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superstan52 reviewed Fantastic Four #13 Aug 14, 2019

the problem with so many stories is that the set-ups are so much better than the pay-offs, and this is one of those. Last issue was really powerful, and left our "heroes" in a dire situation. This one provided too simple resolutions, a totally unrealistic ending to the fight, and a "reverberation" back to the Puppet Master that doesn't even make any sense. Plus, the fight scenes weren't particular more

Fantastic Four #13

By: Dan Slott, Sean Izaakse
Released: Aug 14, 2019

The clock is ticking down. The moment is almost at hand. That do-or-die instant where Ben Grimm will either find the will to win -
or be annihilated by the fighting-mad Immortal Hulk!
Rated T

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superstan52 reviewed Daredevil #9 Aug 7, 2019

This feels like an Adult comic book, with a story that is complex, thought-provoking, and impossible to anticipate where it's going next.

Daredevil #9

By: Chip Zdarsky, Lalit Kumar Sharma
Released: Aug 7, 2019

• There's a new DAREDEVIL in town, and Matt Murdock has no idea who it is!
•  Neither does Cole North, the tough-as-nails detective who's been hot on the Guardian Devil's trail for weeks.
•  Can Matt Murdock truly live a life without Daredevil? Can Cole?
Rated T+

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KFuqua reviewed The Batman Who Laughs #7 Jul 31, 2019

More of this horrible "Batman Who Laughs" garbage! Enough already!

The Batman Who Laughs #7

By: Scott Snyder, Jock
Released: Jul 31, 2019

It's the final showdown between Batman and the Batman Who Laughs... but how do you defeat a foe who knows your every instinct and every move? Bruce Wayne will have to outsmart Bruce Wayne in this ultimate test of good versus evil. You can't miss this finale to the epic miniseries that will tear up the very foundations of Gotham City!

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superstan52 - Aug 4, 2019

if you want me tosay he has the 4ight to post a 'useless' opinion, and waste everyones time,i guess he does. i still say its pointless and stupid. and thats MY opinionm

YourGreenMuse - Aug 5, 2019

Alright then, I'm glad we could agree.

superstan52 reviewed Fantastic Four #12 Jul 31, 2019

One of the rare cliffhangers where you really cant wait for the next issue (although I have an idea how it will resolve)...

Fantastic Four #12

By: Dan Slott, Sean Izaakse
Released: Jul 31, 2019

Ben and Alicia are off on their dream honeymoon in a remote tropical paradise...until someone decides to crash it. Or should we say SMASH IT?! Get ready for the biggest HULK VS. THING FIGHT OF THE CENTURY! PLUS: The saga of the Future Foundation by Jeremy Whitley and Wil Robson!
Rated T

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superstan52 reviewed Daredevil #5 May 15, 2019

Raises questions ive never seen addressed in comics before.i have NO idea how thisgets resolved,if it does, which is Highly unusual. Plus, it makes you confront your own feelings about superheroes and collateral damage.

Daredevil #5

By: Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto
Released: May 15, 2019

• Accused of murder, Daredevil has been on the run trying to prove his innocence. But even he can't outrun judgment forever.
•  Don't miss the explosive finale of Chip Zdarsky's first arc of DAREDEVIL!
Rated T+

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superstan52 rated Amazing Spider-Man #20 Apr 26, 2019

Amazing Spider-Man #20

By: Nick Spencer, Humberto Ramos
Released: Apr 24, 2019

•  The big showdown begins. Spider-Man vs. Kraven. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
•  If this is like past Kraven stories, you know it's not going to go how you THINK it's going to go.
Rated T

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superstan52 rated Action Comics #1010 Apr 26, 2019

Action Comics #1010

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Epting
Released: Apr 24, 2019

One by one they fall: A.R.G.U.S.! The D.E.O.! The Kobra Cult! And now, Spyral! Clark Kent and Lois Lane go undercover to find out who is behind all of the attacks on the top-secret and underground organizations of the DC Universe! Is it the rise of a new power in the DCU called Leviathan? Named one of the best comics of the year by Paste magazine!

