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Poison Ivy (2022) #3

Aug 5, 2022

There is something to nitpick here. Its somewhat unbelievable that the two women could clean this garden area in one day. Among the garbage strewn in it is a rusted-out truck with no tires and weeds growing out of its engine. I dont know how much of the detail of the gardens original state was dictated by Willow and how much was created by Takara, but it makes what is essentially a montage sequence of yardwork feel a little silly. That said, its a very minor complaint and there is a good narrative reason for Ivy to not stick around beyond a single day of work.

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Predator (2022) #1

Aug 11, 2022

PREDATOR #1 isnt revolutionary. It does upend expectations about how a PREDATOR story is supposed to work, but it never pushes the bounds of the universe it exists in. Even so, the twist is good enough to set the new series apart. It leaves me with more curiosity than I might not otherwise have. When the name PREDATOR is attached to a movie or book or comic, the mind conjures up an image of what that story is going to be about. This issue does defy that expectation but not in a way that feels truly surprising.

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Starhenge: The Dragon and the Boar #2

Aug 11, 2022

STARHENGE BOOK ONE #2 is a comic that really wants you to roll up your sleeves and fully engage with it. In that way, it feels like its building a grand epic rather than just telling a long story. And the world always benefits from new grand epics.

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The Deadliest Bouquet #1

Aug 10, 2022

THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET #1 is the perfect start to a mystery story. It asks several questions as a jumping-off point for the story. And it provides an answer or two to tantalize the reader with breadcrumbs and make them eager to know more. The three sisters command attention every time the issue focuses on them. Unfortunately, that strength of character also means that the few pages and panels without them feel less energetic. The first issue's strengths outweigh its weaknesses, though, so fans of murder mysteries will be easily drawn to THE DEADLIEST BOUQUET #1.

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