80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular: Joker #1

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The Clown Prince of Crime celebrates 80 years of chaos! The Joker has been the greatest villain in comics since his debut and to celebrate we have a who's who of comics' finest talent giving the Harlequin of Hate the birthday roast he deserves. The stories feature a range of terror and anarchy, showing how the Joker has impacted Gotham City from the police to Arkham Asylum, from the local underworld to the Dark Knight and his allies! Make sure to RSVP to this birthday bash-you wouldn't want to wake up with a Joker Fish on your doorstep, would you?

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    Dark Knight News - Adam Ray Jun 11, 2020

    The stories in The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Spectacular are connected only by the Clown Prince himself. We feel his presence and his influence. We see his classic methods and all the interesting ways he'd handle an unlikely scenario. All these stories are wild and varied and valid. When you pair them with iconic cover artwork and posters of the clown at his best, you get a real portrait of a personal favorite character of mine, handled masterfully by this pantheon of comics talent. Read Full Review

  • 9.8
    The Brazen Bull - Charlie Chipman Jun 9, 2020

    The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular (2020) offers readers one-hundred-pages of well-blended hijinks and horror, making for an anniversary issue that is sure to appeal to a wide array of readers. For fans of Batman and the Joker, this tribute is a must-read. Read Full Review

  • 9.6
    Forces Of Geek - Lenny Schwartz Jun 10, 2020

    Finally, the classic team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo finish up the book that shows the aftermath of the Joker on shock treatment. I don't want to say much more except this is an excellent final story that is unlike anything this creative team has ever done! It caps off the book nicely, making this yet another awesome anniversary special! Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    AIPT - David Brooke Jun 9, 2020

    This is a well-curated collection of stories reminding us Joker is not only scary, but also incredibly smart and versatile. A key element in all these stories is how Joker is very dangerous and never to be taken lightly. It's a serious take on the character and a nice way to remind us of where this character is after a long history in DC Comics. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Nerdly - Dean Fuller Jun 17, 2020

    The Clown Prince of Crime, The Ace of Knaves, The Jester of Genocide" Puddin'. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Jun 9, 2020

    This is another grab bag of stories with something for everyone that makes it an easy recommendation. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Critical Blast - RJ Carter Jun 23, 2020

    As mentioned previously, this issue also includes pinups of the character, and each of them is a masterpiece from artists like Kelley Jones (whose style is a perfect match for the world as seen by The Joker) & Michelle Madsen, Stjepan Sejic, Ivan Reis & Marcelo Maiolo, Tim Sale & Brennan Wagner, Fiona Staples, and John Romita Jr, Danny Miki & Peter Steigerwald. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Jun 11, 2020

    These stories have a massive variation in tone and style, but almost all of them are excellent. DC gathered an enormous amount of talent for this one-shot, and it pays off. This is one of the best giant anthologies they've done yet, with several all-time classics in the mix. Read Full Review

  • 8.7
    The Super Powered Fancast - Deron Generally Jun 10, 2020

    Two Fell Into the Hornet's Nest " Joker is returned to Arkham Asylum where he is subjected to a series of mental and physical torture that could either be real or the product of his own twisted psyche. A disturbing story with even more disturbing visuals. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    Batman-News - Nicholas Finch Jun 9, 2020

    Wow, holy crap. This might be the best anthology issue I've seen from DC yet, where almost every comic has brought its A-Game to the table! I counted seven out of ten stories that I'd consider genuinely good reads, and only one short that I actually thought was bad. That's a ratio I haven't found in the other anniversary specials, personally. I'm not sure if any of this will bring you back around on Joker if you need a break on him; but if you're in the mood to read some short but sweet stories about one of the greatest villains around, you can not go wrong with this comic. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    Weird Science - Eric Shea Jun 9, 2020

    If you've ever been a fan of the Clown Prince of Crime and happen to still be reading comics...... then there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be getting this issue and checking out the many interpretations of one of the highest tier villains to ever come out of comic-dom.  Some of the biggest creative teams in DC Comics are here for the celebration and there's no reason you shouldn't join them. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    But Why Tho? - Charles Hartford Jun 9, 2020

