Superman: Son of Kal-El #15

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Cian Tormey Publisher: DC Comics Release Date: September 14, 2022 Cover Price: $3.99 Critic Reviews: 9 User Reviews: 18
7.9Critic Rating
7.3User Rating

This is it! The ultimate battle pitting Superman and the forces of The Truth against Bendix and his monstrous machinations has begun! But victory will be an uphill climb for our heroes as they lay siege to Gamorra. Plus...the smooch heard 'round the world.

  • 9.6
    Comic Watch - Bethany W Pope Sep 13, 2022

    This story is, in every way, absolutely satisfying. This is a team who deserves every opportunity to work together. And this issue provided the capstone to a project which will, I hope, have lasting effects within the DC line. Read Full Review

  • 9.5
    Geek Dad - Ray Goldfield Sep 13, 2022

    This is a chaotic issue, with some great action and eventually Jon pulling off a feat just as impressive as his father did on Warworld over the last year. Read Full Review

  • 8.5
    AIPT - David Brooke Sep 13, 2022

    Superman: Son of Kal-El #15 closes the door on Bendix for now, in an action-packed issue that feels like a team book. It's a good ending because it wraps nearly everything up while giving Superman a romantic moment too. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    The Comicbook Dispatch - kcscribbles Sep 13, 2022

    There are a vast number of characters in the book and a lot of action going on, but Cian keeps everything flowing well, and you always know where youre at and what characters are involved at any moment.His version of Robin (Damian Wayne) is especially great.  Through his expressions, the arrogance and borderline insanity of the character comes out.  If I were Jonathan Kent, Id be a little wary of Damian.  At least this version of Damian. Read Full Review

  • 8.0
    You Don't Read Comics - David Harth Sep 23, 2022

    Superman: Son Of Kal-El #15 ends the Gamorra plot very well. Taylor keeps up his strong character writing, and the art team does an excellent job. This ending does everything it needs to and has some wonderful moments. Read Full Review

  • 8.0 - Nicole Drum Sep 14, 2022

    Superman: Son of Kal-El is always good but this week's issue #15 is the end of the Henry Bendix chapter (at least for now) and it is a conclusion that delivers on pretty much every level. Read Full Review

  • 7.5
    Weird Science - Eric Shea Sep 13, 2022

    Superman: Son of Kal-El #15 left me wishing that the threat of the Rising would have been bigger or that I would have understood what the Rising really was, this conclusion to our story came off satisfying enough, even though I wish we would have had more. The art was great though and I loved the character moments. Also, I am highly invested in some new developments that are happening with Jon in this issue. Read Full Review

  • 7.0
    Lyles Movie Files - Jeffrey Lyles Sep 13, 2022

    Next issue starts the return of Kal-El event so that should make for an interesting and long-awaited reunion even if Jon's adventures still manage to feel surprisingly small scale. Read Full Review

  • 5.0
    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary - Anj Sep 16, 2022

    Finally this issue, the Gamorran threat ends. Much like the political scenes feel a little too easy, the defeat of this President Bendix and the Gamorran government seems a bit too simple. Read Full Review

  • 9.0
    Dave Sep 12, 2022

    Fun issue, not perfect , and 15 issues for one story is a little padded , and Jon should be 10

  • 8.5
    KittyNone Sep 13, 2022

    A fun little issue, although I'm not entirely convinced this story really needed 15 issues. Tormey does some fine work; the panel of Superman flying into the death ray was downright iconic

  • 8.0
    Amazing Psycamorean Nov 6, 2022

    As the wrap up to the main thrust of this title's premise, this is a solid conclusion. This run has been pretty good, but rarely great. Which is a shame, but also what I can say about literally every Tom Taylor comic I read. The big difference between this series and those other ones, in terms of the user reviews here, is that this one happens to star a gay character. The user reviews are going to be extra harsh because these insecure people need to justify their hatred in a way that obfuscates it, because they are cowards who can't own their hatred for what it is.

  • 8.0
    daspidaboy Sep 13, 2022

    its a good issue. Wish the art was better.

  • 7.5
    the green death Dec 21, 2022

    Been reading an issue a day of this on the DCUI app. I’ve liked this series a lot, except the Dreamer intro issue felt too decompressed and this conclusion issue feels a little too fast and the resolution too simple and easy. Still Jay and Jon are cute, Superman is self-sacrificing and heroic and the scene with Lex and Bendis, sorry Bendrix, was good. Plus the art was strong.

  • 7.5
    Kreniigh Sep 20, 2022

    Satisfying end to the story, although as some have pointed out, the supporting cast isn't very well developed. Still, good to see all the 'wokery'!

  • 6.0
    justonemore Sep 13, 2022

    This is so meh. The end for the first arc, an arc of 15 issues, and in this one every little problem is resolved like they were nothing. All of the team prepare themselves like three or four issues after pass through a lot of things, and they resolve everything in three pages. Also, Bendix is a terrible villain, he didnt do anything after all.

  • 5.0
    DiegoLDUganda Sep 13, 2022

    Why Bendix whyyyy???

  • 1.0
    RKS Sep 17, 2022

    There are a lot of problems with this issue and the writing of the story arc as a whole. 1st they have an entire cast of supporting characters that have been very thinly developed and the reader is just expected to care about them because the writer flat out tells the audience just how great and important they are. I can't name one character that I can be compelled to care about. Jay, his mother, Bendix, the group of whatever superhuman team they have pulled out of thin air. The worst part about this story is the plot convince points. The main problem in this issue is the transporting into the secret base just happens to be Winks superpower. If you think about it Superboy (Jon as he will never be Superman) really didn't have to do anyt more

  • 10
    RJJ Sep 15, 2022

  • 8.5
    wesshamu Oct 17, 2022

  • 8.5
    Jawsh Sep 27, 2022

  • 8.5
    JBL Reviews Sep 13, 2022

  • 7.5
    Radar Nov 24, 2022

  • 7.5
    K-23 Nov 20, 2022

  • 7.0
    Jason The Dude Nov 5, 2022

  • 7.0
    Watchtower022 Sep 24, 2022

  • 6.0
    boxo Dec 16, 2022

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