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Super-Adaptoid reviewed Batman #77 Aug 21, 2019

Full disclosure: I quit reading this current volume of Batman around issue 58 or so. I’m not a Tom King lover or hater. The only reason I dropped the book was because it wasn’t grabbing my attention anymore and because I ain’t rich, I have to be choosy about where my comic budget goes.

Bought this issue because of, you know...the spoiler. Not for resale value but because I was cur more

Batman #77

By: Tom King, Tony Daniel
Released: Aug 21, 2019

"City of Bane" continues! The last of the independent villains are on the run, leaving Gotham City entirely to Bane and his cronies-including Flashpoint Batman and Gotham Girl! Though this means a semblance of peace on the streets, the iron grip of tyranny is squeezing all life out of Gotham. And with Bane's machinations keeping other heroes out, t...

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Zack Anderson reviewed Powers of X #1 Jul 31, 2019

After House of X, this was boring. Just like old Cable issues, I find it hard to care about new future characters. Also, 10 years between founding and present ignores the fact that it's been at LEAST 14 years Marvel time. This book sucks.

Powers of X #1

By: Jonathan Hickman, R. B. Silva
Released: Jul 31, 2019

FEAR THE FUTURE! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (INFINTY, NEW AVENGERS, FF) continues his revolutionary new direction for the X-Men. Intertwining with HOUSE OF X, POWERS OF X reveals the secret past, present  and  future of mutantkind, changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after. You do not want to miss the next seminal m...

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Zack Anderson - Jul 31, 2019

Moira sums up my final feelings on the issue: "It seems like the type of thing I SHOULD enjoy, and yet... I look around at all these [panels] and know it's just a show for those who need one. A distraction from what's really going on, if you will." What's really going on is they're bringing back Earth-1610 and this is the long setup.

allenquanobi - Aug 1, 2019

That's a cool theory! See that's why I find it interesting, anything can happen in my eyes. But if you r set that that's what's happening then I guess you'd think mystery solved. For me, I like just savoring everything and waiting for next issues


Amazing Spider-Man #26

By: Nick Spencer, Kev Walker
Released: Jul 24, 2019

Boomerang's influence is finally felt, and Spider-Man joins the Superior Foes!
Wait, that's not possible, is it? IS IT?!?!
Rated T

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Super-Adaptoid reviewed House of X #1 Jul 24, 2019

I honestly don’t know how to rate this, so I picked a 9.

First, I’m old enough to have read Uncanny from GS1 on, and I still feel the Claremont/Byrne run is the stuff that comic dreams are made of. Holds up well even today.

Where Hickman is concerned, I wasn’t really a fan of his FF or Avengers stuff. Wasn’t bad but wasn’t me. I also haven’t been an X-b more

House of X #1

By: Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz
Released: Jul 24, 2019

FACE THE FUTURE! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman (SECRET WARS, AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR) takes the reins of the X-Men universe! Since the release of Uncanny X-Men #1, there have been four seminal moments in the history of the X-Men. Giant-Sized X-Men. X-Men. Age of Apocalypse. New X-Men. Four iconic series that introduced a new era for Marvel's m...

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Super-Adaptoid reviewed Daredevil #1 Feb 7, 2019

I’ve never been a huge D.D. fan but I picked up the last arc of the previous series out of curiosity and kinda enjoyed it. And that would’ve been the end of it until I saw Chip was writing this new volume. I had really enjoyed Chip writing PPTSS and I thought I’d give it a try...just one issue...five bucks...
The first thing I noticed was it took me longer than five minutes to read, unl more

Daredevil #1

By: Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto
Released: Feb 6, 2019

Rated T+

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Super-Adaptoid reviewed Crypt of Shadows #1 Jan 24, 2019

I was amazed that this was THAT good but it was! It was definitely written in a throw-back style with love from classic horror and twists. Makes me yearn for Marvel to do this title again...and again...and again...

Crypt of Shadows #1

By: Al Ewing, Garry Brown
Released: Jan 23, 2019

For Marvel's 80th Anniversary we've gone into the vaults to bring back some classic titles from the Marvel of yesteryear...but maybe some vaults should stay closed! Something terrifying has broken free and crawled forth from one of the most terrifying corners of Marvel-dom, the CRYPT OF SHADOWS! Prepare for terror! The sha...

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Strangely enough, I kinda liked this. I only picked it up on a whim because I have not been fond of Spencer’s ASM at all but I did enjoy Chip’s PPTSSM while it lasted. The first story in this issue was pretty darn good - I enjoyed the characters and liked how Pete’s life was at the forefront. The backup story was...well, as many have already said, this has been done before so we will see whe more

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

By: Tom Taylor, Juan Cabal
Released: Jan 9, 2019

Spider-Man is the worst neighbor EVER! There are always crazy villains and property damage and drama and...and he CATCHES the villains. And he tries to fix the damage and he helps carry your groceries and actually that property damage keeps the rents down. You know what? Spider-Man is the best neighbor ever and this book will give you a closer look...

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First off, the story has already been done before in the first volume of What If-? And it was done better then, as well. If you want to see Flash Thompson acting like Batman, you will like this. On the positive side, the art is pretty good and there’s enough in the story to entertain, but it wasn’t worth the cover price.

What If?: Spider-Man #1

By: Gerry Conway, Diego Olortegui
Released: Oct 3, 2018

• What if Peter Parker wasn't the one bitten by the radioactive spider?
•  What if the person who got bit was someone who didn't live by the mantra of "with great power comes great responsibility"?
•  What if that person was an egotistical bully who was only interested in taking care of himself?

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Super-Adaptoid reviewed Lone Ranger #1 Oct 3, 2018

Decent set-up for the new series. Worth a read if you like westerns (as I do) or the characters. I will definitely read the next issue.

Lone Ranger #1

By: Mark Russell, Bob Q
Released: Oct 3, 2018

A sparking new adventure from multiple Eisner Award nominee MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones) and BOB Q (The Green Hornet '66 Meets The Spirit)!
1883. The advent of barbed wire is creating havoc in the Texas panhandle. A corrupted state senator conspires with dirty ranchers to make land unnavigable for open rangers and native tribes, passing new l...

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Super-Adaptoid reviewed Heroes In Crisis #1 Sep 26, 2018

Long time lurker here and I created my account just to review this. I’ve been bored by DC over the past several months but curious enough to pick this up. It’s different, compelling and enough of a mystery to keep me wanting more. I loved it and I’m pretty sure at least one of the characters who’s “dead” won’t turn out to be that way...but just a guess. The sucky reviews are either w more

Heroes In Crisis #1

By: Tom King, Clay Mann
Released: Sep 26, 2018

There's a new kind of crisis threatening the heroes of the DC Universe, ripped from real-world headlines by C.I.A.-operative-turned-comics-writer Tom King: How does a superhero handle PTSD? Welcome to Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who've been traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. But something goes inexplicably wron...

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