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superstan52 reviewed Fantastic Four #9 Apr 26, 2019

The whole premise of this arc was silly. Doom saps Galactus' power to power Latveria? Seriously? And Doom is going to give the stolen power cosmic to someone other than himself? The characterizations were pretty good, but that was about it. Also, am I mistaken, or didn't Kirby or someone else establish that Doom's face only had the mildest of scars and it was his own warped ego that made him thin more

Fantastic Four #9

By: Dan Slott, Aaron Kuder
Released: Apr 24, 2019

•  One cruel act will forever change the relationship between the Fantastic Four and Victor Von Doom.
•  The fate of Latveria and of the world and the balance of Cosmic Power in the Universe all rests on one decision!
•  All will be revealed in the terrifying final chapt...

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superstan52 reviewed Man and Superman #1 Feb 9, 2019

Minor spoilers: Clark's big 'Flying Man' story didn't work for me, because 1) did no one wonder How and IF Clark interviewed him? Wheres proof? Did he take a photo? No? Why not? And one paragraph of Supes explaining himself WITHOUT Clark asking where he's from, how he got his powers, etc., does NOzt a great reporter make. Also, when Clark destroyed those missile in his street clothes, why didn't T more

Man and Superman #1

By: Marv Wolfman, Claudio Castellini
Released: Feb 6, 2019

"This is the best Superman story I've ever written." So says living legend Marv Wolfman, and when you've written hundreds of Superman stories as he has, it means a great deal. This gem of a tale - written and drawn from 2006-2009 for the SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL series - explodes from the DC archives as a triumphant tale of Clark Kent's fateful first ...

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superstan52 reviewed Action Comics #1005 Nov 28, 2018

Bendis is lazy and inconsistent here. If, as noted on the first page, Earth being inside the Phantom Zone caused such world-wide havoc and destruction, why is Clark focusing his energy on a gang of local criminals? Why isn't he straightening up the world - or at least Metropolis - which looks like it didn't lose a single hair on its chinny, chin chin? And secondly, WHY does every "secret villain" more

Action Comics #1005

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook
Released: Nov 28, 2018

The murderous mystery of the Red Cloud uncovered! Clark Kent draws closer to revealing a secret crime family that has operated for years in Metropolis, but the family's enforcer-the mysterious Red Cloud-proves she's a match for even the Man of Steel with an attack that leaves Superman breathless. Don't miss the last-page shocker as we reveal the tr...

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NoShape - Jan 23, 2019

'WHY does every 'secret villain' turn out to be cast member?' Because that's how stories work? If the Red Cloud was Joe Blow from wherever, how would that have any impact at all?

superstan52 - Jan 23, 2019

It's a hackneyed, overused device. And the villain should be formidable enough without this phony 'impact.'

superstan52 reviewed Daredevil #612 Nov 28, 2018

The ending wasn't much of a shock, since the obvious question was why did this arc open with Daredevil being critically wounded? He made an amazingly quick recovery, so why bother with that shooting, unless...?

Daredevil #612

By: Charles Soule, Phil Noto
Released: Nov 28, 2018

• The whirlwind adventure of the fall ends here, in an oversized and overwhelming DAREDEVIL epic as only Charles Soule and Phil Noto could deliver it.
•  Face forward, True Believers, this one'll have you talking for MONTHS!
Rated T+

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superstan52 reviewed Action Comics #1004 Oct 24, 2018

What a fun issue! Great characterization and dialogue between Clark and Lois. Little moments like Perry's 'diagnosis' and Supe's counseling the accosted reporter show what makes him 'him' when he's not fighting bad guys.Plus "super sex." Twice!

Action Comics #1004

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook
Released: Oct 24, 2018

Superman confronts Lois Lane and wants answers: Where is Jon Kent? What happened during Lois' trip into space with Jor-El? Why didn't she contact the Man of Steel when she returned? And most importantly, does she still love him? Or is the world-famous reporter looking to let Clark Kent down easy? Lois and Clark's relationship gets redefined in this...

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superstan52 reviewed Batman #57 Oct 17, 2018

Why does Batman always go to these remote,inhospitable environs the hardest way - on horseback, trudging through icefields? Whats the point? Plus, what exactly was batmans plsn? He couldnt have carried Beast back to civilization, so either he was going to give hjim a bloody nose and leave him there - highly unsatisfying - or kill him. He was never going to bring him in by the book. So thst makes t more

Batman #57

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Oct 17, 2018

The KGBeast isn't working alone. As the Cold War between Batman and the Russian killer heats up, Batman's nose for mystery gets to twitching when he suspects there's more to the KGBeast's attacks than initially thought. Not only does this tie back to the court case Bruce Wayne sat on involving Mr. Freeze, there's another villainous Gotham ghoul in ...

