group of forty-something adults have to deal with the returning unearthly horror they barely survived as teenage role-players. If Kieron's i...

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dannymalt reviewed Martian Manhunter #1 Dec 8, 2018

CHECK OUT MY VIDEO REVIEW: https://youtu.be/g4VWdu1F-i8

Martian Manhunter is a great character. Alien sex scene was fun in a weird way.

Did not dig the art. I usually don't like Steve Orlando's writing, this book was no exception. Stupid alien names were distracting. Really disappointed overall.

Martian Manhunter #1

By: Steve Orlando, Riley Rossmo
Released: Dec 5, 2018

No matter what you know about J'onn J'onnz, you're not prepared for this! The acclaimed team of writer Steve Orlando and artist Riley Rossmo (BATMAN/ THE SHADOW, BATMAN: NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN) reteam for a reinvention of the Manhunter from Mars in this twisted, unexpected series. Back on Mars, J'onn was about as corrupt as a law officer can be, ...

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dannymalt reviewed DIE!DIE!DIE! #2 Aug 27, 2018


• Intense Action
• Intriguing mysterious story line
• Great gory violent art

• Maybe too violent??

See my review video of August 22, 2018 comic books, for my full review on this book, as well as others from the week.

Link here ==> https://youtu.be/CvFFOdDXf more


By: Robert Kirkman, Chris Burnham
Released: Aug 22, 2018

Last month Robert Kirkman suddenly released a BRAND NEW SERIES. Well, the SURPRISES continue in August, as our secret cabal within the US government sends their elite assassins on a new mission. Last issue we cut off some guy's nose. What happens in this one?

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