    When all is said and done I think Joker 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular delivers a collection of stories fans of the iconic villain will enjoy. While there are a couple of weak spots in the book, overall, it delivers some interesting stories that highlight the Clown Prince of Crime. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    ComicBook.com - Jenna Anderson Jun 10, 2020

    While this isn't necessarily the most comforting read at the moment, it's still an entertaining one, and will surely have something to offer for a wide array of DC Comics fans. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Newsarama - Justin Partridge Jun 9, 2020

    So while occasionally this annual has a spark of style and fun, The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 largely amounts to no great shakes. Though the novelty of seeing some iconic creators return to DC and Gotham City might be enough for some fans, The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1 doesn't hold much that would be of value to casual readers. Read Full Review

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    Brian Azzarello's Joker story was worth it alone. The meta commentary was so well done and it is some of his best work in a long time.

    I also dug Punchline a lot more than I expected.

  • 9.0
    Gorr Jun 9, 2020

    This was one of my favorite anniversary events yet. To start, I honestly enjoyed all the jokers stories in this book. Each brings with it their own unique tone and artwork, while presenting their own take on Joker and the themes which emerge from the character. There were some genuinely cool moments in this story which pay tribute to historic moments in DC, such as the moments which occur prior to the "Killing Joke" to give an example. I found myself really enjoying the origin of Punchline, and I felt that Janin was the perfect choice to bring that work to life with his vivid imagery. Another story that really resonated with me was an elseworlds Joker story, which has some cool surprises. Overall, this was an awesome book and I honestly did more

  • 8.5
    Liem Duong Jun 12, 2020

    Tied with the Robin as the best milestone specials from DC. Tbh, all of them have been quite solid. Every single story in here was not bad or even boring, the weakest one still holding merit and intrigue, fitting for the Crown Prince of Crime. Out of all that has come out so far, the one I recommend people buying is this one. You won't regret it.

  • 8.5
    Toonstrack Jun 10, 2020

    Very solid. Manages to have some fun. Doesnt take itself too too seriously. Solid art all aroind. I enjoyed all the stories but the last one is very confusing. The others more than make up for it though.

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    EDiakota Jun 10, 2020

    " You know, i have a bit of a crush on heroes. Because sooner or later, they, they become martyrs."
    - JOKER

  • 7.5
    Nihilist Jun 10, 2020

    Out of all anniversary mega issues, I think Joker's may either be the most consistent one. Aside from Azzarello's short story, it's at least decent, and few in this collection managed to make really good impression on me.

    Snyder's "Scars" is a dark, twisted tale bringing back the edge and grit The New-52 became infamous for, and whether you liked this direction or hated it, it works in this comic.
    "What comes after a joke?" is a long awaited origin story of Punchline, and if you've been excited for the character's introduction to DC's universe, it's a must read, even if her origin itself may not be as memorable and complex as many others. Nonetheless, Punchline is here, finally.
    Whitta and Miller's "Kill the Batman" may more

  • 7.0
    HistoryJosh Jun 9, 2020

    Most of this was fine, but I want to talk about the final story, by Azzarello. I haven't seen anyone discussing this for what it clearly is: a self-insert for Azzarello as Joker about his time at DC. There's even an extremely poor taste batd*ck joke!

    It's wild this made it past editorial, and that no one in the reviews seems to be calling it for what it is.

  • 6.0
    Psycamorean Jun 9, 2020

    Anthologies are hard and usually not worth it but everyone buys these so I guess they'll just keep happening.

    Scars was alright. Just a standard horror story but with Joker pasted on top of whatever random monster it would've been otherwise.

    What Comes After A Joke? proves that Punchline is as bland as she seemed in Batman #92. Her origin sucks. So much for all the speculation and hype. Yawn.

    Kill The Batman ironically had a better punchline than the last story. It was fine though.

    Introducing The Dove Corps was one of my favorites from this anthology. It was just a lot of fun, even if it was a bit predictable.

    The War Within was not very good, but I see what they were going for.

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    Spacey Medicine Jun 15, 2020

    Some of these were okay! Definitely better than I was expecting, although my experience was curated so what do I know.

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