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superstan52 reviewed Batman #53 Aug 15, 2018

I'm confused. If Batman gets married, he's no longer a good Batman because he's "happy." Now he's not a good Batman because he's "sad." What Batman clearly needs is Meds!

As for this issue, it "sounds" good, but really, makes no sense. Superman is god-like, not Batman. Batman is a vigilante who beats the snot out of people and is a polarizing figure, in "real" life. Plus, what kind of more

Batman #53

By: Tom King, Lee Weeks
Released: Aug 15, 2018

"Cold Days" continues! The jury in the Mr. Freeze trial is hopelessly deadlocked because one man won't vote guilty-and that man is Bruce Wayne. Freeze's defense is that Batman used excessive force, making his arrest illegal, and Bruce is the one man who actually knows for sure what went down between Batman and his ice-cold nemesis. And if Bruce is ...

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GhostlyL reviewed Batman #50 Jul 4, 2018

To disappointed fans:

Just look at the issue this way--
Do you really want Batman and Catwoman's wedding to be presided over by a slobby judge too drunk to know what he's doing?

Batman #50

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Jul 4, 2018

It's the wedding you never thought you'd see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can't-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbea...

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myconius - Jul 4, 2018

good point! but how about this... do we really want Batman and Catwoman's wedding to be written by a slobby Tom King too drunk to know what he's doing?

MKW69 - Jul 5, 2018

Yes. It's the only way.

superstan52 reviewed Batman #50 Jul 4, 2018

Boy, am I tired of reading "epic" comic-book stories that crumble from lack of internal logic. SPOILER ALERTS:
So now we're supposed to believe that Bane somehow masterminded this entire event since...when? Causing Batman to propose? Having Selina accept, knowing she and Joker would have a near-death colloquy in which he'd plant the idea in her head that Batman can't be happy, that would mak more

Batman #50

By: Tom King, Mikel Janin
Released: Jul 4, 2018

It's the wedding you never thought you'd see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can't-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbea...

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Æther - Jul 9, 2018

Holly was really the one that got the cat to run. But yeah that was the only thing Bane really wanted. Was to break up the two,joker played a part as well, probably drugged em hah idk. So much pessimism, hes pumping two of these out a month while writing other comics, not an easy job.

myconius - Jul 11, 2018

in this world there are those who enjoy the taste of kool aid ...and those who do not.

superstan52 reviewed Man of Steel #5 Jun 27, 2018

Why would Rogol Zaar leave Superman alive? Why would he attempt to blow up Earth to rid the universe of Kryptonians when, ironically, it would kill everyone EXCEPT the super-powered Kryptonians? When did Jor-El go from being a genocidal maniac to being a reasonable grand-father? This issue makes no sense.

Man of Steel #5

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Adam Hughes
Released: Jun 27, 2018

Beaten by Rogol Zaar, his city burning at the hands of an unknown arsonist and the secret of what happened to Lois and Jon drawing closer to revelation - even Superman feels powerless against all that stands before him.

superstan52 reviewed Spencer & Locke #1 Apr 13, 2017

This comic made me nostalgic for Calvin & Hobbes AND my childhood.only thing could've been better if adult 'Calvin' narrated the tale like Calvins PI alter-ego.

Spencer & Locke #1

By: David Pepose, Jorge Santiago Jr.
Released: Apr 12, 2017

When his grade-school sweetheart is found dead, there's only one friend Detective Locke can trust to help solve her murder - his childhood imaginary panther, Spencer. But when they face a vicious crime syndicate and memories from Locke's traumatic youth, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to find the truth?

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superstan52 reviewed Batman #20 Apr 5, 2017

Oh, come on! Batman gets the ^%$% beaten out of him 2 issues ago (a day or two ago in 'real'
time) comes back completely healed (?) and has no other 'strategy' than to get the ^%$%
beaten out of him again? Isn't he a detective? Doesn't he have weapons besides his fists
and, apparently, forehead)? Can't he concoct an antidote to Venom or something besides hopi more

Batman #20

By: Tom King, David Finch
Released: Apr 5, 2017

"I am Bane" finale! In this epic climax, there is no going back. No more tricks, no more allies. Just Batman. And Bane. When the final blood spills...nothing will ever be the same for the Dark Knight.  

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Big Brother - Apr 5, 2017

Yeah, a lot of these modern meathead writers just can't write for a character that should be a supergenius. "Detective", brilliant Batman is dead.

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